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SeaZen North Coast
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10% Down payment and up to 8 years installments
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Village SeaZen North Coast is one of the most prominent residential and touristic projects. Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company has been able to make it include everything that customers or investors require, starting from the good planning of the village’s architectural plan, to the distinctive designs and diversity of the units.

This has made it attract a very large customer base, in addition to the fact that all units overlook stunning landscapes and ideal green spaces, which give a feeling of comfort and pleasure in owning a unit on the coast with these specifications.

In addition, the developing company was able to make all units characterized by maintaining privacy, which is what most customers requested during this period, which guarantees an excellent investment opportunity, and we will discuss more details about the site and the privileges it provides to customers.

Seazen North Coast location


SeaZen North Coast is one of the most prominent projects of Al Qamzi Company, in which it was able to highlight what distinguished it as one of the leading companies in the field of real estate investment, as it provided an integrated complex, whether tourist or residential.

As a result of the experience of Al Qamzi Grand Company and its series of successes, it was able to find what suits customers and investors, and it was certain that the first factor that attracts the largest customer base is the distinctive strategic location, so it chose the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman as the headquarters for the village of Seazen North Coast.

That is, the first thing in which it was able to distinguish itself was its choice of the excellent location of the village of Seazen North Coast, as it was built at kilometer 171 on the Dabaa Road, which makes its location very strategic among a number of other residential complexes, as it is close to each of the following vital areas:

Seazen North Coast Village is located near Ras El Hekma and El Alamein Airport.
The village is located near the New Fouka Road and Wadi El Natroun.
It is very close to Waterway Village and La Vista.
It is located near New Alamein City.

Design and space of Seazen North Coast 


In addition to Al Qamzi Company’s ability to provide a strategic location for the village of seazen on the North Coast, it was able to agree with the most prominent engineers on European-style designs, and this is what it has implemented in most of its projects and made it a pioneer for more than 30 years.

The developing company was keen to provide innovative and sophisticated designs that blend with the rest of the tourist resort’s divisions, which allows you to have an enjoyable summer vacation and enjoy privacy and natural scenery.

Seazen North Coast Village was built on an area of approximately 204 acres, and despite its large size, the implementing company was able to exploit it to the fullest extent, as all residential units were provided along the 600-meter beach.

seazen North Coast Village has about 299 residential units of different types, designed with the finest distinctive designs, similar to the European style. You can enjoy the soft white sand alongside the wonderful modern design of the unit.

In addition to the long experience of Al Qamzi Company, it has employed the most skilled engineers who are able to provide the layout exactly as it is, without any difference, but even better than the plans. The company has taken into account the balance between recreational or basic services and green spaces.

I was keen to make all residential units designed according to the terrace system, which has heights that vary between 0 - 45; This allows 90% of the chalets to have a direct view of the sea. This is not enough, but about 85% of the total area of the project is green spaces.

SeaZen North Coast Services


Al Qamzi Company is a pioneer in the field of real estate investment, which made it able to add everything the Egyptian market needs in construction buildings, so the Seazen North Coast Village project has become one of the most successful projects on the coast.

The result of what it provided inside of all the basic or recreational services that the customer may need, which ensures that he does not need to leave the village for any reason, and if he wants to leave, the road does not require a lot of time, and the services are represented in the following:

There is a huge commercial area in the village of seazen North Coast, which allows the customer to purchase any of the basic or complementary supplies he needs in his day.
There are entertainment areas designated for children, and they are implemented with the latest means and modern technologies that provide safety and comfort, in addition to security cameras for surveillance.
seazen North Coast Village offers two types of swimming pools, regular or infinity, which are suitable for both children and adults.
seazen Village North Coast includes about 3 clubs equipped with all the facilities and complementary services that the customer needs.
All parts of the village of seazen North Coast have surveillance cameras with the latest technology, in order to provide maximum safety within the village.
If you are a fan of sports, there are several courts for basketball, golf, and tennis within Seasons North Coast Village.
At all entrances and exits of Seazen North Coast Village, there is a security team trained to the highest level, in order to provide greater security.
All residential units in seazen North Coast Village are surrounded by green spaces and artificial water bodies.
There is an indoor theater in the village, which provides you with fun and spending the most beautiful entertainment times in the village.
A hall has been provided with the latest equipment and sports games to maintain physical fitness.
There is a large hypermarket inside seazen Village to provide all the necessities for family members.
There is a clubhouse available in seazen North Coast Village.

Spaces of the seazen North Coast project


  • chalet staring from 90 meters.
  • Townhouses starting from 170 meters
  • standalone starting from 255 meters

seazen North Coast project prices

  • chalet staring from 8,500,000.
  • Townhouses start from 16,500,000
  • standalone starting from 43,000,000.

seazen North Coast payment plan


What made Al Qamzi Company distinctive was its provision of truly ideal payment systems in the village of Seasons, North Coast. It has become possible to own a unit easily, unlike what is available in the market.

You will not need a large down payment, or payment over a few years. Rather, Al Qamzi Company allows you to own residential units over many years, with a small installment every month.

Knowing that prices and payment plan , even for businessmen, are the main attraction, the list of systems available in seazen North Coast is as follows:

  • 10% down payment and installments over 8 years

It is worth noting that Al Qamzi Company provides all customers and investors with different ways and means of payment, whether from the company’s headquarters or through the Internet, with a simple down payment, without any interest on the basic amount of the housing unit.

It should be noted that the price of villas for sale on the North Coast or chalets may have changed, and to obtain price updates, contact us.

Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company

Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company is responsible for the development and construction of the seazen North Coast Village project, and it is a leading company in the field of real estate for more than 30 years, which made it ideal and knows the secrets of the Egyptian real estate market well.

Therefore, this company specialized in implementing a large number of successful projects in the Middle East, especially the United Arab Emirates. It was able to expand outside Egypt in 2010, and it chose the Egyptian real estate market to build a large number of projects in it.

This is because it saw the great future ahead of real estate in Egypt, in addition to having the additions it provides to the market that make it a leader among a large number of other companies, and indeed the company had a great opportunity to succeed and achieve a large number of distinctive infrastructure projects.

AlQamzi Development Company projects

Other than the Seazen North Coast Village project, Al-Qamzi Company has had a large number and series of successes in previous years, and that is what made it a leader in the field of real estate investment in Egypt and outside Egypt.

All of its project units came with high quality and international designs, in addition to the distinctive design and division of both the external and internal spaces of its projects. It has had a series of successful projects, which are represented in the following:

Astshire Compound: One of its villa projects. It was built on about 26 acres in the heart of New Cairo, and has ancient and modern home designs. It is a mix between houses, villas, and picturesque landscapes.

Korba Towers: One of the most distinguished buildings of Al Qamzi Company in Korba, which is superior to any architectural competitor, as it provides all types of units that the client or investor needs.

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