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G Stone Mall , new Capital

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Project Name
G Stone Mall , new Capital
Project Owner
Payment Method
10% down payment- installments over 6 years
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Project Description

The G Stone new Capital project is the largest edifice issued under the supervision of the largest real estate company in the real estate market, which is Delta Real Estate Development Company.

It is the latest project of Delta Development and Real Estate Investment Company.

The company that owns the project has a very strategic and unique location in the heart of the New Capital, especially in the city center, the most famous and important area in the capital.

The company has chosen this strategic location to facilitate its investments. The mall will include a variety of units including commercial and administrative units, so you will have the company to choose the appropriate unit for your business area.

The project was also designed using the latest architectural and technical designs to be a shopping center that is presented in a different and distinctive way. You will see this because the company hired the best artistic consultant to create a rare masterpiece.

Location G Stone new Capital 

The distinguished location is one of the signs of the project's success. For this reason, the company that owns G Stone New Capital chose a very special location in the heart of the city center.

It is located in a prime location at the eastern entrance to the city center, at a distance of:

500 meters from the monorail station.
It is also located near the financial district.
And the government district.
It is also located minutes from Parliament.
It provides direct views of the Egyptian Mosque.
And like the Dahab Market.
And the service triangle (gas station, hospital, university).
It is also located on a 70 meter wide street.
And a garden of 2 acres.

Therefore, all accommodations have a distinctive view (dabal view). It is one minute away from the data center and oil companies.

It is one minute away from the two monorail stations in the city centre.

Area G Stone new Capital 

The G Stone new Capital project will be built on an area of 2,168 square meters and 30% of the commercial center will be built.

The building is also distinguished by being a smart, multi-use building that operates with the latest technological tools. The project is divided as follows.

The G Stone project will be G+12 (commercial + administrative). The sections will be Ground+First commercial units from floors 2 to 12

It will also be administrative units and will be delivered complete with air conditioning units. The total area includes 3 underground parking bays, ground floor (F&B) and first floor (retail store). The technical advisor for G Stone project is IEC and the management company is IMMA.

Services G Stone Capital 

G Stone New Capital Mall also has a variety of services, facilities, and features that suit everyone’s needs. Everything you want is now available at G Stone Mall. It includes facilities and services as follows:

G Stone Mall has central air conditioning.
The project also has an information office.
The J-Stone project contains advertising screens.
The mall also includes an electric generator for emergencies.
There are 24-hour surveillance and security systems inside G Stone Mall.
The mall also has solar energy.
Fire fighting systems are also available inside G Stone.
The company developing the project also provided public meeting rooms.
There are also advanced lighting systems.
Prices and areas of G-Stone, the capital

The owner company has provided the largest package of prices and spaces that suit all categories, as the G Stone Administrative Capital project is distinguished by the multiplicity of units in it, prices and spaces. For you, more details about the project:


Commercial spaces in the G Stone project start from 27 square meters.
Administrative spaces in G Stone Mall start from 31 square metres.

the prices:

Commercial starts from 3,868,800
The administrative fee starts from 1,978,320.

 payment plans G-Stone Mall

The company that owns the G-Stone project in New Capital is also working to provide the best payment and installment packages.

Payment plans will be available with the lowest down payment and longest possible repayment period.

With us you can easily maintain your investment and with installment payments plans for everyone. The following payment and payment plans are available:

10% down payment and installments up to 8 years
Delta Real Estate Development Company

Delta Urban Development Company is the company that owns the G-Stone project and has 40 years of experience in the field of contracting and construction, whose history extends back to 1982 AD. It is also one of the companies of the entity that was founded by Engineer Hamdi Etman, who is the owner of a large precedent for the Delta Engineering and Contracting Establishment.

It is one of the contracting companies registered in the first category that has contributed with the Egyptian state, the Ministry of Housing and Construction, and the New Urban Communities Authority in implementing many national projects in the fields of infrastructure and social housing.

It was chosen from the tribes of the Council of Ministers in 2018 among 50 companies nationwide to implement the mandate of the President of the Republic to the Egyptian government to implement 100,000 additional housing units according to the state’s investment plan. It was completed using the direct support system within a year.

In addition to the establishment of many schools, commercial and service projects, industrial complexes, and hospitals in the cities of 10th of Ramadan, Badr City, Hadayek City, and various governorates.

Engineer Hamdi Etman had an active role in establishing Egypt’s first investors’ association, the Tenth of Ramadan Investors Association. He continued to be a member of its board of directors since its founding and then as vice president of the association.

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