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Hacienda West North Coast
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10% dp- 5% after 3 months - installments over 7 years
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Hacienda West North Coast Village is one of the most important tourism projects proposed by Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company, in which it has put all its expertise into it.

It is considered one of the distinguished villages in many aspects, whether in terms of prices, spaces, designs or services, so the company received tremendous interest from customers immediately after announcing its establishment.

Therefore, in our article, we touch upon clarifying all the details about Hacienda West Village, which includes the areas, detailed location, and other details that are of interest to all customers and investors who wish to know everything related to the village.

Hacienda West North Coast location


The distinctive location was chosen for the establishment of Hacienda West North Coast Village, which is located in the heart of the North Coast with a distance of about 2 km from Fouka Bay Road. With this location, it is close to many important places, which are:

There are many important villages near it, and the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, which is considered one of the most lively areas on the northern coast.
The distance between it and the Ras El Hikma area is 10 kilometers.
It is 65 kilometers away from Hacienda Wet Resort.

Space and design of Hacienda West North Coast Village


A large area has been allocated for the Hacienda West Ras El Hekma Resort, amounting to 137 acres, and Palm Hills Company was able to create many units in this space, which vary in size.

As for the design, it is one of the most wonderful designs with which coastal units were created on the North Coast. 21% of the total area was allocated for the construction of buildings, while the remaining area is for green spaces and the charming nature that is in harmony with the buildings, which adds vitality to the village.

Hacienda West North Coast Village Services


There are a large number of services available in Hacienda West North Coast Village, which are as follows:

Children have the opportunity to have fun while staying in the village, due to the availability of an entertainment area designated for them, which helps them spend more enjoyable recreational times.
Practicing social activities as needed, due to the availability of a social club designated for inmates, which has all types of activities that any inmate could search for.
Enjoy eating meals prepared with the highest level of experience in the restaurant field, in the restaurants and cafes available in the village.
Enjoy a unique water sports experience, which is available at the village beach, which has an unparalleled atmosphere of fun and entertainment.
Residents enjoy times of fun, and they can also spend time practicing sports activities due to the availability of playgrounds for them within the village.
Shopping among the best shops that have international brands in the commercial area available in the village.
Keep cars in their designated places, which are garages equipped with cameras everywhere.

If you are looking for chalets for sale on the North Coast, the Hacienda West Ras El Hekma project will be your ideal choice

Hacienda West Ras El Hekma spaces


The areas varied according to the stage in which the project was established, as well as the types of units, and were as follows:

Chalet starting from 95 meters
Twin house starting from 339 meters
villas starting from 560 meters

Hacienda West North Coast prices


The prices of Hacienda West North Coast vary according to the areas and types of units. Below we explain the prices offered by the project developer:

Chalet starting from 29,599,000.
Twin House starting from 41,226,000.
villas starting from 61,211,000.

Hacienda West North Coast payment plan

The company has provided one flexible payment plan for the units of Hacienda West North Coast Village, through which the unit is delivered after 4 years from the contract date, which is
10% down payment after 3 months, 5% and installments over 7 years

It should be noted that the prices of Hacienda West North Coast Village may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company

The real estate developer Palm Hills is one of the largest companies in the real estate market, and has a history dating back to the year in which the company was established in 2005 AD. The developer has gained very great experience in the field, and therefore it meets the needs of customers in the Hacienda West North Coast project and other projects.

Palm Hills Developments projects

Palm Hills has many famous projects in the real estate development market, including:

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The Crown Compound, 6th of October.
Golf Central Mall, New Cairo.
Woodville Compound 6th of October.
Hacienda Bay North Coast Village.
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Hacienda Bay project.
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Palm Valley Compound.

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