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Nile Business City Tower
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10% Down payment and up to 8 years installments
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Nile Business City, the New Capital, is one of the most important and prominent modern real estate projects built in the New Capital, and it is the second tallest tower in the city after the famous iconic tower.

Nile Business is distinguished by providing many diverse services in the commercial and administrative fields, which in turn makes it the ideal destination for all entrepreneurs living in residential projects near Nile Business City.

The Nile Business Tower has a unique view on two main facades, the first of which overlooks the Green River, one of the longest industrial parks in the world, which reached 1,000 acres in length. In addition to the second facade, it was on the central park in the Downtown area.

All of this and more characterizes Nile Business City, the New Capital, as it is the highest administrative tower on the continent of Africa, and one of the largest and most important skyscrapers in the real estate sector in Egypt.

In addition, we call for mentioning the sophistication of the engineering and architectural design of the project, which was mixed with Egyptian civilization, with development and international quality through which the Nile Real Estate Development Company reflected the sophisticated cultural scene in Egypt. Which makes investment opportunities in the capital the ideal choice to ensure the highest return on investment.

Nile Business City location:

The Nile Business City Tower, is located in plot MU-32 in the Downtown area of the New Capital, which is one of the most important areas in the capital because it includes many giant residential and investment projects and vital important areas. The tower is surrounded by the most prominent and important areas, parks, and main axes in the capital that make it easy for you to move around. Between different cities and governorates.

Areas close to Nile Business City:

Green River in the New Capital.
Directly facing the central park in the Downtown area.
The government district and the financial and business district in the New capital.
The Ring Road, Bin Zayed Axis and the Central Axis.
The tower is only a few minutes away from the monorail in the New Capital.

Nile Business City Tower project area:

The area of the Nile Business City project in the New Capital is 7.8 acres, equivalent to 32,828 square metres. The largest proportion of the project is occupied by recreational parks, wide green spaces, and stunning landscapes. The Nile Business City Tower also overlooks a 200-meter frontage on the Green River in the New Capital.

The Nile Business City Tower consists of 56 floors, which is higher than the height of the iconic tower. They were divided into 5 administrative floors in addition to the ground floor and 50 various floors. Its large area served the presence of many different services that meet the needs of customers.

Unit areas in Nile City:

The areas of the Nile Business City Tower project varied according to the choice of each client, as the area of ​​the administrative units starts from 33 square meters and reaches 1000 square meters, and you must choose the appropriate space for you.

Administrative units starting from 10,700,000.
Commercial units start at 12,000,000.
Hotel units start from 8,800,000.
Apartments starting from 18,500,000.

Unit prices in Nile City:

Given the services available within the Nile Business City Tower Mall, owning a unit is very easy, due to the competitive prices offered by the developer company, and the prices and spaces are as follows:

Administrative units starting from 52 square meters.
Commercial units start from 44 square meters.
Hotel units start from 62 square meters
Apartments starting from 63 square meters.

Nile Business payment plan:

The Nile Company for Real Estate Development, owner of the Nile Business City project, was keen to offer payment systems that are easy and suitable for everyone, as the company aims to satisfy its customers and their priorities in the first place. Accordingly, the company has introduced several payment systems, which are as follows:
10% down payment and installments up to 8 years.
It should be noted that prices may have changed, and to obtain price updates and ask about the project, contact us.

The real estate developer of the Nile Business City project:

Nile Developments is the owner of the Nile Business City project. The company is one of the companies of the Nile and Al-Ahram Group, known locally and internationally in the field of real estate development.

The board of directors of the two companies is also chaired by some of the best businessmen in Egypt and the world who have extensive experience in the field of real estate companies and have a hand in many real estate projects that attest to their superiority, and they are:

Engineer Mohamed Maher: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahram Real Estate Development Company.
Engineer Mahmoud Taher: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nile Real Estate Development Company.
The company is distinguished in many of its residential and administrative projects by luxury and sophistication in the modern European style and distinguished design by the best architects around the world.

The company is also distinguished by its multiple payment and payment systems to facilitate its customers, in addition to appropriate and reasonable prices for every project it undertakes, in addition to its previous gigantic distinctive works.

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