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Cali Coast North Coast 
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10 % down payment- installments over 8 years
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CALI COAST NORTH COAST is one of the most prominent projects of Maven Company, which imitates the beauty and charm of the beaches of the American city of California, but in Ras El Hekma, and this is what resulted from the implementation of the most beautiful design and selection of the ideal location.

Knowing that the name Cali is inspired by the city of California, which reflects the company’s strong desire to reach and elevate the beauty of this village to the level of an American city, not to mention the extremely beautiful and wonderful facilities and services it has provided.

What distinguishes this village is that it provides various residential units, according to different prices, and facilities in the payment method and system, which meets the needs required in the real estate market, and through our website we discuss more details about the project.

location Cali Coast North Coast 


The first thing that distinguishes CALI COAST NORTH COAST, other than the ideal design that mimics California, is the strategic location, as the implementing company knew with certainty that the location is the first attraction for tourists and investors.

Therefore, the Ras El Hekma area on the coast was chosen for the village headquarters. This area is located at kilometer 193 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, next to the village of Swan Lake. It is also about 15 km from the Dabaa Road. Below we discuss the distances near the village:

Close to New Alamein, only 85 km away.
The village is located only 340 km from Cairo.
As for Matrouh, it is 87 km away from the village.
Nearby is the village of Jefaira and Jaya Sabur.

Space and design Cali Coast North Coast


Cali Coast North Coast Village project is one of the most luxurious and distinguished resorts that have been implemented, as in addition to its strategic location, the company executing it put its own touch in choosing its design, which combined distinction and sophistication.

The project was built on an area of 150,000 square meters, and the units were designed in the form of terraces to ensure a view of the sea and available water bodies, depending on the areas and heights of the units.

It is worth noting that the village of Kali Coast, North Coast, was allocated 600 meters to be a beach front, and the space was optimally exploited, by implementing the latest advanced engineering and technological designs.

Knowing that the percentage of buildings on the land constitutes only 13% of the project as a whole, while 87% of the spaces are allocated to landscapes and water bodies in addition to gardens and landscapes, which give a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Areas of the village of Cali Coast, North Coast


The village of Cali Coast, North Coast, has been divided into different tourist units, with cabins and villas of varying sizes, which makes it one of the most luxurious tourist resorts on the coast.

What also makes it special is the availability of chalets, duplexes, twin houses and townhouses at varying prices. And spaces with the possibility of payment over long periods. Below we discuss the spaces available in the village for units:

Chalets starting from 65 meters
Duplex starting from 108 meters

prices Cali Coast North Coast 


What distinguishes the company executing the village of Cali Coast North Coast is that it has studied the market well, which has made it truly provide added value to it, and this was evident starting from its distinctive location; And the units’ spaces and even the available prices.

In addition to providing different payment methods, in order to provide convenience to the investor and customer and take into account the circumstances they may be going through, the prices are as follows, and please note that they vary according to the area:

Chalets starting from 6,859,000
Duplex starting from 11,088,000

payment plans Cali Coast Village North Coast 

The company executing Cali Coast Village, North Coast, has been keen to provide convenient payment plans  for customers and investors, in order to achieve its goal, which is to meet all the needs required by the market.

5% down payment, 5% after 3 months, and installments over 8 years

It should be noted that the prices of a chalet for sale in Cali Coast may have changed. To obtain price updates and to ask about the price per meter in the village, contact us.

Services and features of Cali Coast Village Ras El Hekma 

The village of Cali Coast, North Coast, ras el hekma, is one of the largest and best tourist projects established in Egypt, as it suits all categories of customers and investors.

The developing company was keen to provide the services and facilities needed by the investment market, in order to achieve customer satisfaction and provide comfort. The village is the most suitable place for relaxation and tranquility. Below we discuss the services available in the project:

The entire residential units in the village overlook the coast and can see bodies of water, and green spaces are also available so that the units suit all tastes.
The company provides a sports club in which all types of sports are available, and includes trainers with the highest level of experience.
There are a group of cafes and restaurants in the village; It offers delicious food and drinks.
The village is fully secured with a highly trained guard crew to maintain the safety and security of customers.
Near the village there are a number of international schools and universities to provide educational services.
There are vast green spaces in the village, which are beneficial for relaxation for the client.
The village has a huge mall with all the stores that meet customers' needs.
It includes a large number of entertainment places for both adults and children.
Dedicated walking and cycling paths are provided.
The village is equipped with medical centers at the highest level.
The village includes a health club with a jacuzzi and a spa.
There are designated places for women to swim.
Landscape was provided in the village.

Maven Company Developments
Maven Company is the executor of the Cali Coast North Coast Village project, which is owned by Engineer Mohamed Rushdi, who has great experience in architecture and real estate, and it was built in cooperation with Lari Company.

It is worth noting that Mavin Company has a large number of successful projects in real estate investment, the most prominent of which is the Kali Coast North Coast Resort, where the company was able to meet the needs of the community in the villages in addition to the presence of a number of ideal services and good facilities there.

But the company has a huge precedent in the world of real estate investment, as it succeeded in achieving the title of best real estate developer in 2018, in addition to excellence in its work and owning a large number of successful projects in the American state of Philadelphia.

Then it had a series of successive successes in Egypt, which started with Mountain in Ain Sokhna, and its plans succeeded until it reached the implementation of the Cali Coast village, North Coast. And 6th of October projects.

What helped it in this is that it has a large number of partners with extensive experience in various fields, which helps it in launching huge projects.

It is worth noting that this large number of partners for Maven were chosen in pursuit of its goal in real estate development, and to be a leading company in the Egyptian real estate market and take it in a new and bold direction, and they are:

Vodafone Communications Partner.
Aquatix by Landscape Structure.
American University in Cairo.
IBM technology and networking infrastructure partner.
Landscape Structures.
Mimar Architecture and Engineering.
AE7 Company.
Road Botics.
Flow Rider.
Road Botics.
This partnership and union between experts in various fields in the market has made it present many inspiring and advanced projects, and we list below its most prominent goals: Which appeared clearly and clearly in the village of Cali Coast, North Coast:

Customize different and convenient payment systems; In order to remove any obstacles for those who wish to contract with it.
Providing the best quality and maintaining public health by using environmentally friendly materials.
Maintaining the unit’s interior décor is as sophisticated as the exterior design.
Ensuring that the residential community in Egypt is transferred to a higher and ideal quality.
Ensuring that the projects are integrated in terms of services and facilities.
Diversity in spaces and providing prices that suit all customers.
Providing the best quality to customers with a good study of market needs.
Providing modern designs that catch the eye.
Strengthening the relationship between clients and investors.
Contributing to improving the Egyptian economy.

 Maven Company DevelopmentsProjects 
Maven Real Estate Company has a large number of successful projects in the field of real estate investment. The number of residential units delivered has reached more than 700, and the company plans to present more than 3 other projects in Egypt other than Mount in Ain Sokhna.
It is worth noting that there are a number of successful projects that have achieved remarkable success through their implementation, before investing in Egypt, and we discuss the list of those projects as follows:

• Residences at York.
• Avenue 30.
• N5 square.
• Cambria court.
While for its successful project in Egypt, other than the Kali Coast North Coast Resort, it is Baymount Ain Sokhna, a village in the Greater Galala area known as one of the most beautiful areas there.
It has good weather throughout the year, in addition to all of its units overlooking the sea, which is the same design as the Cali product.

This village also has a number of various units, such as villas, townhouses, twin houses, and others, as is the case with Kali Village. It must be mentioned here that based on the success of that project, the company has taken its steps to implement the idea of Kali Village.

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