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Optima Mall
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It is the latest project of Maqam Misr Real Estate Development Company, which has a long history of more than 25 years in the field of real estate development in Egypt, which guarantees you one of the best administrative and commercial projects in the New Capital, which it built with the utmost care.

In addition, it chose the location with great precision, as it is located in the Downtown area, which is considered the center of the country in the new Capital, next to the mall’s proximity to all the important areas that will make it easy for you to carry out your activity with complete ease, in addition to the value of your unit, which will increase every day due to the strategic location.

It was also able to provide all the necessary facilities within the Optima Business Complex Mall, given that the area of the project is very large compared to the rest of the other projects around it, with an area of 2,500 square meters. It also offered commercial and administrative units of different sizes to suit the needs and requirements of customers and investors.

Location of Optima Business Complex Mall

The location of Optima Mall in the new Capital is one of its most prominent features, given that it is located in the best strategic location in the New Capital, where the largest projects are located, allowing you to obtain the largest possible financial return. Due to the vitality of the area, it is located specifically in the Downtown area.

Space of Optima Business Complex Mall

Maqam Real Estate Development Company conducted a feasibility study by following all international building standards to choose the area of Optima Mall in the new Capital in a very professional manner, which is 2,500 square meters, which is a very sufficient area to build one of the largest and most luxurious malls in the New Capital.

It also divided the mall in a very distinctive way so that all units in the tower have distinctive and wonderful views of the Green River and many other landmarks, in addition to providing panoramic views of the green spaces and artificial lakes that it allocated. The mall consists of:

It includes 12 recurring floors, in addition to a ground floor and a mall-sized garage under the ground floor. It also divided the floors into two parts: the commercial units are on the ground and first floors only, while the administrative units are located on the second floor up to the twelfth floor.

Mall design:-

The design of Optima Mall in the new Capital reflects Maqam Real Estate Development Company’s interest in providing an exceptional customer experience. This mall is characterized by unique and modern architectural designs that work to attract and amaze visitors. To achieve this, the company also chose DMA, which is known for its experience and competence in the field of architectural design.

As it works with a team of the best architectural consultants, in addition to the Optima Business Complex Mall is distinguished by the presence of a beautiful and harmonious plaza space, which provides a welcoming and open environment for customers, the elegant glass facades of the mall also add a touch of elegance and brilliance, which reflects the modern and sophisticated character of the place.

In addition, the Optima project was designed with great care, as attention was paid to every detail. The interior spaces were carefully coordinated to ensure ease of movement and shopping, with attention paid to providing comfortable rest areas and entertainment areas.

Payment plan within Optima Mall:-

Although the developer offered very competitive prices, which are the best in the market; It has also introduced more than one payment plan to suit all the needs of customers and investors. The most prominent of these systems are:

You can pay a contract deposit starting with only 10% of the unit price and pay the rest of the amount in installments over payment periods of up to 10 years, knowing that the units are delivered within a period not exceeding 3 years from the contract date.
Who is the developer of Optima Mall in the new Capital?

Maqam Misr Real Estate Development is the developer of Optima Business Complex Mall, and it is a leading Egyptian company founded by Engineer Al-Saeed Shaaban, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field of real estate development and project management, whether residential, administrative or tourism.

Thanks to his extensive experience and exceptional vision, Maqam Misr Real Estate Company seeks to be one of the largest companies in the Middle East, and has been working on this since its founding. Maqam Misr has a clear vision that aims to introduce a new concept of real estate development in Egypt. The company is also working on building commercial, administrative, medical projects, and smart residential and urban communities, planned with high precision according to ingenious designs by skilled engineers and under the supervision of distinguished consultants.

The goal is to create projects that are environmentally friendly and provide all the necessary services at the highest level of quality, as was done in the Optima Business Mall in the new  Capital, in order to meet all different needs. A strategy based on innovation and excellence with the highest standards of quality and professionalism, and providing innovative and sustainable solutions to customers.

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Project Location


Green River


Egypt mosque.


Al Masa Hotel.


The iconic tower.


Government district


Money district.

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Security guard

Security camera


Central satellite


Cafe area


Central air conditioning


Meeting rooms

Intelligent systems for operating electricity

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