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Latin District New Alamein

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Latin District New Alamein
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10% down payment- installments over 7 years
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It provides services and facilities at the highest level for anyone looking for upscale summer apartments, with appropriate finishes and prices that make owning the unit easier.

In the Latin District of New Alamein, you will find many apartments and chalets that have a distinctive view and attractive appearance, in a distinctive and upscale area, and you will also find among them the various spaces that you are looking for and that suit your needs.

The Latin District of New Alamein is considered a golden opportunity in various aspects and directions, and this is for customers and investors at the same time, and through the following we will discuss in detail the most prominent advantages for which this neighborhood is known.

Location of the Latin District , New Alamein

The Latin District of New Alamein is located on the North Coast between many vital places, as it is located on the international coastal road, and you can reach it from two main roads: New Fouka or Alexandria-Matrouh Road, and it is also considered close to:

Marassi North Coast and Sidi Abdel Rahman, you can get from the project to them and vice versa in only about 20 minutes.
Il-Latini New Alamein and New Alamein Airport are 45 minutes away by car.
It is about an hour and a half away from Alexandria.
There is a promenade and Disneyland nearby.
It is only 5 minutes away from Marina 7.

Space and design of Il-Latini New Alamein


The Latin District New Alamein project was established on an area of 650 acres, 400 acres of the project are allocated to buildings with a construction rate of 35.5%, with 250 acres of it allocated to services, and it fully includes 6 areas.

The first area was established on an area of 66 acres, the second area was 57 acres, the third area was 51 acres, the fourth area was 50 acres, the fifth area was 86 acres, but the sixth and final area was 93 acres.

The design of the project is distinctive and unique, and this is because it is in the old and classic style of the city of Alexandria, which combines the Greek and Roman styles, and the number of buildings reaches 249 buildings, and each building consists of a number ranging from 4 to 7 floors.

spaces  Latin District New Alamein

You will find all the spaces you are looking for in chalets for sale in New Alamein and apartments, and through the following we will explain those spaces for the various types of units:

Apartments starting from 108 square meters

Prices of apartments in the Latin District New Alamein

Prices in the Latin District New Alamein demonstrate the competitive environment that the Saudi Egyptian Real Estate Development Company relies on in implementing its projects. This applies to any studios or apartments for sale in the Latin District. It has been announced that the price per square meter starts from 24,000 pounds, so the unit prices are as follows:

Apartments starting from 4,142,000

payment plans Latin District New Alamein 

The company responsible for the construction of the Latin District in New Alamein has provided the opportunity to purchase units with payment plans that make it easier for the customer to own a residential unit in the project.

10% down payment and installments over 7 years

It should be noted that the prices of the Latin District New Alamein may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

services New Alamein Latin District 

The Latin District of New Alamein includes most of the services that must be available in residential projects, and the most prominent of these services are the following:

The possibility of practicing religious rituals in complete comfort and in a calm atmosphere in the places of worship provided by the developer company within the project.
Spend times of fun and entertainment with your friends and eat delicious meals with them in the restaurants and cafes available within the city.
Enjoy a high level of security and guarding through the high security staff and surveillance cameras located in every corner.
You will enjoy times of entertainment and harmony through the vast green spaces available there.
Ensure the highest level of educational service for your children through the schools available in the city.
Get all your consumer products needs in the hypermarket located there.
You will enjoy the shopping experience among the best brands in the neighborhood's mall.
Achieve an element of fun for your children through the Kids Area available in the neighborhood.

If you are looking for chalets for sale in New Alamein, the Latin District will be your ideal choice

Saudi Egyptian Real Estate Development Company

The company was established in 1975 AD, which gave it sufficient experience to establish projects in a way that lived up to customer expectations. It was not only concerned with residential projects, but also concerned with the tourism, entertainment and administrative aspects as well.

Saudi Egyptian Developments projects

The Saudi Egyptian Real Estate Development Company is always keen to establish projects in a way that suits the needs of the Egyptian real estate market, and its previous work includes the following:

Dorra and Zahra projects in New Assiut City.
Bluefair Compound, New Capital.
Riyadh Compound will be New Cairo.
SED Nile Towers project in Maadi.
Central Mall New Cairo.
Sawary Compound Alexandria.
Hilton New Damietta.

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