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The Curve Compound ,New Capital

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The Curve Compound ,New Capital
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15% down payment- installments over 7years
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The Curve Compound New Capital is one of the modern, upscale and advanced residential complexes, and the services available in it meet everyone’s needs in terms of living in an upscale and attractive place.

The Curve Compound in New Capital included many spaces that played a role in compatible with the various needs of customers. This difference in space played a role in attracting the attention of a very large number of people towards this project.

In The Curve Compound, New Capital, you will find all the requirements and competitive prices that you are looking for and want to own the units through, so the compound suits customers with various requirements.

Likewise, anyone who is looking for an upscale residential area in an upscale neighborhood can obtain a unit in The Curve Compound, New Capital, as this compound is distinguished by its distinguished location, and in our article we will discuss many details about it.

If you are looking for an ideal residential unit with full services, “The Curve Compound, New Capital” will be your ideal choice

Location of The Curve Compound, New Capital

The location chosen for the construction and design of The Curve Compound in New Capital is one of the most famous and distinguished locations in the entire new Capital. It is worth noting that this location indicates the real estate developer’s experience and ability to choose the appropriate places for each project separately.

The choices of the company developing the project were characterized by being suitable for everyone and successful choices, so customers feel reassured about the location of The Curve Compound in the New Capital because they are certain that it has a distinguished location.

Indeed, Plot No. I6 G + 7 was chosen from the New Capital, which overlooks two main streets, and the width of each street reaches 60 meters. It is worth noting that the location of The Curve Compound in New Capital allowed it to be close to many of the main places and axes that... It is important for residents of the compound to be close to it.

The places near The Curve New Capital are characterized by their liveliness, and they are among the vacant areas with residents, but they are of a high standard, meaning that despite the population density in the surrounding areas, the resident of the compound feels comfortable and sophisticated, and among these places are the following:

The Curve New Capital Compound is close to the Diplomatic District and the Government District, in addition to being located very close to the exhibition grounds, as it only takes 10 minutes to travel.
The Curve New Capital is located close to Al Masa Hotel, which is one of the most important hotels in New  Capital.
The Curve Compound, New Capital, is very close to Ain Sokhna/Cairo Road.
The Curve New Capital project is located 2 km from Mohammed bin Zayed Axis.
The compound is located 7 km from the northern axis.
The compound is located 20 km from Al Amal Axis.

Space and design by The Curve New Capital

A large area was relied upon for the construction and establishment of The Curve Compound project in New Capital, and it is worth noting that this area allowed the provision of all the interior spaces of the project’s interior units, and also provided the opportunity for diversification.

Corner Stone, the developer of the project, relied on an area of up to 13 acres to implement the project, an area that made its project attributed to the list of the largest modern architectural projects in New Capital.

The Curve Compound in New Capital contains 15 buildings, each building has 540 units, and the floors are divided into a ground floor and 7 recurring floors. It is worth noting that the project was not limited to one type of unit, but rather belongs to many types, such as apartments, duplexes, Penthouses and model apartments.

The compound was designed in a modern and elegant style, similar to real estate spread across New York City. This design focused on some important details, including the double roof and terraces that were designed over a large area and attention was paid to their shape, which attracted many clients to the project.

The Curve Compound in New Capital has a very important feature, which is the availability of a Tree Lounge for each building separately. It is the space in which family gatherings and events take place, and it is possible for the guest to relax in it by reading some books or drinking his favorite drink in peace. The most prominent and important features of the compound.

Spaces of The Curve Compound, New Capital

The spaces within The Curve Compound in New Capital varied, and these different spaces suited different requirements, making the project suitable for everyone.

In each type of unit in the project, you will find this diversity of space, allowing you to choose the space that suits you with the type you are most comfortable with, and among the spaces in the project:

one-bedroom apartment starts from 103 square meters
 3-room apartment starts from 190 square meters

The company developing the project has provided small spaces for those who want them, and large spaces represented in duplexes as well for those who want them. Thus, the project is suitable for various needs and requirements, so hurry to reserve your unit now and choose what suits you from among the apartments for sale in New Capital belonging to this compound.

