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A giant residential complex built to the highest level of precision and perfection. It was produced by Al Marasem Real Estate Company, which is well known. It used modern and advanced technologies to make the compound what it is with such great beauty.

Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound was developed in the most important locations of New Cairo. It is an ideal, lively, and strategic location close to the most important landmarks of the city. It was developed on a huge area with many green spaces and artificial lakes, and various residential units are available in it. It is also close to the Compound. Saray New Cairo.

The most important feature of the Fifth Square Fifth Settlement project is the distinctive prices of its units, as units of various types and sizes are available at ideal prices, payment systems that are characterized by flexibility and ease, and many other features that we will mention to you in the following lines.

Fifth Square Compound location:-

Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound, Fifth Settlement, is located in the Golden Square area on North Teseen Street, directly next to the largest residential projects in the Fifth Settlement. The project also overlooks a number of important main areas and axes.

Area of Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound:-

Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound, Fifth Settlement, extends over an area of 158 acres divided into residential units and green spaces, which gives individuals the opportunity to enjoy nature, tranquility, and privacy.

The compound is one of the newest and most luxurious residential complexes, as all units are designed on large areas characterized by a distinct view of the green spaces interspersed with water spaces.

Its residential units are distinguished by their diversity, including independent apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. Fifth Square, Fifth Settlement, also contains integrated facilities and services that will meet the needs of residents so that individuals can enjoy an upscale modern life.

Units area:-

Fifth Square Compound  Fifth Settlement contains many distinct residential units, townships, twin houses, and villas. Next to the project are Sodic Compound, PK2 Palm Hills Compound, Lake View Al Hadeq Compound, Mivida Emaar Compound, Sabbour Compound, and Galleria Compound from Valley Arabia Group.

As for the finishing of the residential apartments, they are fully finished, super-luxe, with air conditioners, and the villas are semi-finished, and the area of the units is as follows:

  • Residential apartment areas start from 130 meters and reach 270 meters.
  • Town House areas from 250 square meters.
  • Twin House area of ​​300 square meters.
  • Stand Alone Villa with areas of 350 square metres.
  • Payment and reimbursement systems

The management of Al Marasem Compound, Fifth Settlement, announced the possibility of paying the price of residential units in installments without down payment, with the possibility of installment over four years without interest, provided that the price is paid in equal installments. The project management also provided a number of installment systems, including:

  • 0% down payment for the units of Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo, in installments over 4 years without interest and in equal installments.
  • 5% down payment for Al Marasem Fifth Square contract units and 5% after 3 months and installments over 6 years without interest and in equal installments.
  • 10% contract, 10% after 3 months, 10% upon receipt, and installments over 8 years without interest and in equal installments.
    Protocol partner system

Aside from all the wonderful features that were explained in the previous lines and that are provided within the compound, the developing company will not be satisfied with providing more features and amazing systems that are sure to impress you within the Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo.

The slogan “Partners, not just clients” was launched by Al-Marasem Company, below which Al-Marasem Real Estate Development Company launched a system dedicated to real estate investment that has many amazing features within the Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo, which is known as the Al-Marasem Partner System.

Al Marasem Partner System allows you to purchase only 50% of the unit within Al Marasem Fifth Square that you wish to obtain. At that time, the company owns the remaining percentage or the other half of the unit, but you still have the right to rent the unit and benefit from a monthly income from it or sell it at the price that you specify. Or live inside it.

The partner system has many special and exclusive features that were the reason for the explosion of this investment missile and attracted a large number of clients and investors to invest within the Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo. And their speed in obtaining his own unit that he can dispose of whenever he wants. These advantages are summarized in:

Installment :-

Although the client owns only 50% of the residential unit in the compound, according to what is stipulated in the protocol partner system, the company allows him to enjoy an easy payment system that makes the payment process easier and more convenient for him, as he can pay the scheduled price for the Fifth Square Compound unit in New Cairo in the form of installments. Within 4 equal years.

