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It is one of the most important and best projects recently built in the most prestigious areas of North Coast City by Jumeirah Real Estate Development Company.

What distinguishes Naya Bay, in addition to its strategic location, is its luxurious engineering designs inspired by modern European designs, with green spaces and landscapes exceeding the number of buildings, which creates a distinctive residential environment in harmony with nature.

Moreover, the diversity of the units in terms of designs and spaces was among the things that made Naya Bay Sahel meet and satisfy the desires of all customers.

It is worth noting that all units enjoy a high degree of privacy, as green spaces separate the buildings from each other. Which will make you enjoy all the time even while you are inside the unit.

Location of Naya Bay Village:-

One of the most important advantages is the strategic location that was chosen with great care by the company responsible for constructing this great edifice.

It chose the heart of the North Coast city, specifically at Kilometer 212 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, which is considered one of the most important places in this region.

This is due to the availability of all basic and entertainment services, in addition to its proximity to the main roads that facilitate transportation to and from the project.

Design of Naya Bay Village:

One of the most important features of the village is the engineering and architectural design that the Jumeirah Real Estate Development Company paid great attention to, as the project was designed with the latest modern international shapes inspired by the luxurious and elegant European style.

This model, which is famous for providing green spaces, landscapes, trees and flowers in the vast majority of the area, has been implemented by the company with this wonderful feature that makes life within Naya Bay North Coast village unique and unparalleled.

The project was designed to provide the greatest amount of luxury and enjoyment, which is the primary goal that makes the Saudi Egyptian company make all this effort. To provide a wonderful healthy atmosphere amidst the picturesque nature of water and green spaces, so:

The designs of the Naya Bay North Coast project were based on Greek styles mixed with modern architecture. Engineer Shadi Al-Ghunaimi, the general consultant for the project, stated that the company aspires to meet the needs of customers, and is working to provide bodies of water, open spaces, artificial lakes, restaurants, cafes, and beaches that satisfy the different tastes of customers.
The company contracted with the largest lagoon designers in the world to entrust the process of designing the lagoon for the project, and an agreement has already been reached with the American Crystal Lagoon Company, and we have worked with it to provide privacy to customers with sufficient bodies of water for them.

Area of Naya Bay Coast Village:

The project area is 115 acres, and the area of Naia Bay North Coast village joins the most important advantages that Jumeirah Properties sought to provide, which is equivalent to 483,000 square meters, and this large area is intended to work on providing various basic and recreational services that one dreams of. Customers.

This area was divided so that the project included only 15% of it for buildings, meaning only approximately 72,450 square feet of the total area of the Naia Bay Ras El Hekma project.

The rest of the area, estimated at 85% of the project, was left for services, facilities, green spaces, and landscaping so that all residents of Naya Bay North Coast can enjoy a life full of comfort and tranquility.

Naya Bay North Coast Resort prices and payment systems:

Jumeirah Real Estate Development Company has provided special prices for the units, and this is because the company cares greatly about providing all the needs of customers, and facilitating all the steps that facilitate the process of purchasing a unit so that they can live in this real estate edifice.

The diversity was not limited to spaces and services only, but also included payment and installment systems established by the company, as you can purchase a residential unit within Naya Bay North Coast Resort through these systems:

The customer pays a down payment of 10% of the unit value, and pays the remaining amount over an extended repayment period of up to 7 years.

Advantages of owning a unit in Naya Bay Resort:

Owning a unit within Naya Bay North Coast Resort means that you win in all cases. If you are among those who love a life of luxury and freedom, and feeling as if you are living in a kingdom that is yours alone, then this project is the perfect choice.

Where there are green spaces adjacent to the unit, and a private swimming pool, in addition to enjoying privacy and living life in complete freedom in Naya Bay Ras El Hekma.

If you are a fan of real estate investment, it is inevitably a successful investment, because the region is now among the most important strategic locations in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

This is due to its proximity to New Alamein City, which includes the most important and best real estate, commercial and tourism projects in Egypt, which has become the focus of attention of many famous investors and businessmen.

In addition to its proximity to many important and modern roads, which made the project a real investment opportunity in Naya Bay Ras Al Hekma.

You can also benefit from your unit by renting it throughout the summer period, which is considered the most important and best investment period throughout the year, as summer vacationers flock to search for the best summer units to spend their summer vacation in the most luxurious places and enjoy this vacation.

In addition to the rest of the year, there is calm in the coastal areas, which many people also love to take a break from the burdens of life, so book a unit and never hesitate, and invest your money in the right place without worrying or feeling like taking risks.

Area of units in Naya Bay North Coast Resort:

The area of the resort greatly helped in the project containing many of the most luxurious and elegant residential units with different sizes that meet all the needs of customers, and that was as follows:

  • Stand Alone: This type of unit has a wonderful, direct view of the sea. This unit consists of a ground floor penthouse and a land area ranging from (750 to 971) square metres, with a building area of 520 square metres. This unit includes 7 bedrooms and a swimming pool. And a private jacuzzi in the unit.
  • Townhouse: These units feature a private beach, and the land area in this unit starts from (190 and reaches 603) square meters, and the property area comes from 225 square meters, so this unit includes 4 bedrooms and a penthouse.
  • Twin House: These units consist of a ground floor and a penthouse, with a land area ranging from (400 to 695) square metres, with a building area of 375 square metres. They contain a swimming pool, 5 bedrooms, in addition to a private room for the housemaid.
  • Chalets: These units are built on 3 floors, with one unit on each floor, as follows:
  • Ground floor: It is a unit of 90 square meters and contains two rooms.
  • The first and second floors: It includes studio units with one room and an area of 65 square meters.
  • The third floor: which includes roof penthouse units.

Jemera Company is working on the Naia Bay Ras El Hekma project with an investment value of 7 billion. The Naia Bay resort includes a large number of units, reaching 732 residential units. The project was divided into 6 areas, in order to provide the greatest amount of privacy and luxury to customers. The project includes a hotel area, and an area Vera standalone villas, the Bellagio Twin area and townhouses on the lagoon, which have an area of 60,000 square meters.

The real estate developer of Naya Bay Resort:

This large edifice, called Naia Bay North Coast Resort, belongs to the famous real estate development company “Jumeirah,” which worked to implement Naia bay Ras El hekma with great perfection to become a great residential and tourist edifice in the North Coast region.

Naia Bay Ras El Hikma was launched on an area of 6 million square meters, with financial investments that may exceed 15 billion pounds, in partnership with the real estate development company “Sakan”, in the Ras El Hikma area, which is an attractive area for investment and investors.

The company also hired the largest architectural companies, such as Al-Ghunaimi Company, which is well-known in this field, in addition to being among the best engineering companies, which is famous for its luxurious work and interior design of projects at the highest level.


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The famous village of Sidi Abdel Rahman


Alexandria city


Matrouh city


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S Bay Coast Resort


Hacienda North Coast


Marassi North Coast Village


Smeralda Bay


Fouka Bay Village

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