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Galleria Moon Valley Compound
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A mixture of vitality and tranquility, a residential complex with basics mixed with a high level of luxury and elegance, all you are looking for from apartments, penthouses, and townhouses are available with distinctive spaces starting from 125 square meters.

Galleria Compound Fifth Settlement gives you an exceptional living experience that simulates the best international compounds, take a step now that will take you years into the future and book your unit at the best price and the longest repayment period through Select House.

In general, Galleria Moon Valley Compound is a distinctive choice for everyone who wants living stability in an atmosphere characterized by luxury and sophistication, and through the following lines, we will clarify all the details related to this project.

Information about Galleria Moon Valley :-

Arabia Holding offers real estate projects that compete strongly in the real estate market, as it works on the exterior and interior designs of the projects to provide architectural masterpieces and not just residential complexes or commercial centers, and in Galleria Moon Valley, more than 30 engineers worked on designing and implementing the compound, headed by Engineer Hani Saad.

The company has worked to provide a lot of aesthetic meanings that increase the hormones of happiness and reduce the stress and stress that accompany inhabited or rough housing places, so you find designs chosen very carefully to provide you with an atmosphere that calms down the fast pace of life in order to enjoy more

Green spaces represent more than 70%, and they are divided into landscapes, gardens, picnic and celebration places, and they are planted with the best types of trees and cheerful plants, while the percentage of construction is less than 30%, which confirms the presence of privacy and entertainment With great degrees for all customers .

The number of buildings in Galleria Moon Valley is only 75 residential buildings in an area of 72 acres, which confirms the company's achievement of its vision of providing units with distinctive recreational spaces and a high degree of privacy for all customers.

Galleria Services & Benefits :-

Galleria Moon Valley is characterized by the basic services and facilities enjoyed by each residential complex, but the unique feature of the compound is the coupling of these services with the level of entertainment, which is the critical equation that the company was able to achieve in the project between basic needs and recreational services, and thus it competes with the largest other residential compounds in New Cairo such as Tag Sultan, and the advantages of the compound are as follows:-

  • Many swimming pools for adults and children are designed using the latest international models.
  • Concierge services 24 hours a day.
  • Private parking so that there is no congestion on the streets.
  • Many gardens and have a place to sit for yoga.
  • Artificial fountains, artificial lakes and crystal lagoons.
  • An integrated and well-equipped health club at the highest level in Galleria Moon Valley.
  • Cafes, luxury restaurants, and a special commercial area to serve customers.
  • A social club dedicated to residents, and a children's play area.
  • A gymnasium, and areas designated for barbecues, birthdays, and parties in general.
  • Quiet areas to sit amidst green spaces to meditate and get rid of stress within Moon Valley Compound.
  • Medical centers, pharmacies, and ambulances scattered throughout the compound.

Areas of units in Galleria Moon Valley Compound

A variety of Galleria Moon Valley residential units have been provided to customers and investors, between luxury apartment units and villa units of various types, and all of these units are characterized by a wide variety of spaces, allowing customers a great diversity of choice, and the spaces are as follows:

  1. Units on the ground floor + private garden with an area of 15 square meters
  2. Luxury Apartment Units
  3. Penthouses + roof units with space of 21 m²
  4. Penthouses + roof units with an area of 32 square meters

The Real Estate Developer of Galleria Moon Valley Compound

Arabia Developments, the developer of Galleria Moon Valley, is one of the most important companies in the field of real estate, which has 27 years of experience in the real estate field, and Arabia has carried out many huge projects that have been characterized by success during the last period.

This is because it used the latest technology in designing homes and landscapes, as it applied the concept of Living Arts, which depends on transforming residential units and landscapes into a very wonderful painting.

It has established its portfolio with a variety of real estate developments in Egypt, Austria and Dubai, where it has completed several residential projects and mega tourist resorts.

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Project Location


Teseen Street


New Administrative Capital


the American University


Gesr El Suez


The heart of New Cairo


Ring Road


Al , Jazeera Club


New Cairo Club

Project features


Security guard

Security camera




Spa club

Sport club


Cafe area



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