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Mar Bay Ras El Hekma
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Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Village is the latest and most important project by Al Marasem Development Company, located in the heart of Ras El Hekma city. The village offers a unique opportunity for anyone looking to enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation, where visitors can relish the beauty of stunning nature and white sandy beaches that meet the clear blue sea waters, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Mar Bay Al Marasem Village is characterized by its contemporary designs inspired by European style, harmoniously blending with the surrounding green spaces. This creates an environment that achieves the highest levels of security and privacy, admired by all. The village includes comprehensive services and facilities that guarantee visitors more fun and enjoyment with various activities.

Mar Bay Ras El Hekma redefines the coastal experience in Egypt, exceeding customers' expectations by offering a complete resort experience. The village comprises numerous residential units, including chalets and villas of various sizes and ideal prices, along with flexible payment plans suitable for all budgets.

Location of Mar Bay Ras El Hekma Village:

Al Marasem Development Company recognized the importance of geographical location in achieving success and excellence, so they chose the best sites on the North Coast for their project. Mar Bay Village is situated at kilometer 200 on the Alexandria-Matrouh coastal road, making it easily accessible via roads and highways within minutes.

Its strategic location ensures easy access to all amenities and services in the area, including shops and hospitals, making it an ideal destination for a wonderful summer vacation.

Key areas near Mar Bay Al Marasem Village:

- New Alamein Airport, which is just a short distance away.
- Mar Bay Al Marasem Village is also very close to the Dabaa Road.
- It is easily accessible from the Alexandria Desert Road.
- The New Alamein Road is in close proximity to the Al Marasem project.
- Mar Bay Ras El Hekma is also near Marsa Matrouh.
- In just a few minutes, you can reach Sidi Abdel Rahman.

Architectural Design of Mar Bay Ras El Hekma:

Enjoy a unique natural beauty in the design of Mar Bay Village, where contemporary architectural styles blend with stunning natural elements. The residential units seamlessly integrate with the charming green spaces and beautiful sea views, providing you with the highest levels of privacy and relaxation.

Al Marasem Development Company collaborated with a select group of top engineers and architectural consultants, reflecting in the exquisite design and meticulous details throughout the village. The project was executed according to the highest global quality standards, showcasing luxurious construction styles that cater to the tastes of discerning clients.

Area of Marasem Ras El Hekma Village:

Mar Bay Ras El Hekma was developed on a vast land area, reflecting the developer's understanding of the importance of space in the success of any project. The village spans approximately 640 acres, which the company has innovatively and ideally utilized. This large area allowed for a variety of summer units, including chalets and villas of different sizes, enabling you to choose the unit that best suits your needs and preferences, satisfying all tastes.

Al Marasem also ensured to provide a tranquil environment that enhances the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Thus, the largest portion of the project's total area was dedicated to green spaces and meticulously designed landscape areas, giving the village a stunning aesthetic appearance and making it one of the best tourist resorts in the region.

Prices of Mar Bay Al Marasem Village, North Coast:

Al Marasem Development Company has made Mar Bay Al Marasem Ras El Hekma Village an ideal choice for anyone looking for an irreplaceable investment opportunity and a perfect experience. They have managed to achieve the difficult balance of offering competitive prices and diverse unit sizes, providing a wide range of competitive prices to suit all budgets.

Payment Plans in Mar Bay Al Marasem Ras El Hekma:

The investment advantages and facilities offered in Mar Bay Al Marasem Village are not limited to competitive prices alone. They also include flexible plans that help you own your residential unit without bearing any financial burdens. The company offers various payment plans and facilities, starting with a low down payment and the longest possible repayment period without interest, making it an exceptional investment opportunity.

About the Developer of Mar Bay Al Marasem Village:

Al Marasem Development Company is the developer behind Mar Bay Al Marasem Ras El Hekma Village. Founded in 1931, Al Marasem is one of the leading companies in the real estate development sector. Over the years, the company has successfully entered the world of investment and real estate development on a large scale.

With its extensive experience, Al Marasem has executed numerous distinguished projects in various key areas, gaining a substantial client and investor base. The company has made a significant impact in the real estate world through its unique project vision and commitment to the highest global quality standards.

Previous Projects by Al Marasem Development Company:

- Capital Gate Compound, New Cairo.
- Lake Residence, Fifth Square.
- Marvel Compound, New Sheikh Zayed.
- Fifth Square Mall, New Cairo.
- Moon Residence Compound, New Cairo.
- Fairmont Hotel, Cairo.
- Al Marasem Hospital in New Cairo.
- The administrative building for Amer Group.

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