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Hacienda Sidi Heneish, one of the most important tourism projects, brings joy to Palm Hills Development as it sets off in one of the most vibrant areas in Sidi Heneish characterized by its unique location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It boasts soft golden sands and crystal-clear blue waters, making it an ideal haven for an unforgettable summer holiday.

Hacienda Sidi Heneish in the North Coast enjoys a serene atmosphere and a moderate climate throughout the year, perfect for creating unforgettable moments with family and friends. Its modern design follows international standards inspired by the breathtaking nature, providing numerous green spaces and artificial lakes that instill a sense of privacy, security, and comfort for residents.

In addition to the vast area on which the project is built, allowing for a diverse range of residential units, the project also offers various services and facilities that enhance the fun and enjoyment. All this comes at competitive prices and flexible payment plans, making it one of the best-priced projects in the North Coast city.

The location of Hacienda Sidi Heneish:

One of the best features of Palm Hills Sidi Heneish village is its strategic and distinctive location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This choice stems from Palm Hills Real Estate's expertise in the North Coast, hence the village's location in the North Coast area.

Palm Hills Sidi Heneish is specifically located at kilometer 247 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, characterized by its easy accessibility from anywhere due to its proximity to major roads and arteries. This makes it an ideal choice for families seeking a peaceful haven with easy access to all services and facilities.

The architectural design in Hacienda Sidi Heneish in the North Coast:

Palm Hills Sidi Heneish project epitomizes elegance and luxury in every detail, through its exceptional architectural design that rivals the most luxurious international resorts. It creatively blends modernity with heritage, executed by a select group of the finest architects according to global construction standards that consider the finest details, making it a true architectural masterpiece on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

To become a distinctive landmark in the world of luxury real estate, Palm Hills North Coast resort offers an exceptional opportunity to experience a unique life in a charming environment surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. With meticulous interior and exterior design that exudes comfort and luxury, the village is intelligently divided, perfectly aligning residential buildings with green spaces and artificial lakes that create a serene environment, instilling a sense of privacy. Moreover, its unique design includes a beach stretching over 1.1 square kilometers.

The area of Palm Hills Sidi Heneish project:

Hacienda Sidi Heneish village extends over a vast land area, which Palm Hills has managed to utilize exceptionally well to create a charming environment that meets all the needs of customers and investors. This was achieved by dividing the project area into two parts. The larger portion of the project, comprising 80% of the total area, is dedicated to green spaces and artificial lakes, along with the necessary services and facilities ensuring a distinctive lifestyle filled with fun and luxury within Palm Hills North Coast village.

The smaller portion, accounting for 20% of the total project area, is allocated for diverse residential buildings. These buildings offer a variety of luxurious holiday units with unique architectural designs, all enjoying views of the Mediterranean Sea coast. This diversity allows customers and investors the opportunity to choose the unit that meets their needs and suits their tastes, experiencing an exceptional life on the shores of the sea.

An overview of Palm Hills Development Company:

Hacienda Heneish was developed by Palm Hills Development Company, one of the leading real estate development companies in the Egyptian market. Palm Hills is known for delivering numerous large-scale residential and investment projects, establishing itself as one of the most successful and distinguished companies in recent years, achieving multiple successes in the Egyptian market due to its strategic vision and well-thought-out plans.

Palm Hills is a pioneer in real estate development, founded in 1997 through a strategic partnership between Al-Maghribi Investment and Real Estate Development Company and Al Mansour Real Estate Company. The company quickly gained a leading position in the Egyptian market by offering integrated real estate projects that embody unique residential, commercial, and investment opportunities.

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