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Etapa Sheikh Zayed
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20% down payment- installments over 8 years
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ETAPA SHEIKH ZAYED Compound is considered one of the most luxurious residential projects built in 6th of October, and it is one of the most prominent existing projects in Egypt in general.

There are many facilities and residential buildings available in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, allowing everyone who wants to live there to choose from them to find out what is most suitable according to their needs and financial capabilities.

The company that took responsibility for the construction of the buildings in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound was keen to ensure that they were perfect and met all the needs of customers with different requirements and tastes, whether in design or services.

The importance of the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound project is what prompted us to highlight everything that is beautiful in that project, and it will also allow us to give it its right to say according to the features it has that you may not find in other residential projects except it.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in 6th of October, Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound will be your ideal choice

Location of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

City Edge Real Estate Development Company is the company responsible for implementing this great project, which caught the attention of many people and made them more willing to obtain residential units in it due to its distinguished services that are not found in other projects.

In order for the company to develop the project in such a great way, and for the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound project to be one of the projects that has become very popular among a huge number of people, and in order to produce it in this way and with the number of services, it relied on a strategic location that attracts everyone to it.

The Etapa Sheikh Zayed project was implemented in the middle of the Sheikh Zayed area, overlooking many places and being in the heart of 6th of October, and it is located specifically at the entrance to Zayed 1, Nozha Street.

Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound is considered close to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and is only five minutes away from Hyper One. It is also located near the Ring Road, and is only ten minutes away from Juhayna Square, as well as the Mall of Arabia.

The location of the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound is close to the 23rd of July axis, and it is located near many vital cities that the residents of the compound may need, and all the apartments that were offered for sale in the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound were noted to overlook many indispensable facilities and services. At the same time, it is important to the residents of the compound.

Area and design of the Etapa Sheikh Zayed 

The design of the Etapa Sheikh Zayed project is the main reason, after the location, to attract the largest number of customers to live there, as well as its space, which allowed it to include a large number of prominent services.

In preparing this project, City Edge Real Estate Development Company was keen to exploit the largest possible area to provide the services it wanted to provide to the residents, so it built it on an area of about 77 acres.

Only 14% of that space was occupied by buildings and facilities, and the rest of the space was allocated to services that were established and played a role in making the design attractive to customers, as landscapes, swimming pools, green spaces, and artificial lakes were constructed.

In designing the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound project, the company relied on the latest construction designs, with good taste, which combined modern and cultural style, and the construction relied on a group of experts in the field of real estate and construction.

The wonderful blue water view plays a role in attracting everyone's attention towards the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound project, which is what made the apartments for sale announced in that compound flock to many people.

Areas of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

There are many spaces in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, and according to the variety of spaces, prices varied from one unit to another, but this large space allowed for the provision of some large and other small units in the various buildings on the compound’s land.

There are several types of residential units in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, and through the following we will explain to you the units with the available spaces, and the client must choose the most suitable for him, which are:

Townhouse         320 m2
Twin House     393 m2

The multiplicity of these spaces caused the project to suit all financial capabilities, as it affected the price of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, and based on them, the client can choose what matches his needs.

Prices of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

The Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound is distinguished by its special prices, although they may seem high to some, but the advantages it provides in exchange for these amounts justify the high prices, and largely achieves the principle of value for price.

It is worth noting that the company explicitly announced the detailed prices of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, and also relied on announcing the detailed prices in Etapa Sheikh Zayed, as they are:

Townhouse 32,924,000
Twin House 39,215,000

Payment plan for Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

Edge Real Estate Development Company has provided two types of installment and payment systems, and the customer must choose from them to facilitate the purchase order, whether for apartments offered for sale in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound or villas.

The systems announced by the company are compatible with the needs of many customers, and have made it easier for them to own one of the units in that project, which seems great to everyone who has seen it, which are:

  • 20% down payment and installments over 8 years

The customer must choose from among those systems available to him in paying the value of the unit that he will purchase in the compound, whether it is a villa for sale in Etapa Sheikh Zayed or apartments, with the necessity of adhering to all the conditions set in those systems to enjoy more comfort, tranquility, and peace of mind.

