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SoliMar Compound new Zayed
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10% down payment- installments over 8 years
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Everyone is currently looking for the best residential project that contains privacy and luxury. If you are one of those people, then  Solimar new Zayed Compound is your first choice, given that SoliMar Real Estate Company, which owns the project, cared about privacy in the first place.

It offered only 16 villas in the project, with an occupancy rate of only 15% of the total area, while the remaining 85% was in favor of spaces and landscaping. Overlooking all units, whether villas or twin houses, with a panoramic view from all sides, in addition to light entering every meter in the villa.

This is what the company worked on, which is to design the entire Solimar New Zayed with a modern architectural design that conforms to international building standards, in addition to choosing the location very carefully to be away from the noise of the city and at the same time close to all the destinations you want with ease.

SoliMar Compound is located just 5 minutes from Dahshur Link, specifically in the new Sheikh Zayed City, in front of Gate 1, Zayed 5 Entrance, which is called Basin No. 13, with the provision of many long-term payment plan with the lowest possible down payment, which is 10% and installments up to 8 years. Follow us to know all the details.

Location of the SoliMar Compound new Zayed

There are many strategic areas in the new Sheikh Zayed City, and this is determined based on the main roads and important axes around you, in addition to its proximity to many high-end and luxurious residential projects, which in turn give a suitable residential environment for everyone looking for the best residential complex.

Therefore, the company that owns SoliMar Compound chose the location very carefully, as it is located specifically in front of Gate 1 in front of the entrance to Zayed 5 “Basin No. 13”, and it has more than a wonderful view of green spaces and open foyers, in addition to the view of the tourist promenade as well.

Areas near Solimar New Zayed

As we mentioned, the neighborhoods and roads around you play a very important role in ensuring a quiet and luxurious environment away from the noise of the city, so let us get to know the most prominent neighborhoods and roads around the new SoliMar Zayed Compound:

Dahshur Link: It only takes 5 minutes to reach it.
Middle Ring Road: You can reach it in just 5 minutes.
Alexandria Desert Road: 10 minutes away.
Mall of Arabia, Juhayna Square: It takes 10 minutes by car to reach them from the SoliMar Compound gate.
Sphinx International Airport: All you need is just 15 minutes to reach it.

Space and design of the new SoliMar Zayed Compound

Solimar Real Estate Development Company surprises its customers with the latest integrated residential complex under the name “Solimar New Zayed”. With an area of 2.5 acres, it constructed only 16 units, including villas with a private pool and others without a pool, in addition to twin house units.

She paid great attention to this project because it targets a specific group. She is looking for a residential project in an upscale and quiet place full of privacy and wonderful views that make light and air flow into every meter of the unit, and this is to ensure the highest standard of living ever for her family.

It offered the 16 villas and twin houses for a total of 15% of the project area, while it gave the landscaping and services in the project the largest percentage. This is to ensure that the units are close to services within a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes.

In addition to its keen interest in designing the units from the outside and using the finest types of materials in construction, it also pays attention to designing the interior streets, lighting poles, gardens and other details in the project that guarantee you a calm atmosphere and a feeling of luxury at all times.

Types and sizes of Solimar New Zayed units

The company provided only 16 units in the Solimar Compound, and the reason, as we mentioned, is to provide the best integrated residential project ever, in which each unit is characterized by luxury and sophistication, in addition to exploiting every square meter in the unit, in addition to giving the appropriate space between each unit and the other. The units are as follows:

  • The area of villas starts from 320 square meters.

New Solimar Zayed Compound prices

After we talked about the factors that guarantee you the luxurious life you deserve, let us get to know the prices, which come at the top of the project’s features, and this is because they are the best of all compared to the space, design, and location that you will get, and the prices come as follows:

  • Villa prices start from 7,625,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment plan in Solimar New Zayed

  • with a down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 8 years

Note that the prices are updated as soon as possible. Contact us to find out all the details about the prices of Solimar Compound

New Solimar Zayed facilities and services

To greatly contribute to the success of any project, as it is one of the most essential factors at all and the best for the project’s clients, the developer company has done the work to provide an integrated set of mosques and services in the new Solimar Zayed Compound, the most prominent of which are:

• Electronic gates that operate using the smart system; It's not too bad for customers to come in and out.
• Fire alarm works very well.
• Their security personnel work in a very excellent manner and are distributed throughout the new Solimar Zayed Compound, who work 24 hours a day during the week and are sufficiently available among the participants.
• Private parking spaces for your villa in the project.
• Green plants and the natural center everywhere, so that all units have a panoramic view.
• There is also an exceptional number of stores, including cafes, restaurants, and essential stations, and it is not possible to fire from the compound.
• The presence of a social club with a very large area and in the Solimar Compound, within the club and providing a wide range of diverse services.
• Artificial lakes in the form of low-lying lands that give a very distinctive aesthetic appearance.
• Regular maintenance and cleaning services throughout the day.
• There is a private swimming pool for every villa or twin house in Solimar Compound.
• An entertainment area dedicated to children, “Kids Area,” which has been fully secured to provide a unique experience for bad children.

The company that owns the new Solimar Zayed Compound
Solimar Real Estate Development Company is the one that organized the Solimar New Zayed project, so we get to know it more because it is a very large business precedent in Egypt even though it has been in the real estate market for only 15 years, and it is under the design of a board of directors in the name of Mr. Abdullah Soliman.

The company was established in 2009 AD, and since that time it has served the work of senior engineers, consultants and designers in Egypt and has developed radically, providing integrated projects and factors that are compatible with clients and investors who are planning distinctive projects.

The most prominent works of Solimar Real Estate Company:
• Solimar Green Compound.
• Garbundin Yard Garden Yard Compound.
• A residential project in October Gardens.
• Residential buildings in October, specifically in Hosary.

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