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New Elora Zayed Compound

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New Elora Zayed Compound
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مقدم 5% وتقسيط علي8سنوات
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Elora Compound project in New Zayed October: a new novel for luxury living
• In the heart of the vibrant and sophisticated New Zayed district in October, the “Elora Compound” project shines as a symbol of progress and luxury in the Egyptian real estate industry. This project, presented by Arabia Holding, is an advanced initiative that represents a new and innovative presence in the field of luxury housing. It is headed by prominent businessman Tariq Shukri, which embodies the company's commitment to providing unique and exceptional residential experiences. In this text, we will take a comprehensive look at the advantages and details of this landmark project and how it represents a radical shift in the experience of living in Egypt.

Elora Compound location

“Elora Compound” is located in the heart of the New Zayed area in October, an area that has witnessed rapid growth and attracts many investors and residents seeking high-quality living. The compound is distinguished by its prime location, which provides easy access to main roads and commercial and entertainment areas.

Design that meets all tastes
• Unique and elegant design: Elora Compound is characterized by a unique architectural design that combines elegance and functionality, as the buildings were designed using the latest technologies to ensure comfort and sustainability.
• Integrated facilities and services: The compound provides a variety of facilities and services, including shared swimming pools, health clubs, children’s play areas, shops, and luxury restaurants.
• Safety and protection: The compound provides an integrated security system that guarantees the safety of residents and their property around the clock, in addition to the presence of a specialized maintenance team to ensure continuity of operation and maintenance.
• A lively and green environment: The compound features spacious green spaces and various gardens, providing an ideal environment for walking, relaxing and socializing.

Areas of the Elora Compound project
Townhouse villas start from 180 square meters
Twin houses start from 280 square meters
Stands starting from 350 square meters
Payment systems for Elora Compound elora compound new zayed

o Advance installments
o 8 years 5%

• Elora Compound services
• Details of shared swimming pools and their importance in providing opportunities for entertainment and sports.
• Health clubs and their role in promoting a healthy lifestyle.
• Play areas for children and their importance in developing children’s social and physical skills.
• Luxury shops and restaurants as part of modern daily life.
• Safety and protection:
• Integrated security as an essential element for peace of mind.
• The role of the maintenance team in maintaining quality of life and continuity.
• Bio and green environment:
• The environmental importance of green spaces.
• The role of parks in promoting social communication and providing spaces for walking and relaxation.

The company developing the new Elora Zayed Compound
Arabia Real Estate Development Company is one of the most important companies in the Arab world. It was founded in 1994 and has more than 25 years of experience, which always helps to diversify its projects to meet all the needs of different customers. It is a combination of several companies for investment in the field of real estate and the field of finishing, which represents a pioneer in This field has existed for years due to its extensive experience inside and outside the Egyptian market, and is currently led by Eng. Tariq Shukri, who is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Division for Real Estate Investment.

It always relies on implementing its projects in the best strategic locations and its high quality in designing its projects and choosing the largest area on which to build the project to provide all basic and entertainment services to make the New Elora Zayed Compound an integrated residential complex.

It has built more than 500 projects ranging from residential to commercial projects, which is considered a milestone in the Egyptian market, where it has received many awards, the most prominent of which are:

Most Committed Real Estate Developer Award 2012.
Best Real Estate Developer Award in Egypt in 2014.
Also the Best Real Estate Developer Award in Egypt in 2017.
Hospitality Grand Haulitier Summit 2018.
Business and Economics Award 2019.
Siraj Participation Awards for Arabia Company in 2020.

The most prominent works of Arabia Real Estate Development Company
Moon Valley Compound New Cairo 2.
Galleria Moon Valley
Moon Valley Compound in the heart of New Cairo 1
Sun Capital Compound, October 6 Investing in Alora Compound: Alora Compound is considered an excellent investment opportunity for investors and buyers looking for distinct real estate projects in a developed area. Thanks to the reputation of “Arabia Holding” and the quality of its design and implementation, the compound can achieve good financial returns in the long term.

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