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Trio v Mall , new capital

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Trio v Mall , new capital
Payment Method
10% down payment- installments over 4 years
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Project Description

Trio V Mall in New Capital is located in one of the most prominent administrative towers of the Nakheel Company. The project was integrated in terms of the services available in it and even the diversity of the available units. The company was able to a large extent to provide everything that customers and investors needed.

It chose the strategic location for its project, in addition to cooperating with the most prominent design and decoration companies in the Arab world, which made it significantly contribute to a boom in the field of Egyptian real estate development. The Trio Mall in NEW Capital Tower came with a European-style design.

In addition, the company has a long history in the field, which has allowed it to attract a large group of customers and prominent businessmen to the project, and it has already achieved a high rate of sales and profits, and we discuss more details about the project on our website.

If you are looking for offices for sale in the New Capital, the Trio v Mall project in new Capital Tower will be your ideal choice

location Trio v Mall

Al Nakheel Real Estate Development Company has been able to choose a distinctive strategic location for its Trio V Mall project in Trou V Tower New Capital. The project was built in the Downtown MU19 area, which is one of the most vital places in the region and includes a large number of huge commercial centers.

This is what makes the project very successful, in addition to the fact that it overlooks several main streets, and directly faces a 50-story skyscraper, next to Central Pools, which guarantees a large percentage of profit from the project.

This stems from the company developing the project’s awareness of the current needs in the Egyptian real estate market, and the additions desired by investors in commercial or administrative units, so the Trio Mall project in new Capital Tower came close to each of the following areas:

Trou V Mall New Capital is close to the monorail station and Oia Towers, in addition to Three Square Tower.
The Trio Mall project in New Capital Tower is very close to the Green River.
The project directly overlooks one of the largest central parks in the Administrative Capital.
Trio Mall,  New Capital, is only 15 minutes away from new Capital Airport.
The mall overlooks 3 main streets, the first with a width of 72 metres, the second with a width of 90 metres, and the last with a width of 42 metres.
Trio Mall in the New Capital Tower is close to the banking complex.
The mall is about 10 minutes away from the Presidential Palace and the House of Representatives.
The mall is only 5 minutes away from Al Masa Hotel by car.
The mall is only 10 minutes away from international universities.
The mall is close to the financial and business district and the government district.

Space and design of Trio V Tower New Capital

If you notice the design of the Trio V Mall project in Trio V Tower New Capital, you will find a reflection of the sophistication and luxury of the expertise of the engineers and decorators. The facade of the project emulates the European style, in addition to being suitable for all people with good taste.

The project was constructed by the most skilled engineers and in cooperation with the most experienced companies in design and construction. The project covered a large area of 7,000 square meters, and it was well utilized by dividing the units within it in a distinctive manner.

The actual construction area amounted to 30% of that area, while the remaining area was exploited for vast green spaces and landscaping, along with picturesque landscapes and artificial water bodies, in addition to the internal units being excellently divided.

Trio V Mall , New Capital, came in an organized and aesthetic way, making it the suitable destination for a large base of customers and major investors due to its provision of multiple types of units and different spaces, in addition to distinctive European designs.

Spaces of Trio Mall, new Capital

Al-Nakheel Real Estate Development Company was able to implement the engineering plan for in Trio V Mall New Capital in a distinctive and ideal way, as the spaces within it were diverse, in addition to the fact that the entire place is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes alongside artificial water bodies.

It is worth noting that the diversity in its advertising for stores for sale in New Capital was among the company’s strategies, the result of its long experience in the field, to attract the largest possible customer base and achieve high sales, in order for the project to suit all needs and tastes.

Therefore, the units were diverse, ranging from commercial, administrative, and even medical, in addition to the fact that they were able to make the spaces of the units diverse as well, and this makes it possible to obtain what suits your project, whether it is small or you want to expand in the most prestigious places in the capital, and the available spaces are as follows: :

Commercial starts from 37 meters
Administrative space starts from 31 metres
Medical starts from 70 metres

prices Trio v Mall , new Capital

In addition to the various spaces that Al Nakheel Real Estate Development Company has implemented, it has been able to provide appropriate competitive prices with different categories of customers and investors, in order to satisfy all current requirements in the Egyptian real estate market.

