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Terraside Business Park Mall, new Capital

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Terraside Business Park Mall, new Capital
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15 % down payment- installments over 5 years
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The real estate developer, Brouq Real Estate Development and Development Company, made a great effort in choosing a strategic location in the heart of the financial district, close to all relevant state agencies and the huge real estate projects within it, which led to an increase in traffic to this area to invest in. It is also located close to various areas. Vibrancy and important roads linking it to all parts of Greater Cairo.

Creativity and innovation are the most prominent features of the Stira Business Park Mall in new Capital City, where a group of the most qualified engineering experts and designers participated in implementing it to the fullest extent so that it suits people with high taste and provides them with everything they desire, and its huge area adds to the most prominent features that... The mall has many administrative units of varying sizes and internal divisions that serve all the needs and requirements of customers.

Brouq Real Estate Company, the developer of the Mall Terraside Business Park New Capital project, was keen to provide a competitive price package and easy facilities in payment systems so as not to put its customers under any financial turmoil, with the company offering a special discount of up to 30% when paying with cash.

Location of Terraside Business Park Mall, new Capital

Geographical location is the cornerstone that real estate companies place for their investment projects with great care. Location is one of the basic pillars that contribute greatly to the success of the project. Therefore, these companies carefully study the needs of customers in the real estate market and then choose a strategic location based on their desires.

Hence, Brouq Real Estate Development Company began searching for the most desirable locations for its clients until it chose the financial district, which includes many vital and service facilities that serve its residents to the fullest. It is also distinguished by containing many huge government and investment bodies, and is located close to... It has several important main roads that make access to and from it easy.

Areas near Terraside Business Park

It is located opposite the Suez Canal Bank and the Arab African Bank.
Close to the headquarters of the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the Ministry of Education.
Within minutes you will be able to reach the Ministries District and the Government District.
The Terraside Business Park project is a short distance from the Egyptian Post headquarters and the Al Masa Hotel.
You can easily reach the headquarters of the People's Assembly, the Council of Ministers, and the Presidential Palace.
The mall is located next to the banking complex and the headquarters of the Central Bank.
It is close to the ministries axis and new Capital Airport.

Design of Terraside Mall Business Park

The doors of investment are wide open in new Capital City, and this is what real estate companies have taken advantage of by presenting their projects there, taking into account the provision of architectural styles that come in accordance with advanced European models that pay great attention to modern technologies that facilitate the simplest transactions within the Terra Side Business Park project.

The Terraside Business Park Mall is a distinctive icon among investment projects in the capital, as it provides all customers and those looking for real opportunities with a package of administrative units that vary in size and design to suit customers’ needs. It consists of a ground floor followed by 7 repeated upper floors.

The mall has an engineering design that takes advantage of its total area to provide more benefits. The external facades of the mall are made of reinforced, sound-insulating glass so that visitors can enjoy viewing the project’s surroundings and the various aesthetic aspects it occupies, in addition to the splendor of the interior design and the artistic touches that it received and contributed to making it one of the most Investment projects progress and success.

Area of Terraside Business Park Mall, new Capital

The Mall Terraside Business Park New Capital project building was constructed on a large area of 19,000 square meters, and it was carefully distributed between the administrative units and between the green cover and the plaza areas, which give a general aesthetic appearance to the mall. Although the investment units are located on the smaller share of that area, they are It is available in multiple spaces that satisfy all customer desires.

Unit space in Terra Side Business Park, new Capital

Brouq Real Estate Development Company respects the opinions and needs of its customers, and this is demonstrated by providing a range of options so that they can find the closest to their requirements. The internal divisions of these units also vary in proportion to the needs of the companies that help them start their own projects through them, and the area of ​​the units of the Terra Side Business project begins Park and she:

Commercial starts from 49 meters
Administrative starts from 28 metres
Medical starts from 28 metres

prices Mall Terraside Business Park 

The extensive experience possessed by Brouq Real Estate Company was evident through the features it provided in its latest project, Terraside Mall Business Park, the Administrative Capital, in addition to the great experience it gained in financial matters. This contributed to providing a distinctive competitive price package that suits the different capabilities of customers.

Commercial starts from 6,860,000
Administrative and medical starts from 2,660,000

payment plan in Terraside Mall Business Park

You can now purchase a distinctive administrative unit in the heart of the Administrative Capital in the Financial District within the Mall Terraside Business Park New Capital by acquiring a payment plan that suits the different purchasing capabilities of customers, and these systems are as follows:

  • Down payment starting from 15% and installments up to 6 years

services Terraside Business Park new Capital 
Learn about the services and features of Terraside Business Park Mall, the capital
Terraside Business Park Mall has countless services and facilities, and it provides you with an exceptional and comfortable experience that helps customers complete all their work with ease and endless accuracy, in addition to providing an amazing set of features that guarantee your private company the utmost success, and the services are The features are as follows:

• Security and guard personnel work around the clock to create a feeling of safety and reassurance in the hearts of customers.
• There are electronic gates at all main entrances and exits to the mall, in addition to surveillance cameras that monitor all movements 24 hours a day.
• There are advanced and large garages that accommodate the largest number of cars and operate with modern security systems that contribute to preserving the property of all customers.
• There are many panoramic elevators and escalators that make moving between floors easy and comfortable for visitors.
• The conference hall operates with advanced technologies so that stockholders can meet at any time.
• Terra Side Business Park Mall in new Capital allows you to complete all your banking and banking transactions through the presence of many automated teller machines.
• There are many advanced safety systems such as fire fighting systems.
• In the event of a power outage, electricity is operated by the electrical generators it contains.
• There is a rest area that includes a large number of restaurants that offer the best types of delicious food and your favorite drinks.
• Each floor includes men’s and women’s toilets and large prayer rooms.
• The mall operates a central air conditioning system that helps cool the general atmosphere.
A brief about Brouq Real Estate Company, which owns the mall
Brouq Real Estate Development Company began its work in the field of real estate investment in 2020, and during this period it was able to present its own urban philosophy that enhances the distinction of its projects from other competing projects, as its projects have a distinctive and modern floor, as a result of the merger of a number of real estate companies in Egypt and the East. Middle East and provide a mix of experiences and cultures in its projects.

 Brouk Real Estate Company
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• Terra Side Mall, Business Park, Administrative Capital.

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