Prices of The Curve Compound, New  Capital

The spaces in The Curve Compound in New Capital are different from each other, and it is worth noting that the huge difference in these spaces plays a role in making the prices different from each other.

The price of a one-bedroom apartment starts from 4,282,000
The price of a 3-bedroom apartment starts from 7,600,000

The Curve New Capital payment plan 

Through its project, The Curve Compound in  New Capital, Corner Stone Company sought to gain more fame and reputation in this field, and thus it searched for a way in which it could provide its services and projects to customers in a comfortable manner, so it introduced installment plans.

The payment plan provided by the company in The Curve Compound project in New Capital are easy and flexible, and they are:

  • 15% down payment and installments up to 7 years

It should be noted that the prices of (The Curve Compound New Capital) may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

Services of The Curve Compound, New Capital

The number of services available in The Curve Compound in New Capital is endless, and choosing one of the apartments for sale in the New Capital belonging to this compound will give you the opportunity to enjoy the finest and best services that you can live with, including:

In The Curve Compound, New Capital, there is a clubhouse with multiple services and activities that can provide entertainment for guests. There is also an area designated for games with many games that are suitable for adults and children, and which support the entertainment aspect of the guest’s life.
There are many paths in The Curve Compound in New Capital, some of which are designated for walking, some for cars, in addition to a path designated for practicing sports activities such as running and cycling, which made practicing sports a safe thing in the compound.
The Curve Compound,  New Capital, is supported by a security and guarding system with a high level of experience and efficiency, continuous around the clock, as well as the surveillance cameras in it that operate 24 hours a day, and are distinguished by their high accuracy and quality.
The Curve Compound in  New Capital includes a gym in which sports are practiced using the latest types of equipment, and it has the best trainers who practice this profession with experience, skill and knowledge at the highest level.
There are designated places for cars, and they are completely safe, as each garage in The Curve Compound, the New Administrative Capital, is equipped with continuous surveillance cameras around the clock.
The largest area in The Curve Compound in New Capital is dedicated to landscapes and green spaces, which made the feeling of enjoyment and relaxation within the compound at a higher level.
Within The Curve Compound, New Capital, there is a social club with all sports that allow guests to comfortably practice the sports they are interested in.
The Curve Compound in New Capital has two main gates, and the main roads in it do not have any intersections that hinder the movement of cars or cause anxiety for guests.
The maintenance system inside the compound continues 24 hours a day, and thus guests are safe from any malfunction that could occur in their units, and if it does happen, it is dealt with immediately.
Elevators are available in each of the buildings in The Curve Compound, New Capital, which facilitate movement, going up and down.
The entire compound can be operated by the system of additional electrical generators present in it, which makes it completely safe from any malfunction that could occur.
The Curve Compound, New Capital, is famous for its 24-hour cleanliness that is available at any time.
Swimming pools of different sizes and depths suitable for children and adults are available to guests of The Curve Compound in New Capital.
There are social and administrative buildings through which the best level of customer service is provided.

Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company

Corner Stone is one of the successful real estate development companies that was able, in a very short period of time, to obtain unparalleled fame and fame, thanks to its efforts in striving towards development and reaching international standards in the field of architectural development, as well as thanks to architects with high experience in the field of construction and reconstruction.

Corner Stone Company has about 30 years of experience, so it is one of the largest well-known companies in the real estate development market. It is worth noting that it is always aware of Western developments in this field, so its projects are distinguished by sophistication and distinctive beautiful design.

The total profits from its investment over the previous years reached about 600,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and this, if anything, indicates its previous successes, which spread everywhere in Egypt, as well as outside it. Therefore, purchasing from among the supply of apartments for sale in  New Capital belongs The Curve Compound will be an ideal and correct choice because you will be amazed by the project’s designs, spaces, and services beyond your imagination.

Cornerstone Development projects

The previous projects that Corner Stone Company took responsibility for constructing before The Curve Compound New Capital project will help you learn more about the company’s experience in the field, and thus your choice of the units offered in that compound for sale will be with conviction, including:

A large number of towers within more than one governorate in Egypt.
Projects constructed and fully implemented in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.
Office buildings in both Alexandria and Cairo

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