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Park Lane New Capital 
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20% down payment- installments over 4years
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Park Lane Al Attal new Capital is one of the largest projects designed recently by Al Attal Real Estate Development Company, which has always dazzled its clients with its modern designs, and Lane Compound is one of them. Through our website, we reveal the most important details that the client wants to know.

If you are looking for compounds in new Capital, Park Lane Al Attal Compound in new  Capital will be your ideal choice

Location Park Lane New Capital 

The distinctive location of Park Lane El Attal Compound in new Capital is one of the most important factors that is evident in the extent of El Attal Company’s keenness on the success of this project, as it was built in plot D2 within the seventh residential district, R7.

In addition to this attractive location, the compound is linked to many main axes and vital facilities, which we mention as follows:

It is located near the Bluefire and Bosco Compounds, as it borders the Mohammed bin Zayed Axis to the south.
It is only a few minutes away from the Diplomatic Quarter and the Green River.
It is close to the government district and the presidential palace.
Next to the compound we find the Swedish University.
The compound is located in front of the ring road.
Steps away from Dubai Mall.
Close to Al Masa Hotel.

Area and design of Park Lane El Attal Compound, new Capital

Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company built Park Lane Al-Attal Compound in new Capital on a land area of 26 acres, with a width of 450 square meters, of which only 20% was used for buildings.

As for the design, Al-Attal Company chose the Dutch touch to be the main aspect of the compound, as it shows a mixture of modernity and Dutch classicism, from which the name of the compound was also derived.

Park Lane El Attal Compound in new Capital was mainly divided into 3 areas, each of which includes a different group of units. The first is the private area in which the residential units are located.

The second area is the public area that contains the commercial areas, and there are two main gates along with 4 subsidiary gates. The third and final area is the private public area, which contains the Pavilion Mall, which is considered a complex of commercial and entertainment units at the same time.

Park Lane New Capital project areas

Park Lane El Attal Compound in the Administrative Capital includes various groups of commercial, recreational and residential units, the former varying in size according to purpose, and the latter varying in size according to the number of rooms in the unit, as follows:

Residential apartments start from 100 meters
Duplexes start from 245 meters

Prices of Park Lane El Attal Compound, Administrative Capital

As for the prices of residential units in the compound, they are distinctive prices, varying according to the type of residential unit and the number of rooms in it.

Residential apartments start from 6,000,000
Duplexes start from 8,625,000

Payment plan park lane new capital

Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company has provided a payment plan  for residential units in Park Lane Al-Attal Compound, the Administrative Capital, in flexible installments, which varies according to the residential unit to be purchased as follows:

20% down payment and installments over 4 years

It should be noted that the prices of Park Lane El Attal Compound, Park Lane New Capital, may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

Services of Park Lane El Attal Compound, new Capital

Within Park Lane New Capital, there are many distinctive services that the client may need within the residential complex in which he lives, which makes him not have - to a large extent - to leave the compound to spend them, which are:

It did not neglect the security aspect and therefore cooperated with one of the security and guarding companies to provide security crews deployed within the compound, which is equipped with surveillance cameras.
El Attal Company was keen to preserve the environmental aspect within the compound, by allocating 80% of the project to green spaces.
Taking care of children of all ages by providing them with a special play area “Kids Area”.
Providing the best medical care to customers through the medical complex, which includes clinics of various specialties in addition to pharmacies.
The existence of chains of supermarkets that provide all the food and household products that the customer needs.
Building a sports club equipped with advanced sports equipment, in addition to a spa, health club and swimming pools.
Allocate designated places for walking and cycling enthusiasts.
The aesthetic aspect is clearly evident through the artificial lakes in the compound.
For those who love reading and looking for suitable places to study, there are entertainment clubs and clubhouses.
There is a prayer hall inside the compound.

Al Attal Holding developments

Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company is one of the longest-standing companies in the field with more than 70 years of experience, those years that witnessed strenuous struggle and efforts in which it tried to establish its name and consolidate its steps, and it was.

Al-Attal Company includes about 13 contracting companies operating under its umbrella, and its influence has reached all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt and abroad, through its involvement in investment projects exceeding 12 billion Egyptian pounds.

Al-Attal seeks to develop residential communities by introducing the use of the finest products and the latest decorations, while ensuring the satisfaction of customers’ tastes, and this is what it has successfully succeeded in doing.

Projects of Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company
Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company has presented many successful real estate projects, which have made it among the first choices of many clients, whether the public or officials, that have managed to win their trust. Among those projects we mention the following:

• Mall 77 Business Tower, New Administrative Capital.
• Working to build foreign embassies inside Egypt, such as Bahrain, Qatar, Angola and Malaysia.
• A group of residential towers in both Nasr City and Garden City.
• Levi's October Compound Leaves October.
• Distinctive residential cities in Heliopolis.

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