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Sequoia Ras El Hikma, also known as Sequoia North Coast, is an ideal destination for nature lovers, surrounded by green trees and colorful flowers. The warm sunlight and golden sands create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation on the beach, with clear blue waters. Get ready for an unforgettable summer experience full of adventures and harmony.

Sequoia North Coast is a luxurious architectural masterpiece spread over a vast area. It includes a variety of residential units, such as villas and chalets of different sizes, featuring exquisite architectural designs that harmonize with the breathtaking natural surroundings with skill and high quality.

Village Sequoia Ras El Hikma is developed by Aden Real Estate Development Company, which has provided a variety of services and facilities for all residents, enabling them to live a life full of luxury and fun. These units are available at competitive prices suitable for all budgets, with flexible payment plans that allow you to purchase your summer unit with a minimal down payment.

Location of Sequoia Ras El Hikma Village:

Sequoia Ras El Hikma boasts a strategic and unique location in the Ras El Hikma area, one of the finest tourist spots known for its enchanting natural beauty and stunning landscapes. The area is famous for its soft sands and clear beaches. Additionally, its proximity to major landmarks and vital areas makes accessing the village convenient and hassle-free. This prime location has attracted a large number of tourists, making it a unique and exceptional tourist destination.

Nearby places to Sequoia North Coast:

The project is close to the Dabaa Road.
Sequoia Ras El Hikma is also near the Alexandria Desert Road.
You can also reach the village via the new Fuka Road.
New Alamein is a short distance from Sequoia Ras El Hikma.
The village is easily accessible from Sidi Heneish, which is a short distance away.
Village Sequoia North Coast is near Marsa Matruh.
Within minutes, you can reach the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

The architectural design of Sequoia North Coast:

The aspects of modern life come to life within Sequoia Village, allowing you to live in a comprehensive and stunning residential environment. The architectural designs and construction plans ensure privacy and comfort, making it an excellent investment opportunity for living an ideal life on the riverbank.

Sequoia North Coast has been designed according to the latest global standards of quality and efficiency, reflecting modern and luxurious architectural styles that cater to the tastes of those with refined preferences. The company has enlisted a select group of skilled architects to create stunning decor for all units, which blend seamlessly with the green spaces and artificial lakes, providing residents with the opportunity to relax and unwind in a charming environment.

The area of Sequoia Ras El Hikma Village:

Sequoia Ras El Hikma Village has been constructed on a vast expanse of land, as the developing company recognized the importance of ample space for the success of the project. Therefore, they provided a huge space that was utilized in an optimal manner, dividing it into two parts. The smaller portion was allocated for residential buildings to offer a wide variety of vacation units with varying sizes.

As for the larger portion of the total project area, it was designated for green spaces and artificial lakes surrounding all corners of Sequoia North Coast. This design enhances the village's aesthetic appeal and contributes to separating residential buildings from each other, ensuring maximum comfort and privacy for residents.

Area and types of units in Sequoia Ras El Hikma Village, North Coast:

Inside Village Sequoia Ras El Hikma, you will find your dream home with a direct view of the sea, immersing yourself in all the charming aspects of nature. This is made possible through the vast diversity of residential units, including chalets and villas with varying sizes, allowing you to choose the unit that suits your needs and requirements.

Prices in Sequoia Ras El Hikma Village, North Coast:

The advantages of Sequoia Ras El Hikma Village are not limited to unique architectural designs and diverse spaces only. They also include competitive and exceptional prices offered by the developing company. These prices are tailored to the benefits that investors reap from this project, making it a distinctive investment opportunity. These prices enable all those seeking luxurious seaside vacation units to benefit from all the amenities and services offered in the village.

A brief overview of the developing company of Sequoia North Coast:

Eden Real Estate Development Company is one of the leading companies in the real estate sector, boasting extensive experience since its establishment in 1982. Over the years, the company has successfully executed numerous investment and residential projects in multiple countries around the world, adhering to the highest global quality standards.

The company aims to leverage its wide-ranging expertise in management and execution to deliver various urban projects that meet the diverse needs and requirements of its clients. This is achieved through thorough market research both locally and globally, offering its projects at competitive prices.

Previous projects by Eden Real Estate Development Company include:

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- Eden One Mall in the New Capital.
- City View Village in New Alamein.
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