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Jefaira Quayside North Coast

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Jefaira Quayside North Coast
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10% down payment - nstallments over 8 years
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Project Description

Jefaira North Coast Village is an integrated residential city that includes all services and entertainment features throughout the year. It is also distinguished by its location in kilometer 200 of the Alexandria/Matrouh Road, specifically in the Ras El Hekma Bay area, as it is considered one of the finest villages on the North Coast, so I proposed Inertia Real Estate Company, the developer of the project, has various units featuring wonderful views directly onto the sea.

Jefaira coastal village location


Jefaira North Coast Resort is distinguished by its distinguished strategic location at kilometer 200 of the Alexandria/Matrouh Road, specifically in the Ras El Hekma Bay area, and 20 km from Dabaa Road. Jefaira North Coast also enjoys a wonderful view directly on the sea with shiny water and soft, bright white sand, along the beach. 3.6 km.

Nearby places in the village

From Jefaira Resort, Marsa Matruh and New Alamein can be reached within 100 km.
Jefaira Inertia Resort is located near other North Coast villages such as Mountain View Ras El Hekma Village and La Vista North Coast Village.
The Jefaira project is separated from Marassi North Coast by a distance of 65 km.
The Jefaira North Coast project is located about 300 km from Cairo, and 200 km from Alexandria.

Designed by Jefaira North Coast


The name of the village “Jefaira” is in reference to the Jefaira area in which the project is located, which means a permanent source of fresh water. Therefore, the village was designed according to the latest and best high-end international designs inspired by the shape of the Mediterranean islands. It is characterized by a distinct, diverse and modern character to create a vibrant and dazzling community for life. .

The village of Jefaira, North Coast, was developed on a huge area of 1,300 acres, 3,600 meters wide and 2,200 meters deep. It is distinguished by the fact that all units enjoy a wonderful view of the sea. The village was designed on a tiered terrace system, and it was constructed in several stages, including “The Quayside.” .

The largest part of the resort's area has also been allocated to artificial lakes, green areas, and other recreational activities, water bodies, and entertainment centers, while the other part contains a large number of diverse units, including apartments, villas, and chalets.

Services and facilities at Jefaira Quayside, North Coast


Jefaira North Coast Village provides all basic and entertainment services, and everything customers need to enjoy their vacation and the recreational activities provided by the resort, which may come as follows:

The village has provided that each residential unit has its own swimming pool. The swimming pools are spread throughout the resort in a consistent manner and are suitable for adults and children.

The village contains many crystal lakes, the largest on the northern coast, in addition to large areas of gardens and landscapes.

There is a long beachfront promenade for those who love to stroll through the picturesque nature of Jefaira North Coast.

Tracks have been allocated for various sports such as running, walking and cycling.

The resort has a natural coastline extending 3.6 km long, a beach with soft sand and turquoise waters.

An entertainment area has been designated for children, which includes a group of fun games in Jefaira North Coast.

The village provides the largest commercial area containing a large number of shops and malls, and a variety of cafes and high-end restaurants.

Security and guarding services and a surveillance camera system are provided at the highest level in all Jefaira North Coast Resort.

An international hotel was built to provide the best hotel services to the guests of Jefaira Ras El Hekma Village.

Providing all recreational and sports activities, establishing 5 sports clubs and a gym within the village, and building more than 5 beach clubhouses.

The village of Jefaira Inertia provides a fishing and yacht marina for fishing trip enthusiasts.

The resort has a large conference hall for parties and private meetings.

In addition, Inertia has developed the best number of international schools, institutes and colleges.

Jefaira Quayside Ras El Hikma units space


Jefaira North Coast Resort contains a variety of units ranging from apartments, chalets, townhouse villas, and standalone villas. The units are designed in a row system so that each unit has a wonderful view of the sea, and they are as follows:

“The Quayside” phase is only about 700 meters from the beach, and contains a large number of diverse units

Apartments starting from 101 meters
Chalets start from 151 meters
twin houses starting from 165 meters
town houses starting from 164 meters
Villas start from 164 meters

Jefaira Quayside North Coast prices


Inertia Real Estate Development Company has offered many features that guarantee the success and reassurance of investors. It has also provided competitive prices in Jefaira Quayside North Coast units, in order to make it easier for its customers to purchase these units. Jefaira Quayside North Coast prices are also commensurate with the units’ spaces and the distinct services provided by Inertia. Owner of the project.

Apartments starting from 8,500,000.
Chalets start from 12,900,000.
twin houses starting from 15,200,000.
town houses starting from 12,200,000.
Villas start from 10,800,000.

Payment systems in Jefaira North Coast

Inertia Real Estate Company has provided many reservation and payment systems for the units of Jefaira Quayside Village, i.e. chalets or villas available at each stage, so that customers can own a summer unit at competitive prices, to meet all their desires. The reservation and payment systems for Jefaira Quayside villas and chalets are as follows: the next:

  • 10% down payment and installments over 8 years

Inertia Real Estate Company

Jefaira North Coast Village is considered one of the largest projects of Inertia Egypt Real Estate Development Company. It has been one of the leading companies since its founding in 2007 and has presented many successful projects in the Egyptian real estate field. The company also owns lands with an area of 6 million square metres. With a huge investment volume of 22 billion Egyptian pounds, it achieved profits amounting to 3.2 billion pounds.

Previous Inertia Egypt projects
Joulez 6th of October Compound was developed
And also Brix 6th of October Compound
And the establishment of West Hills October
And Soleya October Compound
And Veranda Sahl Hasessh Resort
G-cribs El Gouna was developed
And Medipoint Sheikh Zayed
And also Medipoint Mena Plaza

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