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Who are the top 5 real estate developers in the market?

May 12, 2024

5 emperors in the world of real estate

A journey of exploration with the leading real estate developers in Egypt:

The real estate market in Egypt is filled with companies specialized in real estate development, and they have played an effective role in developing this sector, whether in commercial, residential, or touristic projects. Some of these companies have gained great fame both within Egypt and abroad, and are considered among the best real estate development companies in the region.

Egypt boasts many modern cities that have attracted investors due to their strong infrastructure and advanced transportation networks, in addition to the availability of diverse facilities and services. Real estate development companies have significantly contributed to driving the Egyptian economy forward, as the real estate investment sector is considered one of the key sectors contributing to sustainable economic growth.

The great success witnessed in the Egyptian real estate market today is attributed to Egyptian companies that have achieved international fame, which is not surprising given the quality of services and projects they offer.

In summary, the real estate development sector in Egypt is a key driver of the economy and has witnessed significant development thanks to the contributions of specialized companies in this field, which strive to elevate the standard of real estate in Egypt to the global level.

The most important real estate development companies in Egypt:


Sodic -Orascom -Mountain View -Al Marasem -Tatweer Misr 


SODIC Real Estate Development :

SODIC (Sixth of October Development and Investment Company) is a leading real estate development company in Egypt, boasting over 25 years of experience in delivering unique property projects. This extensive experience positions it as the preferred choice for clients and investors seeking quality and comfort.

SODIC is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence in the real estate development industry, constantly striving to offer a modern lifestyle characterized by diversity and high quality. The company is distinguished by its delivery rate, exceeding 90%, reflecting its strong commitment to customer satisfaction and meeting their aspirations.

With a unique portfolio of successful real estate projects, SODIC remains a pioneer in the field of real estate development in Egypt and the Arab world. The company continues to innovate and excel in every project, enhancing its position as one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market.

Thanks to its commitment to quality and providing a distinctive lifestyle, SODIC is considered an ideal choice for individuals seeking stability and luxury in an integrated community.

SODIC focuses on implementing successful and large-scale real estate projects, relying on a team of experts and professional consultants in the fields of investment and real estate development.

The diverse geographic locations and multiple real estate assets in SODIC's portfolio reflect the company's commitment to providing the best options for its clients and ensuring an exceptional and distinctive real estate experience.

And among the projects of SODIC Real Estate Development

Eastown Cairo New Cairo Project-June SODIC North Coast-Vye SODIC Sheikh Zayed Compound-Karmell sheikh zayed compound.

Orascom Real Estate Development Company:

Orascom Real Estate Development Company was founded in 2016 by Egyptian businessman Samih Sawiris, under the name "Gemina Real Estate Development Company." In 2018, the company's name was changed to Orascom Real Estate Development.

Since its establishment, the company has succeeded in becoming one of the leading real estate companies, executing significant and massive projects both within and outside Egypt. Orascom always relies on experts in management and engineering design, who possess a forward-looking vision.

Orascom Developments boasts over 30 years of experience as a leading and integrated developer, with a diverse portfolio that makes it one of the leading companies in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets. The company has delivered massive projects inside and outside Egypt, gaining widespread fame.

Orascom Real Estate Development Company has been a leading developer for over 30 years, with a diverse portfolio that makes it one of the leading companies in the market. It owns one of the largest land banks, covering an area of ​​101.0 million square meters.

As a global developer, Orascom Real Estate Development Company has projects on three continents and in seven countries, including Egypt, Oman, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and the United Kingdom. Its projects include infrastructure, industrial, and commercial sectors. The company owns 50% of the BESIX Group and participates in infrastructure development and investment, managing construction resources and facilities.

And among the projects of Orascom Real Estate

Silver Sands North Coast.

Mountain View Real Estate Development:

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company is a well-known name in the real estate industry, representing a massive entity with a leading position in the market. It is one of the most important and famous brands trusted by a large sector of clients.

Founded in 2005 by Engineer Amr Ismail, the Chairman of the Board, Mountain View Real Estate Development Company has enjoyed significant experience that has propelled it to the forefront of real estate development companies.

The company boasts wise management and employs the best talents in the field of architectural engineering, including experienced engineers and consultants in the field of urban construction.

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company owns many important investment projects, such as Mountain View Compound in New Cairo, which stands out with its strategic location, vast area, and elegant, luxurious design.

And among the projects of Mountain View Real Estate

ICity Project in 6th of October City-Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City-HeartWork Mountain View

Al Marasem Real Estate Development:

Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company was founded in 1931 as part of the Saudi Bin Laden Group. Since then, it has achieved leadership in the real estate sector, positioning itself among the top 5 global real estate companies. Al Marasem Developments began successfully and steadily expanded its activities in the Middle East region.

Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company strives earnestly to enhance its presence in the Egyptian real estate market through massive projects distinguished by creativity and excellence. It offers important services and facilities within its units, earning the trust of investors and becoming one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt.

Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the top real estate developers, providing luxurious residential projects. This leadership was particularly evident after the success of its Cairo Capital Gate project in New Cairo.

Al Marasem Saudi Arabia always stands out with luxurious engineering and architectural designs, seeking to achieve the highest level of luxury and innovation in its services. Al Marasem Developments combines splendid design, execution excellence, and quality, adding a touch of luxury and distinction to its projects.

Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company works to achieve luxury and luxury in all its projects inside and outside Egypt, making it a wonderful model for those seeking excellence and luxury in design and creativity in execution. Al Marasem Contracting Company is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, respected and trusted thanks to its immense experience and successful history under the supervision of Sheikh Khalid Bin Laden and Sheikh Omar Bin Laden.

And among the projects of Al Marasem Real Estate

Fifth Square Compound in Fifth Settlement.

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development:

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company has been a vital catalyst for change since its establishment in 2014, offering unparalleled value through exemplary projects that excel in all aspects of development. Tatweer Misr prides itself on its rich industrial and technological expertise, promoting an innovative vision for integrated living to emerge as a leading real estate developer in Egypt, meeting the growing demand for multi-use projects that enrich its communities' lives.

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company is committed to excellence in design, innovation, and sustainability, characterized by its comprehensive approach focused on solutions in quality construction, unique architectural design, and distinctive landscapes. It aims to enhance its residents' growth through modern conveniences.

Driven by a unique vision to deliver the most valuable life experiences, Tatweer Misr relies on its contributors' expertise to strategically respond to customer-centric visions. Thanks to its strategic partnerships with globally renowned specialists and innovators, the company proudly presents four innovative developments representing true testimonials of contemporary elegance and innovation throughout Egypt.

In 2018, Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company won the Best Residential Project award for Il Monte Galala Ain El Sokhna and received the United Nations Award for Humanitarian Entrepreneurship in New York for its significant impact on local community development. It also won the Cityscape Global Residential Award in Dubai in 2016 for the Il Monte Galala Ain El Sokhna project.

And among the projects of  Tatweer Misr Real Estate

Rivers Sheikh Zayed-Il Monte Galala Ain El Sokhna-Bloom Fields Mostakbal City-Fouka Bay North Coast-D Bay North Coast-Salt North Coast.

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