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Pukka Compound , New capital

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Pukka Compound , New capital
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15% down payment- installments over 5years
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Pukka New Capital Compound is one of the residential projects that fulfilled the dreams of a large number of people, and even fits the needs that everyone requires in their homes.

Pukka New Capital Compound project included several features that made it combine the luxurious life that anyone dreams of, and the comfortable life that he wants to enjoy.

Pukka New Capital Compound is one of the most recent projects built in that area recently, and it has some details that, after learning about it in detail, you will be able to understand why it was chosen as an enjoyable residential unit and is not considered one of the most distinguished residential projects.

This residential project provides countless options for customers, and its famous distinguished location helped them benefit from these services, which we will aim to clarify below while providing all the details about the Pukka New Capital Compound project.

If you are looking for apartments for sale, the Pukka New Capital Compound project will be your ideal choice

Location of Pukka Compound, New Capital

In presenting everything related to the Pukka New Capital Compound project, we begin by presenting the distinctive strategic location of the project, which was the reason for attracting many customers to it.

The Master Builders Group company has chosen a location for it from the Seventh District, R7, which is the distinguished first offering area in plot No. 9B of land, which is specifically located on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

The Pukka New Capital Compound is located in the central area of the capital, making it closer to many areas, and it is even easy to access many of the services surrounding it and the most important areas in the capital.

Knowing that the distinctive places in the vicinity of the project are numerous and greatly differentiated, which has made it the most residential area in which many people seek to own units, and they are as follows:

Many commercial and service places, including conference halls, the British University and the exhibition grounds.
It is 12 minutes away from  new Capital Airport, in the northeastern area.
Close to many other compounds established in the capital, such as Oro and Town.
Residents of this compound can reach Expo City in just 3 minutes.
Pukka New Capital Compound is located 700 meters from the Green River.
It is located 300 meters from the Grand Cathedral.
It is located in an area very close to Dubai Mall.

Space and design of the Pukka New Capital 

Knowing the area of Pukka Compound in the New Capital is one of the most important things that makes some people consider the compound their first choice, when they want to choose between the many residential units available to them.

The company responsible for designing the Pukka New Capital Compound, Master Builder Group, was keen to exploit a suitable space for the services it wanted to provide in this property, so it built it on an area of 40 acres.

As for the design of the Pukka New Capital Compound, it amazed everyone with its beauty, and the good choice of the style according to which it was designed. It is worth noting that it took advantage of the larger area in designing green plants everywhere surrounding it.

The mall's interior designs were modern and expressive and mimicked the development in high-end architecture and its multiple designs in many residential areas, and its emulation of this development is what made it different in the great way it appeared.

The artificial lakes in it also varied from the inside, which created a charming appearance that attracts attention to it. As for the design of the Pukka New Capital Compound from the inside, regarding the buildings, it did not exceed 22% of the total area.

The areas of these buildings were also available in a diversity beyond imagination. This diversity enables all groups to own a residential unit in this place, and to enjoy the rest of the non-construction space in the Pukka Compound, the New Administrative Capital, which is designated for services and facilities, which provides all means of entertainment in terms of comfort. And recreation.

unit spaces Compound Pukka 

The areas of Pukka New Administrative Capital Compound are multiple, and according to them, everyone who wants to own a residential unit in the compound is allowed to do so with ease.

Where everyone will find all the spaces they want in all types of units available in it. The multiplicity of units does not prevent the provision of all the spaces that may be needed by groups with their various requirements, which are:

Two-bedroom apartments start from 99 square meters

3-room apartments start from 177 meters

The client can choose from among these spaces what suits his needs, as well as what suits his activity, whether for residence or commercial work.

Prices of Pukka Compound, New Capital

Master Builder Group presented the prices for the Pukka New Capital Compound, which were presented at approximate prices that show the price frame for each type of unit with the available spaces.

These prices for the Pukka New Capital Compound, which were initially announced, demonstrate the keenness to provide these units to customers in a way that suits their living lives and financial levels, which are:

Two-bedroom apartments start from 6,015,000
3-bedroom apartments start from 7,080,000

 payment plan Compound Pukka New Capital 

Among the policies followed in offering apartments for sale in Pukka New Capital is the long-term payment policy in installments, through which the customer can overcome the high prices in the compound.

The company has made it possible to obtain the desired unit without having to pay its full value, according to the payment plan available in Compound Pukka New Capital, which are:

15% down payment and installments over 5 years

Services of Pukka Compound, New Capital

What things should you look for in the residential unit you want to own? Make sure that everything that is on your mind at this moment will be available before your eyes in the most prominent project of Master Builder Group.

There are many services available in Pukka Compound, the New Capital, which made a large number of people want to live in it, so we will provide them for you as follows:

• Gyms, and it was the best service among all that is provided in the Pukka New Capital Compound, for everyone interested in sports and looking to continue a healthy life without having to search for sports places around it.
• The wide green spaces that are available everywhere around the Pukka New Capital Compound, which provide a charming view, an attractive appearance, and more comfort and tranquility.
• Swimming pools provide luxury and enjoyment for customers in their place of residence. It is worth noting that they are of multiple sizes and shapes and have many water games.
• The medical club located in the compound includes all medical services, at the highest level of development, and also provides all needs around the clock.
• It has high levels of security, which are available through the presence of surveillance cameras that guarantee residents and customers more comfort and safety.
• There are a large number of restaurants and cafes that provide all the services that customers may need within the compound.
• A parking lot for exchanging bicycles, which is known as the Bicycle Sharing System.
• It has a store that includes all international brands that combine different tastes.
• Inside the Pukka New Capital Compound, there is a parking lot for residents.
• The charming views surrounding Pukka New Capital Compound are everywhere, and from every direction.

Master Builder Group MBG Development Company
Master Builder Company undertook the construction of the Pukka New  Capital Compound, and it is worth noting that this was fortunate for the customers who would benefit from the services provided in it, due to the company’s great history in the field of real estate.

By recalling what Master Group intervened in its construction, we can prove this, but let us first talk about the labor force it used in the reconstruction of the Pukka New Capital Compound.

It employed the most experienced workers in its field in order to create those buildings that impressed everyone with its system, design, and other characteristics for which it was famous. It also made sure to choose the best workers trained at the highest levels and the best engineers in the field of reconstruction and construction in preparing its countless projects.

What established its name in many places, not just new Capital, knowing that the owner of Master Builder is Dr. Mahmoud Al-Adl, a physical therapy consultant.

Despite the field in which he specialized, he held many positions, the most important of which was the presidency of the medical committee for the Arab national teams, and the path he followed in his life was the greatest evidence of the investment mentality with which he followed his path.

Master Builders Group projects
In talking about the company that assumed the responsibility of providing the most beautiful building in the capital region, which is the Pukka New Capital Compound, we must mention the history of its previous work that reassures the hearts of those who want to live in the apartments offered for sale in the compound, which are:

• Liberation Tower.
• White 14 Downtown.
• Al Safa Mall.
• Dar Al Safa Hospital.
• Nile Academy.
• Elite Medical Center.
• Mansoura International Medical Center.
• AlUla City.
• Sunset in Ras El Bar.
These works represented a turning point for the company, which made offering apartments for sale in Puka the New Capital very popular among many customers to own residential units there.

If you want to own a distinctive residential unit, with a charming view, and enjoy a lot of entertainment, as well as a group of the finest services, you should start searching for apartments for sale in Compound Pukka New Capital, and it will definitely be the perfect choice for you.

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