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Il Cuore Verde New Capital

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The "Il Cuore Verde" project in the New Capital is one of the most significant and latest administrative projects, distinguished by its masterful design and precise execution, with stunning views of green spaces and landscapes. The project is located in the best areas of the New Capital and provides all essential and recreational services.

The "Il Cuore Verde" project boasts many advantages that have made it a focal point for companies and entrepreneurs. Among these advantages are the exceptional engineering and architectural designs presented by the real estate company "ArchPlan." The "Il Cuore Verde" mall offers a variety of internal services and facilities that fulfill various concepts of happiness and luxury, in addition to multiple booking and payment systems that suit all customers.

Location of Il Cuore Verde in the New Capital:

The location of Il Cuore Verde in the New Capital is one of the project's most significant advantages. Archplan Real Estate Development Company has paid great attention to selecting one of the most important and best locations in the capital, specifically by placing it in the Financial District. The company understands well that one of the key factors for the project's success is choosing a distinguished strategic location.

The proximity to major roads facilitates easy travel to and from Il Cuore Verde New Capital without facing difficulties or spending too much time. This led to the selection of one of the best locations in the capital, placing Il Cuore Verde near the famous Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis, which is considered one of the most important roads and main axes in the New Capital.

Nearby locations to Il Cuore Verde New Capital include:

Il Cuore Verde is located near the most famous main roads in the capital (Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis), which facilitates access to many places in a very short time.
In addition to its proximity to the central axis and the northern axis.
Il Cuore Verde in the New Capital is just twenty minutes away from the Suez Road, as well as the Ring Road.
It is close to the Central Business District.
Il Cuore Verde New Capital is 15 minutes away from Al Masa Hotel.
The Downtown area is just 6 minutes away.
Il Cuore Verde in the New Capital is also close to the monorail train.
The project is near the third and second residential districts.
It is also close to the Capital Airport, one of the most important areas in the capital.
The project is near the most important districts in the New Capital, including the Government District and the Ministries District.
Il Cuore Verde is also close to many banks and hospitals that provide the highest medical services in the capital.

The design and area of Il Cuore Verde in the New Capital:

The Il Cuore Verde Mall in the New Capital has been meticulously designed, drawing inspiration from major global projects. The company responsible for the project's design is one of the leading design firms in the world.

They have executed numerous prestigious projects, including several at the MILANO TOWER in Italy. The company is renowned for creating exquisite designs that embody the luxurious Italian style while meeting all international safety and security standards.

Furthermore, the company has ensured that the project includes the finest decorations and designs, blending elegance and luxury to create a distinctive architectural landmark.

The company went beyond these efforts to maximize the utilization of all spaces within the project, providing for all needs and ensuring that the project is complete in every aspect, filled with comfort, luxury, and breathtaking views of the natural landscapes from the green spaces and landscaped areas.

The total area of Il Cuore Verde is estimated at 3400 square meters. This project encompasses a building consisting of a ground floor, 7 upper floors, and 2 basement floors for parking.

Types of units and their areas:

Areas starting from 45 square meters.

The prices of Il Cuore Verde in the New Capital:

ArchPlan Real Estate Development Company hasn't finished providing all its features and services to customers. It hasn't just offered a strategic location amid the most important areas of the capital, nor solely provided luxurious units of various sizes.

It continues to fulfill its promises by offering a special pricing package, with prices starting at 100,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter. Prices vary depending on the type and size of the unit.

Additionally, security services are provided along with all comforts and amenities within the Il Cuore Verde New Capital building.

The real estate developer and previous projects:

The project Il Cuore Verde in the New Capital has been undertaken by the renowned real estate development company, ARCHPLAN is one of the major players in this field, boasting a vast experience spanning over 40 years. Throughout these years, it has executed distinctive real estate projects both within Egypt and abroad, characterized by exquisite designs and sophistication. Leveraging the latest technologies, ARCHPLAN ensures that its projects epitomize luxury, befitting the reputation of the company and its clients.

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