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Why invest in the North Coast?

May 8, 2024

The North Coast is one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the Mediterranean coast. Its selection is attributed to its unique strategic location, located in the far northwest of Egypt. The city is distinguished by its attractive and strategic location, carefully chosen to be close to and adjacent to major axes and main roads.

The North Coast is considered one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Egypt, with the Mediterranean Sea's blue waters, soft yellow sands, and charming natural landscapes. The city boasts a variety of beautiful beaches and enjoyable summer atmospheres throughout the year, making it an ideal tourist destination.

The North Coast is characterized by the presence of five important lakes, among the best in Egypt, adding to the natural allure of the area. These lakes include Burullus, Edco, Manzala, Maryut, and Burullus.


North Coast Location:


The North Coast stretches along the northern coast of Egypt for a distance of 500 kilometers, starting from Alexandria in the east to Sallum in the far west of Egypt on the Libyan border. It is considered one of the longest coastlines overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in North Africa.

The North Coast is characterized by its proximity to modern main roads, facilitating accessibility. Additionally, its proximity to major direct axes and the new Fuka Road facilitates movement, especially to and from Cairo.

If you would like to know about the distinguished projects in the North Coast.


Some of the key features of the North Coast that set it apart from other cities include:


Among the most prominent features of the North Coast that are not available in other cities is that most of the city’s beaches are bays, which helps to reduce the height of the waves. This makes the waters calmer and more suitable for swimming and enjoying marine activities.

In addition, the beaches boast clear, pure waters that resemble the clear blue colors of the sky, along with soft white sands, creating a breathtaking and relaxing atmosphere for visitors.

All the modern tourist villages on the North Coast have been established with the latest and best global methods and designs, providing a distinguished and luxurious living experience that suits all tastes. This city is characterized by an abundance of services and public facilities, in addition to entertainment means and essential services that residents and visitors need.

Thanks to these features, the North Coast has become a major source of success for tourism investment projects and one of the most important factors attracting tourists to Egypt and increasing national income. If you are interested in North Coast projects, you can search for more information and inquire about potential investments in this exciting area.


Benefits of investing in the North Coast:


Many people think that the North Coast city is a marginal area overlooked by all investors, but it is not so. It is actually one of the best Egyptian coasts with multiple attractions. It has become accessible from all cities and governorates after the extensive revolution of roads and bridges provided by the state. You can explore the best tourist villages in the North Coast and choose what suits you.

It has become much closer to Cairo, the New Administrative Capital, and many other places. It also includes many entertainment areas for both adults and children, such as aqua parks, distinctive coastal beaches, and restaurants and cafes offering the best service levels.

The North Coast features many archaeological museums and stunning tourist attractions that attract those seeking to learn about ancient Egyptian civilization. These areas include:

The Alamein Military Museum-Rommel's Museum Cave-Cleopatra's Bath-The Heritage City-The War Museum.

There are many coastal villages with a large number of residential units and diverse chalets in terms of size. If you're looking for distinctive investment opportunities, owning your ideal unit there is crucial. There are several real estate tips that may help you choose the unit that suits you best. One of the most important areas for investment is New Alamein.

New Alamein City is considered a promising future for residence, investment, and tourism for several reasons:

Modern Urban Planning: New Alamein City is designed using the latest urban technologies and modern architectural concepts, making it an integrated and diverse city.

Strategic Geographic Location: Situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Western Desert, New Alamein City offers opportunities for eco-tourism, relaxation on beautiful beaches, and exploration of magnificent deserts.

Advanced Infrastructure: New Alamein City boasts advanced infrastructure, including roads, public facilities, and services that cater to the needs of residents and visitors.

Major Touristic Projects: The city includes a range of major tourist projects such as luxury resorts, sports facilities, and natural parks, attracting tourists and boosting the local economy.

Diverse Investment Opportunities: New Alamein City offers diverse investment opportunities in areas such as real estate, hospitality, commerce, and services, making it an attractive destination for businessmen and investors.

In summary, New Alamein City combines advanced infrastructure, a strategic geographic location, and major tourist projects, making it an exciting destination for residence, investment, and tourism.

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