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Rivan Compound, new Capital

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Rivan Compound, new Capital
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10% down payment- installments over 6 years
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Rivan New Capital Compound is the first hotel residential project of its kind in NEW Capital. It embodies the highest standards of luxury and luxurious living. It was developed with the latest international technologies to live in good health in an environment of peace and psychological comfort in the best locations of the new Capital.

The Rivan Compound project in new Capital is characterized by your choice of the type of finishing you wish to receive your unit with, as it is built in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in new Capital, which is the Seventh Residential District R7, which is located in the heart of the new Capital.

The Arab Development and Real Estate Development Company, which owns the project, was keen to provide various units, and these units differ in creative designs as well as spaces.

In addition to the presence of a diverse package of distinctive prices and flexible payment and installment plan that Al-Tameer Real Estate Development Company offers to its customers, in order to give those searching for apartments for sale in the Rivan new Capital Compound an opportunity that will not be repeated again.

Location of Rivan Compound, new Capital

The Rivan new Capital project is located on the most important roads and main axes within new Capital. It is also located in the R7 area in the heart of the new Capital, directly on the services area and the tourist promenade. It is also close to all the main roads and public institutions of the state.

In addition to its proximity to vital areas, international schools, and accredited universities, it is also located close to several hospitals that help the residents of the new capital maintain their health.

The most prominent areas near Rivan Compound
Rivan New Capital Compound is close to the government district and the financial and business district.
Rivan New Capital project is just a few steps away from the Green River.
It is also about 5 minutes away from the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ and Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.
It is located close to the Mohammed bin Zayed Southern Axis and the Ring Road.
A few steps from the Central Park, Al Masa Hotel.
You can easily reach the tourist attraction, the exhibition grounds, and the embassy district.
The compound is only 10 minutes from the capital's airport and the presidential palace.

Rivan New Capital project space

Rivan New Capital Compound was built on a large area of about 16.5 acres to accommodate a variety of amenities and offer a large number of units with a variety of spaces.

The most important thing that distinguishes the area of the Rivan New Capital project is the diversity in the type and area of units to suit the various needs of customers.

The largest share of the project area was to build green spaces that relax the nerves and give clean, dust-free air. The compound was built in an attractive and creative way that reflects the wonderful appearance of the compound in an aesthetic and modern form.

A large area has been allocated to create a large commercial mall that includes international brands, restaurants and cafes at the highest level, in addition to the presence of commercial centres, stadiums, swimming pools and artificial lakes.

Services and features available in Rivan Compound new capital

The company implementing the Rivan Compound is interested in providing various and all services that customers are looking for, as the service point is one of the most important points according to which the customer makes the decision to buy or not to buy, and this applies to the purchase process in all compounds available in Egypt, and from here it was provided The following group of services in the compound includes:

There are artificial lakes of different shapes, which give the residents of the compound to enjoy the picturesque view.
There are a large and varied number of swimming pools located throughout the compound, which enjoy the greatest degree of privacy.
An integrated commercial mall is available to provide all the needs of residents in the Rivan Capital project.
An area dedicated to entertainment, including an amusement park.
There are also luxurious hotel entrances.
A variety of restaurants and cafes.
A long, large walkway dedicated to lovers of walking and running while enjoying the outdoors.
Security and guarding services are available 24 hours a day because they operate in shifts, providing safety and protection for all residents throughout the day.
Revan Compound, the New Capital, is surrounded by a high wall and privacy gates.

Design of Revan Compound, New Capital

The developer company worked to allocate a large area for the construction of the Rivan Compound in the New Capital, as the area allocated for the project is approximately 16.5 acres, which the company allocated to provide a few residential units of various sizes and shapes amid a very large amount of various entertainment means.

A distinguished group of the most skilled engineering consultants was used in order to develop the urban planning for the project in a way that the clients deserve and befits the name of the developing company, while achieving the maximum benefit from the entire area of the project without wasting any of it, through one of the masterpieces of international architecture on Egyptian soil.

spaces Apartment in Rivan New Capital

It is worth noting that the Rivan Compound is rich in residential units of different sizes, with the aim of each client choosing the space that suits him. What distinguishes this project from other compounds that have been implemented at the present time is that the Rivan Compound contains new units.

Two-bedroom apartments start from 129 meters

3-bedroom apartments start from 184 meters

4-room apartments start from 212 meters

Duplexes start from 396 meters

Prices of Rivan new Capital

The prices of the Rivan New Capital Compound are one of the most competitive prices in the city, as the developing company was keen to present it to the public in a very appropriate manner due to the large number of features it enjoys, making it an irreplaceable investment opportunity based on the opinions of all real estate experts.

Two-bedroom apartments start from 9,791,925

3-bedroom apartments start from 13,667,940

4-bedroom apartments start from 14,289,263

Duplex starts from 26,862,478

Payment plans for Revan Compound, New Capital

What most attracts customers to buy units in the available compounds, whether in new Capital, such as Rivan Compound, the New Capital, or in another area in Egypt, are the unit prices and available payment plans.

What distinguishes Rivan New Capital Compound from others is the availability of the opportunity to purchase in installments over a long period.

Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 8 years

real estate developer of Rivan Compound, New Capital

The Arab Development Company is the company responsible for designing and implementing the Revan Compound in new Capital. This company was established in 1995 AD.

Through the distinctive projects it provides, the company has become well-known in the field of real estate development, whether inside or outside Egypt, as the company’s projects have expanded to areas in the Arabian Gulf and Africa.

This company excels in implementing various projects, including the Rivan Compound, by focusing on choosing the appropriate geographic location for the project.

In addition to the interest in providing all the services and benefits in the project with the aim of providing comfort to customers, by dividing the area of the project units in an appropriate manner, in addition to the interest in providing a charming and wonderful view of all corners of the Rivan Compound.

 Arab Construction Company projects

The Revan Tower project is the first five-star hotel in the downtown area. It provides ownership of a hotel unit in the capital. You can live or invest in the hotel as you want. It is worth noting that the hotel is under the management of a company with extensive experience, reaching 50 years of experience. In the management and operation of hotels, which is the Arab Construction Company
Rivan Square Mall, New Capital, Rivan Square Mall.
Rivan Square Mall, new Capital, is one of the prominent investment projects announced by the Arab Development and Real Estate Investment Company. You will find this iconic building on the Champs-Elysées Street, which is the company’s second project.

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