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Gaia Sabbour North Coast
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مقدم 10% وتقسيط علي 7 سنوات
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Village Gaia North Coast is one of the most prominent current real estate development projects in Egypt. The efforts that have been made in it work to highlight the meaning of beauty and enjoyment of the vast natural landscape, in addition to preserving privacy at the same time, which is what some other villages lack.

The company executing the project was keen that its design expresses both heritage and modernity, with a European flair, with a focus on providing services and facilities that allow the owner to enjoy his time, and at the same time it is a golden investment opportunity.

When you look at the strategic location of the village, you find that it is ideal for buying chalets for sale in Gaia North Coast, as people will come to it from far and wide.

If you are looking for chalets for sale on the North Coast, Gaia Village will be your ideal choice

Location of Gaia Village, North Coast

Village Gaia North Coast enjoys a strategic and ideal location, as it is located at kilometer 194 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, specifically in Ras El Hekma, and is close to the villages of Mountain View, City Stars, Malaz Warco and La Vista City.
It is also about 70 km away from Marassi, while if you are coming from the New Fouka Road exit, it is only 20 km away. Below we will discuss places and axes close to the village that make its location distinct:
• It takes only 40 minutes to reach the village from Cairo.
• It is half an hour away from Alexandria.
• The distance between the village and New Alamein is short.
• Close to the villages of Naya Bay and Cali Coast.
• The village can be reached from the Administrative Capital within half an hour.

Area and design of Gaia North Coast Village

The design of Gaia North Coast Village is unique and amazing, as it has been subjected to the finest and latest international designs. Its view of the lakes has made it an attractive place for tourists from different regions.

The design of the project was implemented according to the six continents of the world, and what separated them were the artificial lakes, which represent the world’s oceans and seas. In addition to that, care was taken to provide all means of comfort and entertainment within them, and all of these elements are what made it one of the most successful projects of Al-Ahly Sabbour Company.

Also, the company responsible for designing Gaia Village has made its design unconventional in order to add to the real estate market, which is a wonderful use of the 280-acre area. The design was assigned to one of the major Spanish companies to exploit all the space without wasting.

This is what helped Gaia Village, North Coast, attract attention, as the creative design has today become a reality implemented on the ground, and the company in charge of the project has provided all the needs of customers or investors, and what distinguishes it most is the bodies of water and lakes surrounding each unit in it, as well as the green spaces... They are forgotten.

That is, attention was paid to the general view first, which was comfortable for the soul and the eye, before the units, as the units took up only about 15% of the area, and they came in different shapes and sizes, divided as follows:

• Villas.
• Townhouse.
• Duplexes.
• Chalets.

• Services in Gaia Al Ahly Sabbour, North Coast

The company developing the Gaia Village North Coast project has been keen to provide a range of services; And the facilities that suit customers within the village, in order to make everything they are looking for available.

The village collected all the facilities and entertainment services the customer needs, and many other features, which we will discuss in the following points, to illustrate the level of sophistication of this village:

• The most prominent services were provided, which is a special office for recruiting male and female workers to provide cleaning services for residential units and carry out maintenance, plumbing, and other work.
• The village includes a large commercial mall that has all the brands that a customer may need, as well as various stores that provide supplies for the whole family.
• There are surveillance cameras throughout the village that provide security, in addition to a highly trained guard staff.
• The village includes a group of restaurants and cafes that serve distinctive food and drinks.
• The village includes sections designated for pedestrians and cyclists, each separate from the other.
• A spa and jacuzzi club is provided for women and men, and the private section for women is separate.
• Gaia North Coast Village includes social and sports clubs for practicing all types of sports.
• Providing wide green spaces that vary between public and private parks.
• The company was keen to provide private garages for cars of various sizes.
• There is an aqua park in the village with many modern water games.
• Enjoy the wide streets for walking around or listening to the joyful summer atmosphere.
• Swimming pools in the village are available in different sizes for adults and children.
• The village gates are secured from all sides with electronic gates to maintain security.
• There is a tourist hotel in the village that provides service at the highest level.
• There are indoor swimming pools designated for women.
• There is a hypermarket that meets all the customer’s needs.

Gaia Sabbour Ras El Hekma units area

What distinguishes Gaia North Coast Village is that the company implementing it has been keen to provide all units that suit the investor and the client, in terms of spaces and prices.

Spaces ranging from 110 - 420 square meters were provided, and each unit came with a modern design and the latest international models, divided as follows:

• Villas start from 265 square meters.
• Chalets: Available with an area starting from 165 square metres.
Gaia North Coast prices
The company that owns the Gaia North Coast Resort project offers you chalets for sale on the North Coast at reasonable prices, with the best spaces and unique designs.

The residential units are divided between those located on the sea and others inside the resort to suit all tastes, and are as follows:

• Villa starts from 28,932,000
• The chalet starts from 14,339,000
 Gaia Village, North Coast pyment plan
What distinguishes Gaia Village North Coast is that the company that owns the project has provided various spaces with distinct payment methods, knowing that each unit of the resort has its own payment systems, and in the end it suits all customers.

These pyment  plan differ in terms of the down payment and the installment period, so that the client or investor can choose what suits him, and the payment methods also differ. Below we discuss the payment systems:

• Down payment starting from 10%, installments up to 7 years, and discounts up to 20%

It should be noted that the prices of Gaia North Coast Resort may have changed. To obtain price updates and to ask about the price per meter in the village, contact us.

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company
The person responsible for implementing the design of Gaia North Coast Village is the late Sheikh of Architects and the famous businessman Hussein Sabbour, owner of Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, which is currently the most prominent real estate developer of more than 20 projects throughout the Republic.
This company has covered a wide area in Egypt, especially the Red Sea and North Coast regions. Since the establishment of Sabbour Company in 1994, its vision is to develop residential buildings, offices, tourist destinations, and even sports and social clubs.

While their ultimate goal was to provide the needs required by customers and investors, this was what pushed them towards developing themselves and the services they provide in projects, until they owned approximately 62 successful projects. The company is still achieving more successes.

It is worth noting that what contributes to the success of this company is its cooperation with global and local leaders, in various fields, to advance their projects and to provide service with a high level of quality. The company’s motto is that it builds homes that provide comfort and warmth to the customer.

The current vision of that company after 27 years of experience, more than 60 projects and the development of 12 million m2; It is to be a leader in the field of real estate development in Egypt, by strengthening trust with customers and supporting it based on the transparency and distinguished services it provides.

Projects of Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company
Al-Ahly Sabbour Company, as we explained, has developed more than 12 million square meters in Egypt, which has made it one of the major companies that owns several projects. It has many residential compounds in addition to tourist resorts.
In addition, it contributed to the development of several projects in downtown and Cairo, not just the coast of Egypt. Below we will discuss a list of the names of those successful projects other than Gaia Al Ahly Sabbour:

• Compound Green Square Mostakbal City.
• Katameya Hills Compound, Fifth Settlement. Compound Katameya Hills New Cairo.
• The City of Odyssia Mostakbal City.
• L’avenir Mostakbal City Compound.
• Compound Aria Mostakbal City.
• Layan Compound, Fifth Settlement. Compound layan New Cairo.
• Platinum New Cairo project.
• Piacera Ain El Sokhna Village.
• Amwaj North Coast Village.
• Compound Keeva October.


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