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White Sand North Coast
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5% down payment- installments over 10 years
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White Sand Village North Coast is one of the newest tourist resorts, which has become the destination of a large number of investors due to the clear blue waters and calm waves it provides them with.

In addition to its strategic location, which saves them the trouble of searching for the appropriate place for them, which combines various units that suit their tastes, in fact, Green Valley Company is one of the companies capable of meeting customers’ needs.

White Sand North Coast Village includes all the units that the client may need and with dazzling designs that he cannot find the like of. It also took into account the provision of a luxurious life with large areas of green spaces and entertainment services, and we discuss more details about the project on our website.

location White Sand North Coast 


Green Valley has launched the Village White Sand North Coast to be one of the most prominent tourist resorts in Egypt, and it began by choosing kilometer 75 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road to be directly connected to the Wadi El Natroun Road.

This is what made it close to several vital and important places for investors, which gave it great value. The client or investor can move to and from White Sand North Coast Resort with ease, without wasting time or effort.

In addition to the modern designs and excellent implementation of the White Sand North Coast village plan, in addition to the number of excellent chalets, it is close to several important places, which we will discuss below:

The resort is very close to Marina Al Sahel, which takes about 10 minutes to reach.
White Sand North Coast Village is close to both Seasons Village and Doss Village.
The village of White Sand, North Coast, is about 10 minutes away from the city of El Alamein.
You can reach Alexandria from White Sand Village, North Coast, within 20 minutes.
White Sand North Coast Village is only 25 minutes away from Marsa Matrouh.

Area and design of White Sand Village, North Coast


White Sand North Coast Village has come in line with good taste and modern European designs, in an effort by the company to provide all the unique designs that the general taste of customers may need at that time, in addition to exploiting every interior space in the village.

The White Sand North Coast Village project was built on about 185 acres, and that space was well exploited, with the construction percentage in the place being about 18%, while the rest of the area was allocated to both landscapes and landscaping.

The company developing the project knew very well that it was a matter of luxury and elegance, and that the investor in tourist villages needed to find a suitable place for him in terms of designs and privacy, and that is what appeared in the White Sand North Coast Resort.

All chalets and residential units support privacy, in addition to each of them directly overlooking any of the green spaces or artificial water bodies, which provides comfort and tranquility.

It is worth noting that White Sand North Coast Resort is truly distinctive, as it is full of dense trees and vast green spaces, in addition to multi-colored flowers, which allows your eyes to rest and feel the beauty of the place, in addition to each property having its own garden.

Spaces of White Sand North Coast 


In addition, the company developing the White Sand North Coast Village project was keen to implement unique designs by the most prominent engineers. It was able to divide the interior spaces according to the percentage of construction in them with ease and ingenuity.

As each of the residential units within it has been perfectly divided, in addition to its unique décor, and there is a great variety of spaces so that each investor or client can choose what he needs according to his capabilities, so the list of spaces is as follows:

Chalet starting from 74 meters
Townhouse starting from 186 meters
Twin house starting from 254 meters
I villa starting from 157 meters

prices White Sand North Coast 

In addition to the excellence achieved by Green Valley Company in implementing its planning for the White Sand North Coast Village project in terms of design and spaces, it was largely able to provide the greatest attraction factor for both clients and investors.

It was able to provide highly competitive prices for a village with such ingenuity in implementation. The prices were different according to the area and type of the unit, allowing the possibility of choosing without hesitation and according to needs and capabilities. The prices were as follows:

Chalet starting from 3,261,000.
Townhouse starting from 11,570,000.
Twin house starting from 21,891,000.
I villa starting from 10,073,000.

payment plans Village White Sand North Coast 

Group Valley Company has been able to a large extent to provide what every investor in the tourist village needs, which has made it achieve a high sales rate, as it left the freedom to choose the convenient plan for the customer in paying and purchasing the residential unit.

It has given you the opportunity to purchase any of the residential units available in White Sand North Coast Village at very competitive prices, in addition to the possibility of purchasing in comfortable installments over many years. The list of available installment plans is as follows:

Down payment starting from 5% and installments up to 10 years

Please note that you can obtain reductions and discounts on the unit price in White Sand Village, North Coast of Green Valley, if another down payment has been paid or in agreement with the company developing the project. What is distinctive about the residential units is that no interest is added to their basic price.

It should be noted that the prices of chalets for sale on the North Coast may have changed, and to obtain price updates, contact us.

Green Valley Real Estate Development Company

Green Valley Real Estate Development Company is the founder and developer of White Sand Village, North Coast. It is an Egyptian joint stock company and has been able to prove its success in a large number of successful projects over the past years, due to its great keenness to provide everything the Egyptian real estate market needs.

The company has been able to implement all the standards required for quality and creativity in residential units, in addition to working in various fields such as navigation and waste recycling in addition to agricultural investment, which has made it experienced in everything that customers and investors need.

This is what helped it bring the volume of its investments in the country to 9 billion pounds, as it aims to intellectually develop real estate in Egypt, by making it based on a large number of different tourist, commercial and residential projects, and its investment is in making the project compatible with modern designs and a clean, healthy environment. .

GV Developments projects

Green Valley's real estate development has included several regions in the Republic, as a result of the various privileges and additions it provides to customers, investors, and the real estate market as a whole. It has been able to establish several projects in New Cairo.

Due, for example, to its success in establishing the village of White Sand on the North Coast, Green Valley was able to implement another phase of it, which is the village of Suwira on the coast, which came with all the same advantages, in addition to recreational services that exceed those in the basic village, and other advantages that made it an opportunity. Great for investment.

In addition, it has a large number of developments within the North Coast, as it is one of the main destinations for investment in Egypt currently, and even Upper Egypt and the Central Delta have been included in its series of successes, and the list of its successful projects is as follows:

It has a project with 74 villas in Shorouk City.
Developed Tarboul Industrial City.
Management project in Dokki area.
Up Villa Compound in October.
A residential project in Al-Amiriya.

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