Profit confirmation :-

All units available in Fifth Square Compound, Fifth Settlement, are available in designs that are meticulous and luxurious, distinguished by beauty, and designed in a modern and meticulous manner, which makes customers flocking to them for sure, especially because they are provided with all the services necessary for customer comfort.

As for the reason for confirming the profit, it is the result of a statistic that was studied by the largest specialists in real estate investment, and it states that the possibility of residential units increasing by 10% to 15% of the value of the unit, and this is what causes your profit from your unit if you wish to sell it.

Thus, investing in the ceremony partner system within the Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo, is your haven for huge and certain profits.

Multiple choice

What is most distinctive about the ceremony partner system is that it does not require a lifelong partnership. Rather, it is possible for the client to buy the company’s remaining share in the unit whenever he wants and desires. Rather, he enjoys distinctive and different facilities, enabling him to obtain the remaining 50% for the same financial value that he purchased it for. His share when writing the contract.


The client continues to enjoy complete freedom to dispose of the unit located in Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo whenever he wants. It is possible to rent or sell the unit however he wants, Whether before or after the scheduled delivery date, without any restrictions at all.

Trust system partner

Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company, which owns Fifth Square Compound, Fifth Settlement, is your second partner and is one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate development. It wants to help small investors own a distinctive unit that enjoys luxury and achieve a huge investment return from it, despite saving half of the material costs of purchasing the unit.

Hotel units available in the ceremony partner system

As we mentioned previously, the advantages of this project are difficult to count, as among these advantages is the provision of hotel units that fall under the Marasim Partner system, which is called Lake Residence, as it has many services and features such as:

The customer can receive his unit ready with super-luxe finishing and fully furnished, in addition to installing air conditioners and providing Internet service inside the unit.
The unit within Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo, has a beautiful view overlooking the artificial lake with its distinctive design that keeps pace with the latest modern developments in the design of real estate projects.
All hotel services are available within the hotel unit located in Fifth Square Compound New Cairo, such as: (Room Service, cleaning services, maintenance work, and similar services).
There are multiple facilities available, such as a gym equipped with all modern, high-quality equipment, dedicated running and walking tracks, as well as sports fields and children’s playgrounds spread widely around the hotel units of Fifth Square New Cairo Compound.
There are other basic services, such as comprehensive security and guarding for residential units, and a rent collection service for customers, and a central reservation service are available.
Developing company

In its giant project, Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo, Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company launched a new system for real estate investment under the slogan “Partners, not just clients” in a serious attempt to revive the real estate investment market, which has recently proven to be the trump card in the hands of those who wish to enter the worlds of investment in general. .

The Al Marasem partner system is for the client to participate with Al Marasem Company by paying only 50% of the value of the residential unit within the Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo, in exchange for 50% of Al Marasem Company owning 50% of the unit.

Knowing that the protocol partner system is applied to hotel units; They are units located in one of the residential buildings that provide all the services for the residents, which facilitates the process of renting the unit while obtaining the highest profit return.

Fifth Square Compound is also one of the important landmarks in the Fifth Settlement area, and it is one of the major projects implemented by Al-Marasem International Urban Development Company, which is one of the real estate companies affiliated with the Saudi Binladin Group.

She presented many wonderful works in Egypt, including Dreamland, Heliopolis Club Shorouk, Al-Rehab, phases one, two and three, Hurghada International Airport, Cairo International Airport, Sharm El-Sheikh Airport, and finally Fifth Square Compound, New Cairo.

The most prominent projects of Al Marasem Real Estate Company

  • Capital Gate Compound New Cairo.
  • Al-Rehab Club in New Cairo.
  • Fairmont Hotel.
  • Heliopolis Club in Shorouk City.
  • Al-Marasem Hospital, which is located in the heart of 90th Street in the middle of the Fifth Settlement.
  • Emaar Company's clinic building in Uptown Cairo.
  • The administration building of Amer Group.
  • Commercial malls such as Al-Rehab Mall and Dreamland Mall.
  • Brick, cement and iron factories.
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