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Bloomfields Compound
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5% Down payment and up to 10 years installments
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In the heart of New Cairo, for those who want to escape from the congestion of Cairo and change the lifestyle for the better and more sophisticated, the project is owned by Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company, which makes you feel confident just hearing the name of the developing company, and knowing that you will get a wonderful real estate unit in all aspects, whether location, prices, or... Quality in construction and design.

Within the compound there are apartments, duplexes, townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas at attractive prices compared to the prices of other areas such as the Fifth Settlement. This is of course in addition to the vast green spaces and various services.

It is characterized by flexible and easy payment systems to make the purchasing process easy and simple for customers. In this article you will find everything you are looking for about the Bloomfields Mostakbal City project. Tatweer Misr for Development and Real Estate Investment launched the first phase of the Bloomfields Compound in 2018, and this phase included 3,600 residential units. miscellaneous.

The geographical location of the project in New Cairo:

Bloomfields enjoys the best strategic location in Mostakbal City. It is only minutes away from the most important main roads, and very close to the New Capital District, New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement compounds. You can reach the high-speed train station and the New Capital Airport, and it is 45 miles from Ain Sokhna. one minute,

Bloomfields Compound is located within Mostakbal City, along the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo City, and the Golden Square area. The compound is also located in Mostakbal City, near Madinaty, 15 minutes from the American University, and only a few minutes away from both the regional road and Cairo International Airport.

The company that owns the project carefully chose this strategic location to provide all the residents’ needs and to be close to all basic and entertainment facilities.

Bloomfields Mostakbal City Area:

The project is considered one of the largest projects being worked on in Mostakbal City, which many new projects are seeking.

Many works and services are being carried out in order to provide a large area of agricultural land on which a lot is built, as the Bloomfields compound is 410 acres.

The services have an area of no less than 18% of the total area, and the rest is residential units and green spaces for more rest and relaxation. The company that owns the project also worked to reduce the residential density in the compound to provide more privacy.

Unit types and sizes:

Glass facades and outer green space are essential elements for residential units in Bloomfields Tatweer Misr. A top-notch design that can only be experienced in Bloomfields, where you can experience deluxe life to the extreme.

The types of units within the residential complex are: (duplexes - apartments).

  • Apartments starts from 70 square meters.
  • Duplex starts from 195 square meters.

Bloomfields Prices 

Tatweer Misr offers real value regarding the provided premium quality and luxurious lifestyle represented in the project, so Bloomfields’ prices are considered the best.

  • Apartment in Bloomfeilds starts from 6,152,000 Egp.
  • Duplex price in Bloomfields starts from 18,001,000 Egp.

The Instalment Plans of Bloomfields Mostakbal City

What are the available payment plans in BloomFields Mostakbal City is one of the main queries by property buyers, if this is yours to check the top two known plans:

  • Customers can pay a 5% down payment for the booking, and after three months he/she has to pay another 5%. The remaining cost can be easily paid over 10 years.

Designed by Bloomfields Development Egypt:

The company developing the compound paid attention to the interior and exterior design of the compound, because it has a major role in attracting customers and giving a wonderful image of the compound. The compound is considered one of the places called green places. The project developer was interested in putting bold ideas in the design so that he has his own experience and is unique to it before Otherwise, the experiment succeeded and the compound became one of the best compounds in Mostakbal City.

The units within the Bloomfields project were designed to be immersed in the sun from all directions. The interior of the unit was designed using the best architects in the Middle East. The developer company was keen to provide the units with glass facades, so that the residents of the compound could enjoy the best possible view ever.

One of the most important features of the compound’s design is the view, as it overlooks dazzling views of green spaces that greatly catch the eye and soothe hearts. Bloomfields is unique in its superior design, as it is considered one of Mostaqbal City’s most beautiful projects. It is distinguished by its superior location, spaces, interior designs, and exterior designs. .

If you want to live an international lifestyle at a high level, then Bloomfields is the best choice for you, but you must know that there is the Monte Napoleone Compound, which is also of the same beauty and sophistication, so do not forget to take a look at it.

The real estate developer of the Bloomfields complex, Tatweer Misr:

  • It was developed by Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company, which is one of the most important leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market.
  • The company has high experience in the real estate market, as it has created many wonderful residential projects that used international methods and technologies in their construction, and these projects have met with great success.
  • The company allocated an area of 12 acres to construct buildings and recreational facilities within Bloomfields. The percentage of buildings was 4 acres and the rest was allocated to green spaces and landscapes. It is also worth noting that the percentage of buildings in the project as a whole is 68.5 acres out of the 162 acres of the project area.
  • The CEO and Managing Director of Tatweer Misr, Dr. Ahmed Shalabi, announced the number of units in the compound, which amounts to 10.6 thousand luxury residential units. There is also an entertainment area on an area of 39 acres, an educational area that includes a number of schools on an area of 20 acres, and another area for the university on an area of 70 acres. acres, and the company obtained these lands from the Future Urban Development Company.
  • In 2020, Tatweer Misr sought bank financing to accelerate the pace of its work in its major projects, one of which is Bloomfields. It requested financing worth between 3 and 3.5 billion pounds, and the company targeted achieving profits between 7 and 8 billion pounds for the same year.
  • The company explained that the value of the investment in the “Bloomfields” project amounts to 33 billion pounds, and the company was able to achieve sales estimated at about 3.6 billion pounds by selling 1,700 units on an area of 265 thousand square meters in 2020.
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