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Gems Compound, New Zayed

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Gems Compound, New Zayed
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10% down payment- installments over 10 years
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Gems Compound New Zayed
Gems Compound  New Zayed is considered the latest project of VAI Developments, as it is a luxury residential complex in the heart of New Zayed City, offering a distinct living experience that elevates the concept of sophistication and luxury. Creativity and uniqueness are evident in the design of Gems Compound, which reflects attention to the strictest standards. It includes a variety of spaces, competitive prices, and convenient payment methods.

Location Gems New Zayed 

The comfort of residents depends largely on the company’s choice of the appropriate location. VAI Developments has been keen to choose the appropriate location that matches the dreams of customers at the present time, especially those looking for a quiet location away from noisy areas, so Gems Compound new Zayed  is located just steps from The Central Ring Road, to be close to vital places and famous landmarks.

Places near Gems New Zayed
Gems Compound New Zayed is located near Al Wahat Road.

The Gems El Sheikh Zayed is approaching the Dahshur link.
Gems Compound is a few minutes away from Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia.
Gems Compound is close to Hosary Square.
It is easy to reach the James project from the monorail within 5 minutes.

Design of Gems Compound New Zayed 

In the Gems Sheikh Zayed project, Fai Real Estate Development Company offers luxurious architectural designs that suit the aspirations of customers at the present time. The ingenuity of the design is evident in the large spread of green spaces and artificial lakes, as they increase the happiness of the residents in the Gems Compound, and in the design of the project you will find a combination of classic and modern style that... It embraces nature in amazing harmony with glass facades and mirrors that sparkle under the sun's rays, forcing everyone to pay attention to the beauty of the design of the Gems New Zayed project units.

Area of the Gems new Zayed 

The company developing the project, with its great experience, succeeded in achieving diversity in the unit spaces in the Gems Compound, in an attempt to meet the different needs of customers and satisfy the many tastes. The large area over which the Gems Compound New Zayed also helps in this, and the area of the units in the Gems Compound New Zayed As follows:

The area of ​​Icon Twin in James Compound starts from 226 square meters.
The Premium Twin space in the new James Zayed project starts from 261 square meters.
It is considered a Grand Twin, and its area within the project starts from 385 square meters.
The Premium Villa space in James New Zayed Compound starts from 474 square meters.
While the Grand Villa in Gems New Zayed, its area starts from 677 square meters.

Prices of Gems Compound Sheikh Zayed 

The prices of Compound Gems New Zayed were appropriate for all customers, as Faye Real Estate Company took care to be reasonable so that customers would be able to purchase the units offered for sale in Gems Compound  New Zayed without facing great financial pressures, and the selling prices of Gems New Zayed units were As follows:

Prices for Icon Twin in the James Zayed project start from 14,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
Premium Twin prices in GEMS Sheikh Zayed Compound start from 16,300,000 Egyptian pounds.
Also, Grand Twin starts from 19,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
Premium villa prices in Gems Compound start from 29,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
This Grand Villa in the Faye project starts from 45,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
Payment plans in Gems Compound New Zayed
Faye Real Estate Development Company tried to make it easy for customers to purchase units for sale in the Gems Compound, so it provided very convenient reservation and installment systems, which would give them enough time to pay for the units, so that they are not exposed to any financial burdens, and the unit reservation system in the Gems project. Sheikh Zayed is divided into two groups as follows:

The first group:
The first plan : The customer pays a 10% down payment and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 10 years.
The second plan : 10% down payment and the rest of the amount in installments over 9 years, with a discount of up to 2.5%.
The third plan : Pay a 10% down payment and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 8 years, with a discount of up to 5%.
the second group:
The first plan : without down payment and installments up to 6 years with a discount of up to 12%.
The second plan stem: with a 10% down payment and the rest of the amount paid within 7 years with a discount of up to 10%.
The third plan : Pay a 10% down payment and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 5 years, with a discount of up to 15%.
Fourth plan : 10% down payment and the rest of the amount in installments over 4 years with a 20% discount.
In addition, the Gems new  Zayed project units will be delivered after 4 years.

Services in Gems new zayed
Gems Sheikh Zayed Compound offers a diverse and distinctive set of services and facilities that meet all the residents’ needs in a luxurious and comfortable way. The facilities contribute to creating an integrated and upscale living environment that meets all the needs and aspirations of the residents, so they do not feel the need to leave the compound, and one of the most important services provided by Compound Gems Sheikh is Zayed:

The new James Zayed project contains a landscape area, in addition to water formations and a promenade.
James Compound also contains many restaurants and cafes.
Gems Compound includes a commercial area that makes it easy for residents to shop at any time.
Compound Gems New Zayed has parking garages that operate with the latest technological systems.
James Project provides integrated security services, including advanced surveillance cameras and security personnel.
Maintenance and cleaning companies also work throughout the day to maintain the aesthetic appearance within the Gems Compound.
There is also a Kids Area in the new Gems Zayed Compound, which includes the best toys that children love.
There are swimming pools, gym and spa inside Gems New Zayed.
Residents of the GEMS New Zayed project will find running and cycling paths.
The Clubhouse will also be an ideal destination for rest and making friends in James New Zayed Compound.
Vai Real Estate Development Company
VAI Developments is considered one of the most important real estate development companies in Egypt, because it is distinguished by having a different perspective on residential or service projects. The company provides multiple options for its residents, entrepreneurs, and investors. It has also succeeded in contracting with the best specialized companies in every field, including the office DMA Architect for engineering consultancy, as well as the international company BCI Studio London for operation management, and Chrome Company, which specializes in project management. The company continues to strive to provide unique and distinctive real estate projects in the Egyptian market.

VAI Developments projects
4t4 Tower Mall, New Administrative Capital.
4t1 New Administrative Capital.

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