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Frontgate Mall ,new Capital 

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Frontgate Mall ,new Capital 
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15% down payment- installments over 5years
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Frontgate Mall, New Capital, is the ideal destination for many customers, investors, and businessmen, as many of them want to search for successful and guaranteed investment places for investors, and for this to be achieved, there must be a diverse audience and customers capable of paying and buying.

Purchasing a commercial project in New Capital is considered a successful investment because of the presence of that audience. If this is what you are looking for, then Front Gate Mall is the best way for you. The mall is located in a distinctive strategic location, and it was built on the largest commercial space in the Middle East, where there is It has all the main and entertainment services you need.

Front Gate New Capital Mall was developed by CCR Real Estate Development, which provided various units in the mall at amazing prices suitable for most categories, as well as providing flexible and easy payment systems.

location Frontgate Capital 

The Frontgate New Capital mall is located in a distinguished location between R2 and R3, as it is the MU23 area, plot B1. This plot is distinguished by being the largest commercial area in the world, and it is also the main entrance to New Capital.

The project is located in an area of ​​17 thousand square meters, and is located near the financial and business district, in front of the largest tower in Africa, and in front of the Hope Axis, which is located between the new Capital and Mostakbal City, and Front Gate New Capital is 5 minutes away from the Exhibition City.

Places near the Frontgate project
It is located near the iconic tower and Al Masa Hotel.
It is a short distance from the Mohammed bin Zayed Axis and the high-speed train station.
You can reach Every Plaza Mall and ITC Capital Mall.
It is close to the Hope Axis, the Olympic Village, and the Sports City.
It is also located close to the Suez Road and the Central Ring Road.
Area of Frontgate Mall, new Capital

Frontgate New Capital was built on an area of 4055 square meters. The building consists of 2 basements, a ground floor, and 7 fully finished floors with air conditioning. The floors of Front Gate Mall are divided as follows:

The two floors of basement, garage and other uses.
The ground, first and second floors are allocated for commercial units.
The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth floors were allocated to administrative and medical units.
While the seventh floor is dedicated to all entertainment services.
While the mall contains different and diverse spaces to suit the nature of customers’ activity.

While the units in the mall vary in floors and locations, they were divided in a simplified and advanced manner, as the number of commercial units reached 60 units, the number of departments and medical units was 76 units, in addition to the presence of 90 parking units.

Design of Frontgate Mall, new Capital

Front Gate Mall in new Capital is distinguished by the latest architectural designs to be the most distinguished mall, as the mall was designed in the shape of an arc to be a more direct and distinguished destination in all directions. All Front Gate New Capital units enjoy a wonderful view and all of its sides are glass, giving a wonderful shape and view to the mall in general.

The mall is built on an area of 4,500 square meters, and the Front Mall in new Capital was divided into commercial, administrative, and medical buildings. The building consists of a ground floor and 7 upper floors, which were divided as follows:

A commercial building consisting of 3 floors - the ground floor, the first floor, and the second floor.
The administrative and medical building consists of 4 floors: the third floor, the fourth floor, the fifth floor, and the sixth floor.
The seventh and final floor includes all the wonderful services and hotel units.

Unit types and spaces in Frontgate

The company developing the mall has provided many diverse and amazing units, which facilitate the selection process for investors in choosing the unit that will achieve their success and increase their profits. The units in Front Gate Mall are as follows:

Shops: The area of these units starts from 45 square meters and is delivered in red bricks with air conditioning.
Medical clinics: While these units’ area starts from 47 square meters
Administrative offices: As for the offices, their area starts from 42 square meters and will be delivered with super deluxe finishes, central air conditioning.
Prices of Frontgate Mall, New Capital

CCR, the developer of Front Gate Mall in new Capital, is always distinguished by providing many features in its projects, but in this mall, the company has outdone itself and provided units at amazing and very ideal prices, as they are unbeatable compared to the services that the mall contains, and it provided these prices in order to facilitate success. On investors

Shops: starting from 5,313,828

Medical clinics: starting from 3,836,766
Administrative offices: starting from 3,025,591
payment plan Frontgate  Mall 

The units inside Front Gate Mall are delivered with super-luxe finishes, central air conditioning at the highest level, and payment plans at prices that suit all customers. They are as follows:

Down payment starting from 10%, installments up to 6 years, and discounts up to 35%

services FrontGate new Capital 

Front Gate Mall in new Capital includes many of the necessary services at the highest level of major and distinguished equipment, and it has wonderful international architectural designs that are considered among the best wonderful architectural designs around the world.

FrontGate New Capital consists of administrative units, medical units, and shops at a high level of sophistication, as all units are made of glass, making it more than just an attractive and wonderful view. These services include the following:

There are vast green spaces around the Front Gate Mall in New Capital as it is representative of the landscape, making a great view.
There are hotel units of the highest standard that provide high-quality hotel services.
Front Gate New Capital Mall also provides a large sports walkway in addition to a special bicycle path in the green spaces, away from car spaces, to increase security and safety.
The Plaza area, in addition to the Food Court, is distinguished by its world-class restaurants and cafes, distinctive designs, and wonderful service.
Front Gate Mall, new Capital, contains 6 electric elevators, including two medical elevators for patients, and a panoramic elevator where you can see the most beautiful views.
A business-friendly meeting room is also provided with the latest technology, designed with the best and finest designs.
In addition to having a mosque for prayer and several electronic entrances, there is also a dedicated department that carries out maintenance and operation.
There is also central air conditioning for the front gate and new capital, and several solar generators, and Wi-Fi is available throughout the front gate center.
Ample parking spaces and car care services are also available.
One of the most luxurious designs in the form of an arch is the modern design.
All unit facades are made of glass, giving them more than a wonderful view that ensures sophistication and luxury.
Front Gate Mall also features all the necessary services available with the highest level of equipment.
The unit's areas are different and suitable for everyone, and you can easily invest in units.
Front Gate Business Building is an investment, administrative and medical project where offices, medical clinics or shops can be owned at the highest level of development.
In addition, Front Gate Mall is fully equipped with a modern security system, guarding, and 24-hour monitoring system.
The real estate developer of the Front Gate Mall project

CCR Real Estate Development Company is distinguished by its future vision and providing everything that is new. CCR Real Estate Development and Investment Company is the owner of the Front Project in the Administrative Capital. CCR Company is an international real estate company with many constructions in Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

The company began its journey in 1988, and since then it has been seeking to prove itself in the Egyptian real estate market, and it proves this through its various projects that serve the great diversity of different desires of customers and investors, and therefore it has become a focus of trust for many customers.

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