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Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City

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Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City
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5% dp- installments over 8 years
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The aliva Mountain View Compound comes with a heart that breathes life and renewed communication as the latest additions to Mountain View Real Estate Company’s projects, which always enjoy innovation. The aliva Compound embodies the philosophy of being present in every moment, meaning that it combines stunning natural landscapes with the necessary services and facilities that customers need.

Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City extends over an area of 640 acres, fully equipped to provide the highest standard of living possible. Mountain View did not choose the name of the project “Aliva” randomly, but for a specific reason, which is that the meaning of the name is “living,” as it includes an upscale community that is similar in location. Thinking.

The company believes that a life full of quality requires activating the senses, expanding horizons and increasing inspiration at every step, and within Aliva Mountain View customers can discover a community carefully designed to combine an environment full of adventure with stunning natural scenery.

The Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound is located in the largest plot of land in Mostakbal City in New Cairo, minutes away from Mountain View iCity and only 10 minutes from Suez Road, which guarantees and provides an exceptional residential experience for residents seeking to live in an environment full of life and harmony.

Location Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City
Aliva Mountain View Compound is located in one of the best strategic locations in Mostakbal City in Cairo due to its geographical location, minutes away from Mountain View iCity, in addition to being only 10 minutes away from Suez Road, which makes it easy for you to reach anywhere you want without trouble or wasting time. .

Mountain View, the developer of the project, chose this location after numerous studies. In order to provide a high standard of luxury living for its customers, so that they are close to all the main roads and hubs that make their lives easier.

Mountain View chose the Aliva Mountain View location very carefully so that it is close to all the important areas and universities that its customers need to have a high standard of life, and the most prominent of these places are:

The project is located directly near the HAP Town Hassan Allam project.

  • It is also only 5 minutes away from “mostakbal”.
  • 5 minutes to reach the “New Capital”.
  • 18 minutes is all you need from Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City to reach “New Cairo”.
  • 21 minutes to Cairo International Airport.
  • American University is only 20 minutes away.
  • The Canadian University in Egypt is minutes away from Aliva Mountain View.
  • German International University (GIU).
  • Family Park is just an 18-minute drive from Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound.
  • North 90th Street.
  • University of Hertfordshire.
  • Eastern Ring Road.
  • Axis of hope.
  • South 90th Street.

Services available in Aliva Mountain View Compound: 

Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound is considered a unique destination for high-end experiences, as it is distinguished by its distinctive features and the provision of a wide range of luxurious services that ensure you enjoy a luxurious life. The most prominent of these services are as follows:
From the beginning of your trip at Aliva Mountain View, you will discover Laguna Beach Park's amazing sandy beach and charming waterfront walkways.
In addition to the possibility of walking around the beautiful sidewalks of River Park and enjoying the picturesque views of running water.
Fields Park also has a beautiful agricultural landscape and treats local farmers to the local market.
If you prefer a lively nightlife, you will find Club Park a dynamic place that offers you many events and entertainment facilities.
Talking about Aliva Mountain View Compound cannot be complete without mentioning Heartwork, where original artworks that promote happiness are displayed in Aliva Mountain View.
The project also features Wonderfall – an experiential retail area that provides a unique shopping experience.
The project enjoys green spaces and blue tiled roofs at every corner.
The Lighthouse at Signature Park provides scenic cycling and walking opportunities and adds a touch of renewal with stunning water features.
Aliva Mountain View Compound also features double gates to each garden.
Availability of pharmacies operating 24 hours a day to meet customers’ needs.
Car parking is for project clients only.
Central Park, which connects two parks.
There are two lighthouses, one on the river and the other on the square.
Many fun activities such as: gardening, library, theatres, seating area and cycling areas.
The project also enjoys a privileged location on the 8 Waden River, which adds an atmosphere of beauty and charm to customers.
Security and guarding services throughout the day

Aliva Mountain View space and design:

beauty and modernity
Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City is not just an ordinary city, but it is a unique experience that combines natural beauty and modern design, which is located on a vast area of 640 acres, and is characterized by a unique harmony between the city’s landscape and its residents, which was originally established to change the concept of living within Egypt.

Aliva Mountain View was built to be a place designated for people with sophistication and good taste to live, because it includes a very upscale community full of happiness and life through which you will discover the world around you.

Types of units in Aliva Fields Park by Mountain View

The Green House is the most typical and prominent residential unit in Alievia Mountain View Park Fields, that runs over 98 feddan.

Apartments: starts from 110.
villa: prices starts from 180.
Townhouse: starts from 210.

Prices of Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

The prices launched by Mountain View in its latest projects are: Aliva Mountain View Compound is the best ever in the region because it offers a very contemporary and modern design in addition to the vast spaces, services and facilities it provides to provide a luxurious and quiet life.

You will get all of this and more within Aliva Mountain View at the best competitive price ever, and this is one of the most important reasons that make Mountain View distinctive in the real estate market; They offer the best prices compared to the value you will get, and the price package is as follows:

Apartments: starts from 8,458,245 Egyptian pounds.
villa: prices starts from 14,646,224 Egyptian pounds.
Townhouse: starts from 23,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
It should be noted that the prices of units for sale in the Aliva Mountain View project may have changed, and to obtain price updates, contact us.
Aliva Mountain View Propulsion Systems
The payment and payment systems in Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound are characterized by their innovative and competitive nature. If you are looking for the perfect solution to achieve your dreams and own your luxury unit, this distinctive system provides you with the comfort and flexibility you need, and the system is as follows:
You can start by paying a down payment starting from only 5%, which makes the properties in Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound available to a wider segment of buyers. In addition, the system has repayment periods of up to 8 years, which allows you to distribute payments over a long and comfortable period according to Your different financial capabilities.

Mountain View Company
Mountain View Company is the developer of Aliva Mountain View, which was founded in 2005 AD, and since its inception, it has aimed to change the concept of life for its customers by providing an ideal and quiet life in the most prominent upscale areas throughout Egypt, in addition to its projects in the North Coast and the Red Sea.
The area of its projects exceeds approximately 2,000 acres, and Mountain View is always distinguished by its innovative designs with the large spaces it offers in its units in addition to the commercial units, distinctive villas, and business centers, and this is what we will see in its latest projects, Aliva Mountain View Mostakbal City.

Mountain View's most prominent previous projects:
The Chairman of the Board of Directors was able to; Engineer/ Amr Soliman, to build many innovative projects throughout Egypt and in all upscale cities and modern cities as well, such as Mostaqbal City, Sheikh Zayed and others, and among the most prominent of these projects are
• Mountain View Ras El Hekma.
• Mountain View Hyde Park Compound.
• Mountain View Lagoon Beach October Compound.
• Lovells Village, North Coast.
• Mountain View October Park.
• Rhodes Village, North Coast.
• The North Park Compound, Fifth Settlement.
• Mountain View Ain Sokhna.
• Mountain View Compound, New Cairo.
• Mountain View Mostakbal City.

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