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New De Joya Primero Zayed Mall prices

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New De Joya Primero Zayed Mall prices
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مقدم 10% وتقسيط علي 9 سنوات
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De Joya Primero Mall has precision in design and quality in implementation, given that the real estate developer of the project is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt ever; It is Taj Misr Company, which has a very large business history and has achieved tremendous successes among residential, administrative, and commercial projects.

Among these projects is the new De Joya Primero Zayed Mall, which is located in one of the best strategic locations ever on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. This makes it easier for you to come through more than one interface, which guarantees you comfort in arrival and no wasting time.

In addition to the presence of many different spaces and types of units within De Joya Primero Sheikh Zayed Mall, with areas starting from 22 square meters; To ensure that all customer requirements are met when starting their investment, in addition to having all the necessary facilities and services to obtain the best value for the price.

New De Joya Primero Zayed Mall location

De Joya Primero Sheikh Zayed Mall has an ideal location; It was chosen very carefully by the developer company. The mall is located at kilometer 43 on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road within Sheikh Zayed City, and is distinguished by its proximity to luxury residential projects and many main roads and axes. This provides easy access to it and makes it a close destination for all clients and investors.

• Areas and neighborhoods near De Joya Primero Mall, Sheikh Zayed
• De Joya Primero New Zayed Mall directly overlooks Sphinx Airport.
• While it is only 30 minutes away from Lebanon Square.
• Tahrir Square can also be reached within a distance of no more than 45 minutes by car.
• What also distinguishes it most is its proximity to many luxury projects, most notably: Centrada Hub Mall and Centra Avenue Mall.
• De Joya Primero Mall is close to many roads and axes, such as: Dabaa Axis, 26th of July Axis, Waslet Dahshour Road, Remaya Square, and Juhayna Square.
• In addition, it is only minutes away from: Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, the New Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids of Giza, and Nile University.

Architectural design of De Joya Primero Mall, Sheikh Zayed

The design of the new De Joya Primero Zayed Mall comes to embody architectural development in the best possible way, as the design is characterized by a balanced distribution between the plaza and the landscape, where the largest proportion of the mall constitutes green open spaces that include the plaza and landscape areas, in addition to allocating the smallest proportion to the building, which consists of one floor Ground floor and two floors.

The ground floor of Dejoya Primero New Zayed contains various commercial units with multiple spaces to meet the various needs of customers, while the second floor was allocated to administrative units, providing a suitable environment for businesses and offices.

The project was designed in the latest architectural and engineering style, with attention to the smallest details, in addition to using the best materials and colors in construction, which enhances the aesthetic and high quality of the mall. By following international standards, the project was designed to provide complete privacy for every unit within the mall, which provides a distinctive experience. Comfortable and comfortable in a modern and luxurious environment.

How big is De Joya Primero New Zayed Mall?
The area of De Joya Primero Mall is only 2 acres, which is a very suitable area for the construction of an administrative and commercial mall in close proximity to many high-end and luxurious residential projects, which will play a major role in the success of your project. The developer company was also keen to provide a variety of types of units and spaces. different.

It has provided commercial units to suit all commercial activities, and has also introduced a group of administrative units, and what distinguishes them most is the great diversity of spaces in addition to the appropriate spaces between each unit and the other. The area of the units inside De Joya Primero Mall starts from 22 square metres, which It provides the opportunity to own your unit with ease.

Services and facilities in Mall de Joya Primero

The company developing the new De Joya Primero Zayed Mall was able to distinguish it by providing a range of facilities and services that meet the needs of customers so that it can provide the highest level of service. The most prominent of these services are the following:

• Internet service: A high-speed Internet connection is provided within the Mall de Joya Primero to ensure an ideal environment for completing work accurately and quickly.
• Integrated security system: which includes security and guarding services around the clock, and the presence of surveillance cameras throughout the mall to ensure the highest levels of security.
• Car garage: A large garage is available under the building, to ensure the largest possible space for hundreds of cars.
• ATM machines: ATM machines are available inside Joya Primero Villa Mall to facilitate cash withdrawals and provide banking services to customers.
• Dedicated meeting rooms and a conference hall that meet the needs of administrative units, allowing for the possibility of holding meetings and conferences with ease.
• There are also many elevators inside the mall to facilitate movement and prevent crowding, in addition to the presence of smart gates and a reception desk that provides the service of receiving and directing customers in a very elegant manner.
• There are also maintenance and cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that the mall is kept clean and the facilities are safe.

Types and areas of units within De Joya Primero Mall
• Administrative units “offices”: their area starts from 35 square meters
• Commercial units “shops”: their area starts from 44 square metres

Mall de Joya Primero prices?
Taj Misr Real Estate Company has presented a price package to surprise everyone. Although there are prices that are not at all appropriate to be an investment or with which you can start your project, the developing company has made the prices very competitive compared to the rest of the prices in and around New Cairo, and the prices are: In the following:
• The price per meter for administrative units within the prices of De Joya Primero Mall starts from 7,175,000 Egyptian pounds.
• While the price per square meter for commercial units “shops” starts at 18,360,000 Egyptian pounds.
It is very easy, as you can reserve and own your unit now inside De Joya Primero Mall with ease and through more than one payment system, and this is what Taj Misr Company has worked on; It offers many different flexible payment systems over long-term payment periods to suit everyone

Payment systems:
Pay 10% down payment and pay the rest in installments over 9 years.

The real estate developer of the new De Joya Primero Zayed Mall
Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company is the developer of De Joya Primero Mall, Sheikh Zayed, which was established in 2006. It has extensive experience in the real estate market, and was affiliated with the “Egyptian International Construction Company” group, which is a company specialized in the real estate, hotel services, and finishing sectors.

Taj Misr Company always strives to provide an integrated real estate service to its customers, focusing on providing the best prices, ensuring quality, and adhering to the specified dates for receipt. It also works with great precision to meet customers’ needs and provide distinguished real estate solutions, and is distinguished by a professional and specialized work team that works with high efficiency.

It relies on the latest technologies in the construction of its projects, in addition to striving to achieve customer satisfaction and provide unique projects characterized by innovative design and high quality. Thanks to its long experience and commitment to professionalism, Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company is considered a trusted name in the field of real estate development in Egypt.

The most prominent projects of Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company:
• De Joya Residence Sheikh Zayed.
• Ezdan Mall, the Administrative Capital.
• Taj Tower project, the new administrative capital.
• De Joya Compound 1, 2, 3, New Administrative Capital.
• De Joya Strip Mall, Administrative Capital.

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