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Azha North Coast
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5% Down payment and up to 8 years installments
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Azha North Coast is one of the latest projects of Madaar Investment and Real Estate Development Company, which provides an entertainment complex with integrated services and benefits, luxury summer units at attractive prices, and easy payment plans.

Through Azha North Coast, Madaar Investment and Real Estate Development Company (the company that owns the project) seeks to meet the needs and requirements of many individuals looking to spend enjoyable summer vacations in one of the best geographical locations in the heart of the North Coast.

Azha North Coast Village is distinguished by its distinctive geographical location in the heart of the North Coast, as well as by its gardens, green spaces, artificial lakes, and the residential and summer units it provides at attractive prices and easy payment systems.

During the following paragraphs, we will learn in detail about the location of Azha, North Coast, the area and design of the village, the prices and areas of the units, the payment and installment systems, and the company that owns the project.

 The Location of Azha Village North Coast

The location of Azha North Coast Village has been chosen carefully to suit the aspirations of Madaar Developments clients, as it is located at Kilo 214 North Coast, which makes it close to the most vital roads, through which residents of Azha Village North Coast can reach the significant areas of North Coast within few minutes.

 Landmarks Close to Village Azha Madar Developments

Azha Village North Coast is located 15 minutes away from New Alamein.

It takes about 45 minutes to reach Matrouh from Azha North Coast Village.

The distance between Azha Village North Coast and Alexandria is about half an hour.

Village Azha Project is 340 km away from Cairo.

The project is close to Village Pali North Coast and Blue Bay North Coast.

Azha Village North Coast Design:

Madaar Real Estate Company was keen to design Azha North Coast according to the latest international standards and designs for construction and design, as well as so that all the resort units are located very close to all services, benefits, artificial lakes, and gardens in all parts of the resort.

This Azha North Coast village is designed with a beach length of about 800 metres, while the depth of the resort is about 1,100 metres.

Madaar Company for Investment and Real Estate Development was keen to design Azha Village so that all its units overlook stunning views of one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea in the Ras El Hekma area on the northern coast. Many units also overlook gardens, artificial lakes, and green spaces in all parts of the village.

The Area of Azha Village North Coast:

Madaar Company for Investment and Real Estate Development (the company that owns the project) established Azha Village, North Coast, on an area of 250 acres.

Madaar Real Estate Company has allocated 80% of this total area for gardens, green spaces, artificial lakes, swimming pools, services and amenities in all parts of the village, and the rest of the space for units and construction.

There will be separation spaces between each unit for the sake of greater privacy and tranquility for all residents.

Azha North Coast Resort is distinguished by its picturesque beaches and soft, calm blue waters, which give the resort an atmosphere of beauty and luxury.

Unit spaces in Azha North Coast:

Madaar Developments offers you in AZHA north coast Egypt; Fully finished with ACs and kitchen cabinets. Choose from a variety of unit types:

  • Standalone Villas: stating from 317 sqm.
  • Duplex: stating from 304 sqm.
  • Chalets: starting from 139 sqm.

Prices in Azha North Coast:

Azha North Coast offers affordability and flexibility with various unit sizes and prices:

  • Chalets: starting from 14,715,000.
  • Duplex: starting from 27,687,000.
  • Villas:  starting from 44,608,000.

Payment plans of Azha project in Ras el hikma:

– 5% Down payment and 10% After 3 Moths.
– Rest over 8 years equal installments

About Madar Developments

Madaar Developments is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate Market. It was established in 2015, and it has occupied a prominent position among its competitors from other companies. The company has cooperated with international parties to implement a number of its projects, and thus it has achieved great progress in a very short time.

Madar Developments Projects:

Village Azha Ain Sokhna.

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