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what are the distribution of the north coast?

April 17, 2024

North Coast

The North Coast is a coastal region located in northern Egypt, extending along the Mediterranean coast from Alexandria in the west to Matrouh in the east. This area is considered one of the most famous tourist areas in Egypt thanks to its beautiful sandy beaches and moderate climate.

The North Coast includes many famous cities and tourist resorts, such as Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, El Alamein, and the New North Coast. These cities are characterized by the availability of many tourist facilities such as luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes, commercial centers, and various recreational activities such as diving, surfing, and cruises.

In addition to the tourist aspects, the North Coast is also famous for important archaeological sites such as the ancient city of Alexandria, which houses the famous Library of Alexandria and the Necropolis of the Pyramids at El Alamein.

The picturesque nature, moderate climate, rich culture, and diverse tourist attractions are part of the North Coast’s appeal as a major tourist destination in Egypt and the region in general.

The villages of the North Coast extend from Kilometer 21 to Marsa Matrouh Road, and are located in the far north of Egypt.
In addition to its extension on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The region is distinguished by its area of ​​1050 km2,
Starting from the city of Rafah in eastern Sinai, all the way to the city of Salloum, west of Cairo. The climate of the northern coast is moderate in the summer.

This allows it to be visited at any time of the year, with many golden sandy beaches that attract visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The old coast starts from kilometer 21 to kilometer 100 at the end of the marina
As for the new coast, from kilometer 120 all the way to Marsa Matrouh

The new coast starts in New Alamein:

It is one of the most prominent national projects in Egypt, and New Alamein City is considered an example of new urban development. The city includes residential and tourist towers and world-class commercial centers, making it the focus of global attention.

It is characterized by soft sand, pure sea water, amazing colors, and the provision of integrated facilities and services. Infrastructure is provided, including electricity, water, communications, and sanitation, as well as seawater desalination plants, making it a distinct city of its kind.

The city is expected to significantly transform this region, attracting tourists and boosting investments. New Alamein is considered a distinguished residential destination and has become a center for many residential, touristic, and commercial projects. Its population is expected to exceed three million by the completion of the first phase of its development, making it a popular investment destination.

Among the most important companies in New Alamein are the Egyptian Saudi Development Company, New Generation Real Estate Development Company, and City Edge Real Estate Development Company.

One of the most important projects

 the Latin District, Winter Village, Downtown, and Mazarine Compound.


Sidi Abdul Rahman:

The villages of Sidi Abdel Rahman on the North Coast are considered one of the most prominent tourism projects in the region due to their distinguished location between Alexandria and Matrouh. These villages combine the beauty of white-sand beaches and clear blue waters with tranquility and relaxation, making them the ideal place for an enjoyable holiday. All recreational facilities and high-quality tourist services are available in the area.

The Sidi Abdel Rahman area is distinguished by its charming natural landscape, making it one of the most important beach tourist destinations in Egypt, attracting thousands of visitors from different parts of the world annually.

One of the most important projects

 Masaya Village, Shamasi Village, and Marqs Village.



Dabaa is a city in northwestern Egypt. Administratively, Dabaa begins from the village of Ghazala in the east to the village of Fouka in the west, and its total area is 60 km on the coast. There are various educational facilities in it, a railway line passes through it, and it is 2 km away from the international road.

One of the most important projects

 D Bay , Seazen, Dose, and The Waterway Village.


Ras El Hekma City:

The city of Ras El Hekma represents a cultural and modern shift that was implemented in cooperation with urban authorities in Egypt, adding touches of distinction and beauty to the northern coast. It is located between Alexandria and Matrouh and has features that make it a distinctive tourist destination. It has elegant, modern designs that interact beautifully with nature, creating a unique balance between natural beauty and advanced infrastructure.

Ras El Hekma promotes tourism in its many forms and is considered a center of culture, history, treatment, and luxury tourism, making it a favorite destination for Egyptian and foreign tourists alike. It features smart systems and advanced technology, making it a sustainable and luxurious city.

It includes a wide range of luxury residential units of various types at various prices to suit all needs and budgets. It has a variety of entertainment services suitable for all ages, making it an ideal holiday destination.

This city is part of a 20-year urban plan, and it is expected to attract many investments and major tourism projects, enhancing its position as a distinctive tourist destination on the North Coast.

One of the most important projects

 Cali Coast, Sea View, June Sodic, Azha, and Naia Bay.

Sidi Heneish:

When you arrive in Sidi Heneish on the North Coast, you will be dazzled by the picturesque landscapes that characterize this region, in addition to its soft sandy beaches and clear blue waters, making it an ideal tourist destination for an unforgettable summer vacation.

The village of Sidi Heneish is a symbol of natural beauty, and for this reason, many real estate development companies seek to implement coastal projects and hotels within this region, as they combine the services of various cities and the charm of nature in one place.

Sidi Heneish Matrouh now includes many coastal villages and various hotels, and through Select House we will help you explore the most distinctive villages and hotels in this charming region.

One of the most important projects

 Summer Village and Silver Sand.

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