Etapa Sheikh Zayed Project Services

• There are countless services available in the Etapa Sheikh Zayed project, which distinguishes it from other residential projects that some may not want due to it not providing all the required services.

The main reason for the rush to buy a villa for sale in Etapa, Sheikh Zayed, and other real estate and residential apartments, is these services, which are summarized in:

• There were wide and diverse areas of water, including artificial lakes, including fountains, which added more beauty to the place and helped the residents of that area take some unparalleled souvenir photos.
• The wide green spaces filled with flowers and flowers, which all residential units overlook from all sides, are what gave the unit its distinctive shape, and made the eyes of the viewers enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.
• There is a clubhouse in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, occupying an area of ​​about 5 acres, and it has all the recreational services that they may need, such as a spa, gym, jacuzzi, and others.
• The compound includes a cinema where you can spend your entertainment time, a theater, and a special path for running, which is considered an opportunity to participate with those interested in sports and following a healthy lifestyle.
• The distinctive and strategic location that overlooks most of the important places in that area, through which it is easy to reach any place the resident desires.
• The commercial centers available in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound are many, and include the highest and finest international brands that suit all tastes and their various requirements.
• There is a private parking lot for residents equipped with high-quality, high-resolution cameras, which has provided the opportunity to feel safe and reassured while staying in this compound.
• Sports fields and all activities related to football, basketball, sports practices, etc., you will find in Etapa Sheikh Zayed.
• The medical clinics located in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound provide treatment services to all those in the compound and are equipped with the finest types of equipment.
• It has swimming pools in which you can spend recreational times, and there are many spaces and sizes, suitable for children and adults.
• It has a group of restaurants and cafes that suit everyone in terms of spending leisure time, which they will certainly need a lot.
• Elevators are found everywhere in Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, which makes movement in the place easier and does not hinder anyone.
• It has entertainment areas for children, which helps parents and families spend the best fun times.
• Security and guarding everywhere provides more security for residents of Etapa Sheikh Zayed.
• If you are looking for apartments for sale in 6th of October, Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound will be your ideal choice.

City Edge Real Estate Development Company
City Edge Company has distinguished itself as one of the leading companies in the field of real estate and construction, due to its history, which gave it the opportunity to assume responsibility for the reconstruction and construction carried out in the center of 6th of October City in the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound project.

It was like a company that reflects the goals of the real estate market in what it builds, and under the collaboration that took place between the Urban Projects Authority, the company specialized in development and investment, and the Housing and Development Bank, it resulted in work that is incomparable to others and unparalleled, and the greatest evidence of this is the Etapa Sheikh Zayed project, which she headed, and thus One of the best residential projects in Egypt has resulted.

This company was established in 2017, and despite that, it shone in the field of reconstruction and construction in a very short period, and completed many projects that were written in the history of its work, due to its reliance on well-studied creative ideas, which are implemented by an elite group of the best engineers. And the workers.

The primary goal of this company is to provide the best architectural models to customers, in order to gain their trust and provide their services, which is what it has already accomplished in all of its previous work, as well as what was accomplished in the Etapa Sheikh Zayed project, and below we will review those achievements.

Projects of City Edge Real Estate Development Company
Since its establishment, the company has striven to aspire to the best, which is what it actually provided and what was observed by the number of people who flocked to the offer of apartments for sale in the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound, which has proven the success of this company and its leadership in the field of real estate.

Where did that customer confidence come from? How was it achieved? This is what is on everyone's minds, but the company provides on its official website all the projects it has completed since the beginning of its establishment, which included:

• Mazarine Compound, which has also become famous among the projects that provide many countless services, and which many customers flock to.
• The new Alamein Towers that were built on the North Coast, and because it is a tourist area, the company was able to gain everyone’s trust in it.
• Al Maqsad Residence Project, which is one of the projects established in the New Administrative Capital.
• Al-Zahia, which is one of the projects that took place on Mansoura land.
• Barouk Compound, which was built in the New Administrative Capital.
• North Towers, which were reconstructed in New Alamein City.
• Downtown New Alamein City.
After this number of projects built by City Edge Company, this was the reason why customers and investors headed to the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound project with complete confidence, without doubting its implementation in the desired manner, and this confidence is in fact well-placed.

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