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Investment and housing in the New Capital

June 3, 2024

Investment and housing in the New Capital

The future of investment in the New Capital is a topic of concern for many investors in the Egyptian real estate market lately. Numerous questions arise about whether the drawbacks of the New Capital outweigh its advantages, as some real estate investors in Egypt claim.

With the increasing interest of investors seeking investment opportunities in the new capital, it is expected that the Egyptian government will soon announce that the New Capital will be the official capital of the country. Therefore, we present to you today a set of details and information about the future of investment in the New Capital.

The future of investment in the New Capital:

Real estate investment is one of the most popular investment fields worldwide, attracting many investors, especially with the continuous rise in property prices in various countries, including Egypt. Currently, the New Capital is one of the most prominent real estate areas in Egypt.

Despite some concerns expressed by investors about the future of real estate investment in the New Capital, based on rumors of weak investment movement there, these claims are unfounded. Since the announcement of the New Capital, it has achieved significant success in the Egyptian real estate market.

Investing in a remarkable city like the New Capital is indeed an investment in the future. The new capital boasts the presence of some of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt and the Middle East, which are working on implementing outstanding investment projects, ranging from residential compounds, commercial malls, administrative offices, medical projects, and more.

The New Capital offers excellent opportunities for all investors in the Egyptian real estate market. The city is expected to witness a substantial increase in population in the coming years, which will enhance the operation of various new investment projects. Therefore, the future of investment in the New Capital is considered safe and bright compared to other real estate areas in the world today.

The importance of investment in the New Capital:

Real estate investment in the New Administrative Capital is of great significance. Although many projects are still under development, investing in them now means achieving substantial profits in the future. Let us explain how investing in the capital now can ensure high-value financial gains in the near future through the following points:

  1. Prime strategic location:
    - Easy access to the New Capital encourages residents from other cities to move there for a better living opportunity, which boosts the activity of various projects.
  2. Profitable rental opportunities:
    - Acquiring residential units and renting them out in the future can be a significant source of profits, especially with the availability of flexible installment plans of up to 10 years or more, guaranteed by real estate development companies.
  3. Investment in diverse projects:
    - Investing in commercial, administrative, or medical projects can yield high returns, particularly with the continuous rise in real estate prices in Egypt and worldwide, and the increasing popularity of the New Capital both within and outside Egypt.
  4. Attracting international investors:
    - The New Capital has become a focal point for investors from around the world, with Arab and international real estate development companies flocking to establish and implement significant real estate projects, enhancing the value of the Egyptian real estate market.
  5. Variety of options and integrated facilities:

    - The New Administrative Capital offers a wide variety of units and spaces, along with diverse services and facilities. This variety, combined with competitive prices, makes investment in the capital an attractive option compared to any other city in the Egyptian real estate market.

    In summary, investing in the New Administrative Capital now provides you with the opportunity to achieve substantial financial gains in the near future thanks to its strategic location, flexible installment plans, diverse projects, and attraction of international investors.

Advantages that motivate you to live in the New Capital:

Investing in the New  Capital offers numerous advantages, including the availability of exceptional residential units in a new and grand city. Here are several reasons that drive you to invest or live in the city:

Strategic Location: The New Capital is strategically located on the border between Badr City and the area between the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ain Sokhna roads, near New Cairo, Mostakbal City, and Madinaty.
- It is situated about 60 km from Ain Sokhna, Suez, and Central Cairo.

Central Park: The capital features a large central park called “Capital Park,” spanning over 1000 acres and extending more than 10 kilometers, which is two and a half times the size of New York's Central Park. The initial model was built on just about 7 acres, making it a fantastic investment opportunity in the New Capital.

Cultural and Medical Facilities: An opera house, numerous cinemas, and theaters will be established in the capital. Additionally, the new capital will host the first fully integrated global medical city and the largest international exhibition center to serve the trade sector, which will also host many international conferences.

Variety of Housing Options: The area offers multiple forms of residential units, including apartments for sale in the New Capital, as well as luxury villas, twin houses, and townhouses, along with various other units.

Infrastructure and Transportation: A new railway line project will comprehensively develop all railway networks in the country. The local roads in the capital are notably wide, with a width of 120 meters.

Affordable Pricing and Flexible Payment Plans: The residential unit prices in the New Capital start from 7,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter. Purchase can be made in installments over several years without a down payment, and homes of various sizes have been provided to suit all families.

Living in the New Capital ensures a high-quality lifestyle with modern amenities, cultural attractions, and a strategic location, making it an attractive option for both investment and residence.

Some of the important companies in the New Capital:

- City Edge Developments
- Misr Italia Developments
- Taj Misr for Real Estate Development
- La Vista Developments
- Nile real estate Developments
- Better Home New Capital

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