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Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development

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Leaves West Sheikh Zayed by El Attal Development
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مقدم 10% وتقسيط علي 8 سنوات
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Lives West Sheikh Zayed Compound is a distinct extension of the work of Al-Attal Holding Real Estate Company, which is considered one of the best large real estate entities in the Egyptian investment market. It has demonstrated its ingenuity and extensive experience in choosing a unique ideal location in the west of Cairo in 6th of October City, which is considered a European plot on lands. Egyptian.

If you are looking for a life free of pollution and noise and far from traffic and population congestion, here is the best residential community with integrated amenities and services, which is the Leaves West October project, which is distinguished by its location in Sheikh Zayed City, which is close to all vital areas, in addition to that it extends over a huge area that includes residential units. With different sizes to meet the desires of all customers.

The engineering and architectural design was also based on the latest luxury European models that attract the attention of all investors. The owner company was not satisfied with the various advantages it provided within the Leaves West Al Attal Sheikh Zayed Compound, so it provided a distinctive and unbeatable price package, in addition to the presence of several easy and flexible reservation and payment systems.

Location of Leaves West Al Attal Compound

One of the most important features that made Leaves West Zayed Compound the focus of attention of all investors is its strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, which enjoys a dazzling European atmosphere that people with good taste resort to. It is also close to all the important main roads that lead you to any facade you want in record time. .

• It is close to Al Khamayel Compound and many vital areas that provide basic services to everyone, in addition to its proximity to all educational services that are located in the 6th of October area.

• Areas near the Leaves West project
• It is located close to Hyper One and Royal City.
• It is close to the University of Egypt, Cairo University, and Nile University.
• Close to the media production area.
• New Giza Compound and Al Khamayel Club are located before it.
• It is easily accessible to the Ring Road, the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Dahshur Link, and the Mehwar.
• It is located near several important residential projects such as Mountain View Compound and O West Project.

Space and design of Leaves West, Sheikh Zayed

Al-Attal Real Estate Company was keen to provide a luxurious residential community extending over an area of 36 acres, which was carefully divided between residential buildings and service facilities, extending over 28 acres, to include 680 residential units located in only 30 buildings.

Each building consists of its own garage to accommodate a large amount of cars so as not to distort the exterior appearance of Leaves West Al Attal Sheikh Zayed Compound, in addition to 3 recurring upper floors that include residential units of different sizes so that all customers find what meets their desires and aspirations.

An area of 8 acres has also been allocated for hotel units within the Leaves West October project to provide the highest level of service that satisfies all customers, in addition to the presence of a huge mall that provides many commercial and administrative units with which you can start your own project.

The company that owns the project has hired an elite group of the most skilled engineers and consultants, headed by Engineer Raif Fahmy. They provide engineering consultations that are useful in the engineering design of the buildings so that the total space in the residential and service buildings is utilized, as the buildings and residential units are designed in the luxurious European style.

Services and facilities in Leaves West El Attal Compound

You will not be able to enumerate the huge amount of public services and facilities that were provided in the Leaves West October project. Al-Attal Real Estate Company was interested in meeting all the needs and desires of the owners.

All the basic services that everyone needs in general have been provided, in addition to providing several different recreational activities that do not force you to go out and search for them outside the compound. The services are as follows:

• Well-trained security and guarding staff to protect residents, and high-quality surveillance cameras distributed throughout the compound.
• A huge mall that includes many stores offering all international brands that guarantee you a wonderful shopping experience.
• Multiple forms of health care services represented by medical centers for all specialties to ensure good health.
• Integrated pharmacies containing all medicines and health supplies, in addition to being available throughout the day.
• Maintenance and cleaning services are available 24 hours a day.
• Sports tracks for joggers and cycling enthusiasts.
• Green spaces and landscapes surround all residential buildings to provide a great deal of privacy and freedom within the units.
• Swimming pools are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate all ages.
• There are several sports clubs that provide a wide range of different social and sporting activities.
• A gym and spa help you relax after a long and hard day of work.
• High-speed Internet services for more luxury and excellence.
• Several restaurants and cafes serving all international dishes and varieties with a high level of expertise.

Area of units in Leaves West Zayed Compound
The area of ​​the residential units has varied in order to offer a variety of options that satisfy all customers’ desires and tastes. Despite this diversity of spaces, all residential units enjoy a charming extension of a green natural view and artificial lakes that reflect the beauty and splendor of the unique touches of the buildings’ exterior design. The spaces are represented as follows: :
• There are one-bedroom residential units within Leaves West, starting from 80 square meters.
• Units include 2 bedrooms, with areas starting from 105 square meters.
• There are also 3-bedroom units available, starting from 160 square meters.
• Standalone units start from 285 square meters.

Prices and reservation and payment systems for Leaves West New Zayed
Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company launched its new project, Leaves West, with a competitive and attractive price package. These prices represent a real investment opportunity in Sheikh Zayed City, and the prices are as follows:
• There are one-bedroom residential units with prices starting from 4,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
• The price of two-bedroom apartments starts from 5,807,000 pounds.
• Prices for 3-bedroom residential units start at 8,132,000 million pounds.
• 4-bedroom apartments are available at prices starting from 15,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
• .
The price advantages provided by the company that owns the Leaves West October project will not stop here. Rather, it has provided several cash facilities represented by flexible and easy reservation and payment systems that suit all social groups in society. These systems are as follows:

• The customer can pay 10% down payment, and pay the remaining amount of the unit value due in installments over 8 consecutive years.

The company that owns the Leaves West New Zayed project
Al-Attal Real Estate Development and Investment Company is one of the huge investment entities that has a leading and prestigious position in the Egyptian market. It was helped in reaching this position by the lofty goals and clear visions that followed it, such as credibility, transparency, and commitment to specific dates for the delivery of its distinguished units.

Al-Attal Real Estate Company achieved huge sales of up to 12 billion Egyptian pounds. The company also launched many real estate achievements that were distributed in all new cities and governorates, in addition to diversifying investment projects between residential, commercial, and administrative, and one of its most recent works is the Leaves West Sheikh project. Zayd.

Previous real estate projects of Al-Attal Company
• Park Lane Residential Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
• Bay Cider Resort in Ras Sadr.
• Infinity Tower, New Administrative Capital.

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