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Ivory Plaza Mall
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20% Down payment and up to 4 years installments
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Ivory Plaza Mall is one of the most important new real estate projects in the New Capital . This project was designed to include various units between (administrative - medical - commercial) that were specially implemented to serve more than 200 residents in the area surrounding the project.
In general, the architectural design of Ivory Plaza Mall is in the form of two buildings connected at certain points and separated by other points at the same time, which supports freedom of movement and diversity, and also enhances privacy and the practice of various activities for the mall’s customers, both owners and tenants.
Ivory Plaza Mall features a wide range of facilities and services that make it an ideal investment destination, providing a luxurious and integrated shopping experience, with a variety of shops, high-end restaurants, and entertainment.
Thanks to its distinguished location in the New Capital, Ivory Plaza is an ideal investment opportunity. Because it offers a thriving commercial environment and a vibrant business area, making it a favorite destination for customers and investors alike.

Location of Ivory Plaza Mall:

Ivory Plaza Mall, the New Capital, is located in the heart of the New Capital, in (the MU23 area) on the Al Amal axis in front of the R1 and R2 districts. This strategic location makes Ivory Plaza Mall in the most lively and active area in the New Capital, and completely far from traffic congestion and population congestion.

Areas close to Ivory Plaza Mall:

Ivory Plaza Mall, the New Capital, overlooks some important main roads and axes, the most important of which are the following:
The Ivory Plaza Mall project is only 300 meters close to the Green River and the financial and business district.
Ivory Plaza Mall, the New Capital, is about a quarter of an hour’s drive from the Fifth Settlement.
The mall is about 5 minutes away from the New Exhibition City (Expo City).
The Ivory Plaza Mall project is also close to the diplomatic district of the embassies in only ten minutes.
It should be noted that the R1 and R2 areas are the two areas planned to be among the first populated areas in the entire New Capital.

Design of Ivory Plaza New Capital:

The design of Ivory Plaza New Capital reflects the splendor and excellence of the mall’s real estate designer. Because this building was carefully planned to combine architectural beauty with practical functionality, it features a modern and elegant design that combines glass, steel and stone, creating a stunning and sophisticated look.
Ivory Plaza's designs are characterized by great attention to detail and a unique experience, and the mall is also distinguished by its diversity of spaces and high-end interior designs. This provides a comfortable environment and a high level of elegance, and the interior of the units features modern designs and elaborate lighting, which enhances the shopping atmosphere and attracts visitors.
In addition, attention to detail and innovative designs is considered a distinctive feature of Ivory Plaza New Capital. The mall is also distinguished by an ideal distribution of commercial spaces and places, which contributes to the comfort of visitors and enhances business.

The total area of the ivory Plaza Mall project:

The area of the Ivory Plaza Mall in the New Capital is one of the most important features of the project, as the Ivory Plaza Mall was built on an area estimated at 6,300 square meters, or approximately more than an acre and a half.
This large space helps provide all the basic and entertainment needs that serve the entire adjacent residential area in one place, all of this within the Ivory Plaza Mall in the New Capital.

Unit areas of the Ivory Plaza Mall project:

The large area of the Ivory Plaza Mall project was divided with great study and careful care, so that the distributed spaces meet all the needs of customers in units within the project, as follows:
The shops in Ivory Plaza Mall start from 42 square metres.
Medical clinics start at 51,5 square metres.
Administrative offices start at 40.5 square metres

Ivory Plaza prices:

Despite the prices that we see in our current period, the company developing Ivory Plaza was able to offer a price package that competes with all administrative projects in the New Capital, to ensure that it provides the best real estate investment to its customers to achieve the highest profit rate, given that the project serves approximately 30 thousand residential units. ; Which ensures that real estate prices in the mall will constantly increase, and the prices are as follows:
Administrative unit prices start from 3,500,000.
As for the commercial price, it starts from 8,200,000.
The price of the medical units started from 4,120,000.

Reservation and Payment plan for Ivory Plaza Mall:

Al-Tamayoz Real Estate Development Company, which owns the Ivory Plaza Mall project in the New Capital, was keen to offer and provide all means of comfort and prosperity to its customers, and the company was not satisfied with choosing only a strategic location.
Rather, it continued to provide sufficient space to implement the project, and offered a diverse package of unit types that meet all the needs of customers and investors, in addition to their different sizes that correspond to the type of unit and its needs.
It continues what it started and what it promised its customers by providing multiple prices and different payment systems starting from:
Pay only 20% as a down payment, then installments up to 4 years without interest.

It should be noted that prices may have changed, to get price updates and to ask about the project contact us.

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