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Madar Mall
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10% Down payment and up to 7 years installments
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Madar Mall in the New Capital is your ideal choice, in addition to the great diversity of unit types and spaces that make the mall suitable for all activities.

Starting from the administrative and commercial units to the medical units, which you can own within Mall Madar New Capital, compared to the distinguished location that is located in the government district, the vast area of 2,600 square meters, and the excellent architectural design.

The prices in Madar Mall are considered the best ever given that the Tamayoz Real Estate Development Company, which owns the project, has provided all the necessary elements to provide an excellent investment environment, on top of those elements are the facilities and services it has provided.

Location of Madar Mall:

Madar Mall is located in the heart of the New Capital, specifically in the Downtown area, meaning that it is minutes away from the government district and the gold market as well. This is what MRB worked on, which is to choose the project location very carefully in order to guarantee its customers the best strategic location around which there are many residential projects.

Areas near Mall Madar New Capital:

It is only two minutes away from the central park.
While you can reach Verity Business Mall in just 3 minutes.
3 minutes is all you need from Madar Mall, the New Capital, to reach Misr Mosque.
It also overlooks the tourist walkway directly.
It is close to the Green River, minutes away.


Design of Madar Mall:

Madar Mall, the New Capital, is an integrated project that includes various commercial and administrative spaces. It is characterized by a comprehensive design and the allocation of large areas for landscaping and green spaces, which ensures the provision of multiple business opportunities and enhances economic activity in the heart of the New  Capital.
Tamayoz Real Estate Development Company also places great importance on the environmental aspects and green spaces in the mall, as large areas have been allocated for landscaping and green spaces, which contributes to creating a comfortable and attractive environment for visitors and investors.

Area of Madar Mall:

Madar Mall,  is one of the distinguished projects in the New Capital. Its area is estimated at approximately 2,600 square meters. The mall is distinguished by its comprehensive and diverse design, as it includes many different types of units, including commercial, administrative, and medical. Multiple sizes and designs.
These spaces also provide various opportunities for investors and businessmen to choose units that suit their budget and activity to suit their needs. The wide variety of spaces also allows for the provision of various business flourishing opportunities in the heart of the New Capital.
Mall Madar New Capital consists of 12 floors in addition to the ground floor, where the developing company allocated the floors into three sections, with a group of floors for administrative units, a group for commercial units, and a group for medical units.

Unit space in Mall Madar New Capital:

As we mentioned above, the developer company has provided many different types of units with multiple spaces so that all customers can find the unit that suits their activity in one project. The spaces in the Madar Mall in the New Capital are as follows:
Administrative units: starting from 33.5 square meters.
Commercial units: starting from 20.5 square meters.
Medical units: starting from 20.5 square meters.

Madar Mall prices in the new capital:

The prices inside the Madar Mall came to surprise all investors and everyone looking for the best investment return ever, given that the developing company has studied the market to the fullest extent in order to offer one of the strongest price packages ever in order to be the best compared to the rest of the projects around it.
This is by providing the best price per meter ever compared to the area, the wonderful architectural design, and the distinguished location in the heart of the New Capital, in addition to obtaining all the necessary facilities and services that will help the success of your project. The prices in the Madar Mall in the New Capital are as follows:
Administrative units: price starts from 1,640,000.
Medical units: their price starts from 1,640,000.
Commercial units: price starts from 7,600,000.

Payment plan in Mall Madar New Capital:

After we showed you the prices of Madar Mall in the New Capital, let us present to you the best payment plan ever in the entire New Capital, given that you can pay your unit in installments over long-term payment periods of up to 7 years, with a down payment starting from only 10%, which facilitates the chances of you owning your unit.

It should be noted that prices may have changed, to get price updates and to ask about the project contact us.

The real estate developer of the  Madar Mall:

Tamayoz Real Estate Development Company is the developer of Madar Mall, which was established in 2006 AD, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it has distinguished itself since its inception because it started with a very high investment value, which at the time amounted to 500 million Saudi riyals. Therefore, it was able to achieve many successes in the shortest possible time.

After gaining the trust of many investors and clients, She moved to Egypt in 2008, and during that period she was able to present many commercial and residential projects. All of this is led by Engineer Abdullah Mostafa, and the company owns a group of distinguished projects inside and outside Egypt.

Other projects of Tamayoz Real Estate Development Company:

5 Business Hub Mall, New Capital.
The Lark Mall New Cairo.
Ivory Plaza Mall, New Capital.
Asmarat Mall.
Many university buildings, such as: the Faculty of Medicine building, the Faculty of Engineering building, the central auditorium building, the library building, and the College of Computer Science.
Many residential projects in the Fifth Settlement and Mokattam.
It also built a group of Al-Shorouk Academy buildings as well.


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