The company's primary goal was and still is customer satisfaction, and trying to implement excellent projects, which are mainly based on providing all the customer's basic requirements and attraction factors, one of which is the appropriate and average price with the capabilities available in the mall, so the price list for Trio Mall in  New Capital Tower came. Trou V Mall New Capital is as follows:

Commercial units start from 6,755,275
Administrative units start from 3,630,627
Medical units start from 8,671,600

 payment plan Trio V Mall New Capital

Al-Nakheel Real Estate Development Company has been able to perfectly implement the plans for Trio Mall in New  Capital Tower, starting with the design that mimics the European style, through to the available units and the diversity of spaces.

In addition to all of this, it has been able to make the payment plans easy for customers, and provide the ability to purchase any unit of any type at reasonable prices and a payment plan in installments over many years, in order to facilitate all customers. The payment plan available is as follows:

Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 6 years

It should be noted that the prices of units for sale in the New Capital in Trio v Mall in Tower may have changed, and to obtain price updates, contact us.

services Trio v Mall, new Capital

Nakheel Real Estate Development Company has been able to implement the Trio Mall in the New Capital Tower with a great deal of mastery and precision, which has made it one of the most prominent current projects in the Egyptian market.

It included all the services that an investor or customer might need, in addition to providing the basic and even recreational needs required. It did not overlook any of the services or stores for sale in the New Capital at a low price, and the features required to be available in any mall, so the list of services came as follows:

Trio Mall in the New Capital Tower includes an area dedicated to children and is equipped with the latest toys and modern safety technologies, in addition to providing all the required safety factors.
A number of radiology centers and pharmacies, in addition to analysis laboratories, have been provided within the mall, making obtaining any medical services easily available.
Trio Mall in the New Capital Tower is highly secured, as all parts of the place have surveillance cameras of the highest level and modern technologies.
The elevators in Trio Tower Mall are very fast and equipped in the same European style, and there are a large number of them sufficient for all customers inside the mall, and they are also air-conditioned.
At each of the entrances and exits of Trio Mall in Tower New  Capital, there is a security team trained to the highest level, in order to secure the place well.
Most of the mall’s units are powered by clean energy, “solar energy,” which provides the clean, healthy environment that the state seeks to implement at that time.
There is a large group of cafes and restaurants located in Trio Mall in the New Capital Tower, which offer the most delicious food and drinks.
The developing company has provided a strong communications network throughout, to make it easier for the customer to make communications without interrupting the network or connection.
The mall provides all the required services, whether basic or recreational, to provide everything that customers require and attract investors.
Several entrances to Trio Mall in the New Capital Tower have been provided, as well as exits, in order to avoid any congestion or overcrowding in the place. All cleaning and maintenance services have been provided for all units inside Trio Mall in the New Administrative Capital Tower, on a regular basis.
The developing company has implemented a group of conference and meeting rooms equipped with the latest means and technology.
The cleaning service is not interrupted in any way throughout the day inside the mall for all units and places available in it.
There are garbage collection points inside Trio Mall in Tower New  Capital throughout.
There is free Wi-Fi throughout Trio Mall in Tower New Capital.
There are a large number of automated teller machines available throughout the tower.

Al Nakheel Real Estate Development Company

Al Nakheel Real Estate Development Company is one of the most prominent real estate companies currently in the Arab market, as it has about 15 years of experience in the field of real estate development, in addition to its first work being in the United Arab Emirates in 2005, and then it established Global Company in 2008 in Dubai.

It is worth noting that the company has several areas in which it operates. It has experience in finishing, development, sales, marketing and other real estate businesses, in addition to having a large number of successful investment projects, through which it was able to prove its worth among several competing companies throughout the previous years.

The company began its work in the Egyptian market in 2017, and has spread its valuable experience in the field and expanded significantly and very quickly, and this is what made it gain the trust of a large number of investors, in addition to providing everything customers need, and its first goal is to add more.

Indeed, this is what has been greatly demonstrated in its various projects. It has presented a large number of projects that meet different needs of investors in the market that do not exist, whether in terms of modern European designs, diverse units in addition to competitive prices, and it has also been able to develop its fields and expertise.

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