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Central Avenue
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It is one of the most important and shining giant investment projects in the sky of Sheikh Zayed. It is an investment opportunity launched by Mabanee Idris Real Estate Development Company, which has chosen a strategic location for it in the most vibrant and active new city in 6th of October City, which is close to all public facilities and main roads.
The owner company also promised its customers that it would provide them with a comprehensive project that would provide commercial, administrative, and medical services to all the visitors of this region. It was helped in providing this tremendous diversity by the huge area that it spread over. It also provided a variety of units that vary in size so as to provide a set of multiple options that allow... Customers choose what suits their needs.
The Central Avenue Mall units were offered with a competitive price package and flexible reservation and payment systems that encourage customers and investors to own luxurious, fully finished units without a down payment and in installments over the longest payment period you may find.

Central Avenue Mall location:-

Mabanee Idris Real Estate Development Company has made great efforts in choosing a strategic location close to all the main roads and axes that will help you reach any interface you want within a short time.
It is located specifically in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, which is full of beauty and prosperity. It also provides a pleasant European atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. It includes a large number of giant residential projects, where everyone flees to it for the purpose of living there instead of other areas that contain dense population. big.

Area and design of Central Avenue:

It extends over a huge area that serves the presence of a green natural cover that provides its visitors with comfort and psychological tranquility, which makes them feel joyful and happy. It also includes a large group of units that vary between commercial, administrative, and medical in multiple areas so that all clients find what helps them in presenting their own projects.

The huge diversity of unit types and spaces has helped meet customers’ needs, and Central Avenue Mall overlooks a large plaza area that provides its unit with a picturesque natural view, as the owner company has exploited its total area to provide various services and facilities that help visitors meet their needs.

The engineering and architectural design is one of the advantages that investors are attracted to, as it is a piece of luxurious European design on Egyptian land, which made it the focus of attention for everyone to establish their future projects in a lively and safe area.

Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed units witnessed a great diversity, as they varied between commercial units, administrative offices, and medical clinics with multiple spaces in order to meet the desires and tastes of customers. The spaces are as follows:

There are medical clinics with areas starting from 77 square meters and up to 103 square meters.
There are also administrative offices with areas ranging from 88 square meters to 181 square meters.
The area of the commercial units and banks starts from 170 square meters and reaches 316 square meters.
In addition, there are jewelry units with an area of ​​111 square meters.

The company that owns the project did not content itself with offering attractive prices, but also provided flexible and convenient reservation and payment systems in Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed within Central Avenue Mall in order to relieve customers of the burden of paying the full unit amount. The reservation and payment systems are as follows:

The customer can reserve his unit without a down payment and in installments up to 4 years.
A 10% reservation deposit is paid and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 5 consecutive years.
Pay 15% down payment and pay the remaining amount of the unit value in installments over 6 years.

In addition to its competitive prices, which are considered golden opportunities for investment in the best new cities, prices vary due to the difference in the area of units, and the prices of the Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed project are as follows:
Prices for clinics and medical centers start from 6,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
There are also administrative offices at a price starting from 5,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
The price per meter in the bank and commercial units inside Central Avenue Mall starts from 145,000 Egyptian pounds.
Jewelry stores have been launched, with prices starting from 155,000 Egyptian pounds per meter.

The company that owns Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall:-

Mabanee Idris Real Estate Development and Investment Company is one of the most important leading companies in the real estate market in Egypt, as it was able to establish many investment and residential projects, the most prominent of which is the Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall, which is considered an architectural masterpiece in the heart of 6th of October. The company provided commercial and administrative services with it. And medical, so that investors can ensure their success in the most distinguished new areas.

The company's previous real estate projects:

  • Green 6 October Compound.
  • The Block Mall, 6th of October.
  • Rufaida Medical Complex in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Palm Gardens Compound.
  • Mansourieh Compound.
  • Egyptian Complex Project.
  • Tivoli Dome Zayed restaurant chain.
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Project Location


Alahli football club


Al Jazeera Club


Hyper One


Arkan Plaza Mall


Arab mall


July 26 axis


Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road


Nozha Road


Eco West Compound


The Crown Palm Hills Compound

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Kids Aria

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Central air conditioning

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