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SMART TOWER NEW CAPITAL is one of the huge, unparalleled commercial projects, as it provides all the services investors are looking for in commercial projects.

Smart Tower, New Capital, is one of the projects through which Captain Real Estate Company was able to establish its name in the field of real estate, due to the precision followed in implementing the project in a way that caught everyone’s attention.

Smart Tower, New Capital, is distinguished by many features that made it one of the most prestigious and important commercial projects, which placed it in an unparalleled position, most notably the location that the project occupied.

Through our article, we decided to highlight all the details about this huge commercial project, taking into account clarifying all the important inquiries that many would like to know, through the following lines.

If you are looking for a commercial, administrative, or medical unit in new Capital, “Smart Tower New Capital” will be your ideal choice.

Location of the Smart Tower Mall project, new  Capital

The strategic location that was chosen to complete the construction of the Smart Tower project in New Capital has a major role in attracting many people towards it.

It was built in the heart of the New Capital to be closer to all the facilities and services that everyone is looking for, especially in the Downtown area, and since it is a huge commercial project, this location is considered one of the most suitable locations in which it can be established.

One of the most prominent factors and features that attracted many people towards this project is the distinctive location, which is the closest location to the most important landmarks in the New Capital. Below we will explain the closest places that the mall overlooks:

Smart Tower,  New Capital, is only about 15 minutes away from Al Amal Axis, which is one of the most important axes in the New  Capital.
Between Smart Tower, New Capital, and the Presidential Palace, it is only about 15 minutes if you travel the distance by car.
Very close to the monorail station, as it is only about 10 minutes away.
The most important malls in Downtown are located near it, including Town Mall.
It is located close to the Green River and the capital's regional road.
It is only about 5 minutes between the mall and Bin Zayed Corridor.
It is located close to the cathedral.

Space and design of Smart Tower, new Capital

The project space is one of the most important things that customers take into consideration, because it determines whether this project includes all the services and facilities that he may need while he is in the mall and doing his work or not.

Smart Tower, New Capital, was built on an area of ​​up to 4,000 square meters, and this area includes buildings and green spaces that added natural touches to the place, and made the spaces inside the mall the required and noticeable diversity in all fields.

As for the design, it was prepared in a more intelligent way than the designs used in other commercial, administrative and medical malls, because the project’s external design is distinguished and different, as well as sophistication and beauty.

Choosing Smart Tower in New Capital to buy shops for sale in New Capital is definitely the perfect choice, and through this option you will enjoy all the features you are looking for in the commercial or administrative area that you want to own.

spaces Smart Tower in new capital

The spaces offered for sale in offices for sale in New Capital affiliated with Smart Tower New Capital vary according to the type of unit, and the large area on which the project was established has provided diversity that satisfies everyone in terms of owning a unit with the space they desire, whether small or large, and below we will explain. Available spaces of all types:

Commercial units from 27 meters
Administrative and medical units start from 26 meters

prices Smart Tower in new capital

The prices in the shops available in Smart Tower Mall new capital varied depending on the type of unit, and it is worth noting that the real estate developer responsible for the project clarified the average price per meter, and below we will explain what he announced in the current period according to the latest price update:

Smart Tower shops start from 4,455,000
Medical units start from 2,002,000
administrative starts from 1,976,000

payment plan Smart Tower ,  New Capital

Although the prices of Smart Tower in New Capital are competitive, the real estate developer of the project has allowed the provision of many payment plan that suit the needs.

This makes payment easier for those wishing to own one of the stores for sale in New Capital or offices for sale in New Capital. Below we will explain it to you in full, and you have the freedom to choose the system through which you feel comfortable:

Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 8 years

It should be noted that the prices of SMART TOWER NEW CAPITAL may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

services Smart Tower ,new capital

There are many, many services available in Smart Tower, the New Administrative Capital, which made a large number of people want to buy from among the mall’s units. Below we will explain these services in full to get to know what you can enjoy:

• Smart Tower, New  Capital, has central air conditioning that includes all units, which makes staying there unobtrusive in the summer, and makes you more able to do your work comfortably.
• There are many modern systems available in the Smart Tower project in New Capital that made the mall smart and facilitated smooth dealings for its residents.
• Smart Tower New Capital is equipped with a security and guarding team with the highest level of efficiency, accuracy, and work training, ensuring security and safety for those present in the place.
• Smart Tower,  New Capital, has a central shower, which contributes to providing all the services needed by the medical and administrative units.
• The height of the tower is 125 meters, which is the length that guarantees you a beautiful and picturesque view through which you feel beautiful and present in an elegant place.
• There is a garage dedicated to cars equipped with cameras that help you leave your belongings in the car without worrying about them.
• The mall is supported by backup power, which does not cause any malfunction in the place at all, no matter how many malfunctions it is exposed to.
• Panoramic elevators are available in Smart Tower New Capital, and it is worth noting that they have impressed everyone.
• The mall's facades are made of double glass, designed in a unique, sophisticated and distinctive modern style.
• There is a monitoring system in place at the highest level of efficiency, and it operates around the clock.
• A firefighting system is available in the place to ensure security for those present in the place.
Captain Real Estate Company
The real estate developer of the Smart Tower project in New Capital is one of the most important things that draws attention to the project immediately after wanting to buy any of the commercial or administrative units located in New Capital. It is worth noting that it is one of the companies that seeks continuous development.

This was demonstrated through the history of the work of the former Al-Captain Real Estate Company, through which the extent of the company’s endeavor to achieve global reach in the field of development and construction was demonstrated. The success of Al-Captain Company was not limited to Smart Tower in New Capital only, but it has a precedent of work that attests to its consolidation of its name.

This company was established in 1993 AD, and since that time it has gained great fame that is unparalleled among other real estate companies, and its work has spread everywhere, and through the following lines we will explain the precedent of its work.
El Captain Developments projects
There are many projects that Al-Captain Company took responsibility for creating, which made the desire of many people to own units offered for sale in shops for sale in New Capital and offices for sale in the New Administrative Capital increase.
Below we will show you the precedent of work that proves to you the validity of choosing Smart Tower in New Capital as the primary destination in choosing from a group of commercial malls, including:

• A compound in Obour City, Ninth District, in cooperation with the Engineers Syndicate.
• Projects in Nasr City, New Nozha and Heliopolis.
• Smart Mall project in the New Administrative Capital.
• Ramatan Village, North Coast.
• Zein Bay village in Ras Sedr.

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