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Sea View North Coaste
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Sea View Villag North Coaste is one of the most important resorts on the coast, which met all the requirements of summer resorts regarding the chalets they wish to own. With the aim of spending the summer period there.

It is also a valuable interface to the northern coast for all pioneers and those coming to it during the summer months, and it is the latest project undertaken by Jdar Group for Investment and Real Estate Development.

Sea View North Coast Village is distinguished by being one of the best villages on the coast of the Mediterranean, due to its characteristics that distinguish it from other places, and the great designs that were followed in implementing this project.

Therefore, through our article, we will discuss with you everything related to Sea View Village North Coast , all the prices available in it, and the method through which you can reserve your units.

Location of Sea View Village, North Coast

The distinctive location that Sea View North Coast is famous for is what makes it one of the best places an individual can choose to spend the summer.

It is worth noting that this project attributed to Jdar Group Real Estate Company demonstrated the company’s proficiency in selecting the sites for its projects in order to attract the largest number of customers to them.

This appears in all the details of Sea View North Coast Village, as the company chose the location of the village to be located on Kilo 187 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, directly overlooking the White Sea.

It is specifically located between two of the important villages on the North Coast, which are The Shore and Coral Hills. Thus, we are pleased to draw your attention to the distinguished location of Sea View North Coast Village located at the top of the North Coast, which is famous for the following:

Looking from the top gives you the opportunity to see the platforms made of terraces and villages on the front side.
The distance between Sea View North Coast Village and Cairo only takes 120 minutes by car.
The closest to Marsa Matrouh and El Alamein City.
It is located very close to Burj Al Arab.
It has an exit on Ras Al Fouka Road.
It has a panoramic view of the sea.
Close to Juhayna Square.

Design and space of the Sea View North Coast project


The design of the project plays a major role in attracting all the numbers coming to it. Whether they are tourists or Egyptians, they choose the North Coast as their destination in every resort to spend the most enjoyable times there.

Jdar Group Real Estate Company was able to provide attractive designs that all those living on the coastal land in summer resorts seek to enjoy; To make Sea View North Coast Village their right choice.

It was keen to achieve privacy in the units in the village, and also adopted large areas that enabled it to implement the best designs, exploiting 137 acres, with only 20% of it allocated to residential units and the rest to services. Indeed, this space contributed to providing all the clients’ desires in terms of complete designs and services. Unparalleled.

The company took care to make the design of Sea View North Coast Village unique and unprecedented, as it adopted trees and green nature everywhere around the village units.

It also relied on light, picturesque colors such as white and gray in the design of the buildings, to suit the nature of the pure blue waters, which met the needs of customers to feel psychological comfort and calm in the place.

The project brought together a large group of designs, due to its union with an Italian company. And another Russian one, each of them keen to achieve unique designs in the facilities for which they are responsible.

Sea View North Coast Village was constructed in four phases, with the company taking care to provide a set of the most important services in each phase; Which distinguishes the project for clients.

So, if you are looking for a quiet village, where you can feel relaxed, and want to spend an enjoyable summer time there; Rest assured that Sea View North Coast Village will fulfill that desire, and it has already announced the presence of many Sea View North Coast chalets for sale.

Areas of the village in Sea View, North Coast

The units created by Jdar Group Real Estate Company in Sea View North Coast Village were numerous and varied, and this diversity is what allowed the customer to choose between a group of spaces according to his needs.

The area allocated to the units, which amounts to 20% of the total area of Sea View North Coast Village, includes chalets, twin houses and other types of units, and the client must choose the most appropriate space for him in the desired type from among what is displayed in the following table:

Chalets starting from 120 m2
Villas starting from 220 meters

The company also built units in Sea View North Coast Village based on a terrace system, in order to provide the opportunity to see the entire sea for residents inside, as the heights of each unit ranged from 25 to 41 meters above the other.

Unit prices in Sea View North Coast Village

The most important thing that draws the attention of all those wishing to buy a unit among the chalets offered for sale in Sea View North Coast is the price, and this is due to the astonishment of the great services available in it and the unique designs that reflect the impression of it being one of the expensive villages.

But what makes us confirm that Sea View North Coast Village will be your ideal choice is that the company takes into account that the prices are competitive, which has given many people the opportunity to own a unit there without having a problem with the prices, and in displaying the value of the units in different areas, you can be sure of that:

Chalets start from 8,409,000.
Standalone starting from 36,513,000

Payment plans at Sea View North Coast

Would you like to own a unit in Sea View North Coast Village and do not have enough money to own it immediately? Do you need to spend an enjoyable time with your family in the summer and cannot find a village that meets your needs without paying a lot of money? Would you like to own a summer unit where you can spend the summer with your family and close to your work, and are you afraid of not making the right choice?

Sea View North Coast Resort is responsible for meeting all of your needs, even if your financial capabilities are not the best at the present time. Sea View North Coast will help you spend the best times in the summer without feeling financial constraints or other things that spoil your time of fun and relaxation.

10% down payment and installments over 5 years

It should be noted that the prices of Sea View North Coast Village may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

Jdar Group Real Estate Company, developer of the Sea View Coast project

The company developing the Sea View North Coast Resort was responsible for attracting the largest number of customers to buy the chalets in it.

It was the reason for highlighting the Sea View Village North Coast project in this way, which was the main attraction for customers. This wonderful design and high-quality services represent the history of the company.

Jdar Group is known as one of the best real estate development companies due to its reliance on the best workers and engineers in the field of real estate, and it is always at the forefront of the official destinations for important projects. This is due to its prestigious position and honorable history in the field of real estate.

The company completed the delivery of up to 22 units that were constructed in the first phase of the Sea View Village North Coast project in 2021, and the area it exploited in that phase reached 50% of the total area of the project.

The long history that Jdar Group Real Estate Company is based on is what has made the rush for chalets for sale on the North Coast in Sea View North Coast great, and this is due to its previous work that was like a badge of honor for it, so we will present it to you as follows.

Jdar Group Real Estate Company projects

Jdar Group's previous projects were not only projects under its name, but rather served as a prelude to the larger project, Sea View Village, North Coast, through which it was able to gain the trust of customers approaching this project.

Most of the chalets that were offered for sale on the North Coast in the previous period belong to the Sea View Resort, and the demand for them depends on the services they were impressed with in the company’s other projects, which reached more than 23 pioneering projects, but the Sea View Coast Village project was The northern one is the most prominent and the one under which the company became famous.

The company's years of experience also played a role in gaining the trust of its customers. The company has been active in the real estate development market for 9 years, and relies on the most skilled technicians and engineers in its work. Accordingly, it achieved the prestigious position it enjoys at the present time.

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