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Smart Mall , new Capital

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Smart Mall , new Capital
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10% down payment- installments over 6years
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Smart Tower Mall, New Capital, is one of the most recent projects implemented in New Capital through Al-Captain Real Estate Development Company. It is one of the most important projects currently in existence, and the most distinguished in terms of the services available, features, price per meter, as well as the great diversity of spaces and payment facilities. The repayment period extends over 6 years.

Smart Tower, new Capital, is the first commercial tower in New  Capital, which includes several sections, including: (administrative - medical - commercial - residential and hotel). It was built in the most distinctive place within the capital, which is the Downtown in front of the Al Masa Hotel, with a direct view of the Green River.

Smart Mall is considered one of the largest commercial malls that was specially designed, as international designs were specially prepared for it to be suitable for all commercial purposes within one of the most important areas of the capital, which is the famous Downtown and thriving with services and facilities, which makes it a direct reason for the project’s popularity in new Capital.

location Smart Mall , new Capital

The Smart Mall New Capital project is located in an important strategic location within new Capital, which is the Downtown area, which is considered one of the largest commercial areas within the capital and the most famous and attractive to visitors. The developing company was keen to choose a distinctive location that is easy to reach and will be an attraction factor for many customers and visitors. The company did not find a more vibrant place than the Downtown area of the capital.

Smart Tower is close to the most famous landmarks in the region, and it is located near several main roads and axes that facilitate easy access to the project from various regions.

Places Smart Mall Capital

Most of the upscale neighborhoods in New Capital are close to Smart Mall.
Close to Al Masa Hotel.
The smart tower is located near the monorail station.
Close to the government district and the ministries district.
Smart Mall is located in new Capital, near the International University District.
The mall is 5 minutes away from Bin Zayed Axis.
15 minutes separate the project from the Opera House building in the capital.

Downtown is considered one of the most lively and distinctive areas in New Capital, as it is considered a large commercial area with many public services and facilities in addition to the residential units within it, and it has a large population density that makes Downtown an important location within New Capital.

Area and design of Smart Mall, new Capital

The size and types of units vary, in addition to the variety of services and benefits included in the mall, making it a great investment opportunity.

The Smart Mall in the New Capital was implemented on an area of 4,000 square meters and consists of 5 commercial floors, including a ground floor. The area of the units within the mall varies to suit all customers and serve them, as the spaces start from the first 20 square metres.

A variety of different units have been provided in terms of type and space so that all customers can find what suits their aspirations and desires. The green cover is interspersed between the units and many different water bodies that give an aesthetic view of the mall, as the landscape area occupies 70% of the total area of Smart Mall in the capital. Administrative, while buildings occupied 30% of the project area.

The smart mall contains several sections, including a medical section and private clinics, an administrative section and administrative offices, a commercial section and shops, and a residential and hotel section, with the diversity to serve all customer needs. One of the unique features of the smart mall new capital project is receiving fully finished units.

Features of Smart Mall, New Capital

Smart Tower Mall was implemented in the most vital area of the new Capital, which is the Downtown area, which is a very important feature, and the owner company will not stop there, but rather has added many other different features, including the following:

Important geographical location.
Close to upscale residential neighborhoods.
Smart Tower is the largest mall in Downtown.
The mall features a very distinctive interior design of the units.
The first commercial mall that includes many services in the Administrative Capital.
Its unit prices are very distinctive and economical.
It has many payment facilities available over a period of 6 years.

services Smart Tower in new capital

The smart mall new capital project is characterized by the presence of many necessary and recreational services and public facilities, in addition to various recreational activities that help provide all means of comfort and luxury. The impressive services and facilities are as follows:

Security device and surveillance cameras at all entrances and exits.
Smart Mall of the Capital includes a medical center with all specialties.
Green spaces and landscapes are spread over 70% of the total area of the mall.
Picturesque natural landscapes spread throughout Smart Tower, the capital, creating an extremely wonderful aesthetic view.
A gym equipped with the latest sports equipment to practice your favorite sport and a spa.
Shops for all international brands.
In Smart Mall you will find a number of restaurants and cafes that provide services at the highest level.
Samar Mall contains a children's entertainment area with many games that your children will love in a fully secured place.
Artificial lakes with stunning designs intermingle with green spaces to give the units stunning views.
Smart Tower includes various swimming pools suitable for adults and children.
Places of worship.
Smart Tower New Capital includes large sports fields that host tournaments.
An integrated garage for cars and bicycles, monitored by cameras specific to the units.
Electric lifts.

Spaces of Smart Mall, new Capital

Areas starting from 29 square meters

Smart Mall Administrative Capital prices

The mall has a view of the main transportation routes that lead you to your destination in the shortest possible time.

The prices per meter inside Smart Mall, the Administrative Capital, are among the cheapest unit prices in the Administrative Capital, and they are very suitable for all customers, and they vary according to the type of unit, its design, and the area of the unit, so that the price of commercial units starts from 6,322,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment plan in Smart Tower

Al Captain Real Estate Development Company announced the provision of multiple payment facilities with very easy plan  and distinctive prices that are considered the lowest ever in the Administrative Capital. Now you can own your unit in Smart Mall in new Capital with ease, and among these facilities are the following:

Down payment starting from 15%, installments up to 6 years, and discounts up to 10%

Al Captain Development

El Captain Developments is the owner and developer of the Smart Tower Mall project and is one of the largest real estate and investment companies in the Egyptian market. It has a distinguished and unparalleled business history, and these real estate projects have created a huge name for it in the world of real estate.

The company is distinguished by its picturesque designs of residential projects taken from modern European designs, which have gained the trust of millions of investors and customers, especially because it provides the best prices and the easiest payment plan , so it has won multiple segments of different customers.

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