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Finsquare  Mall, new Capital

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Finsquare  Mall, new Capital
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18 % down payment- installments over 4years
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El-Shenawy Group Real Estate Investment Company announces its first investment project in the New Capital, which is the Finsquare  Mall. The mall is considered the first choice for those looking for a successful investment, as it is a fully administrative mall designed in the latest style and with modern touches. It is a unique design, and choosing the location of the Finsquare  project is... A turning point of great importance to clients and investors due to its vitality.

Since the beginning of laying the cornerstone of the Finsquare  new Capital project, the real estate developer was keen for the mall to be the second home for business owners before it was a place for investment and profit, as he paid attention to the smallest details in the project and brought all the basic and entertainment means and services under one roof, not to mention the most beautiful landscapes that surround it. It surrounds the entire mall, which increases the joy and luxury of the place.

Finsquare New Capital Mall is an invitation to calm and distance from pollution. Inside it you will enjoy all the elements of positive life that help you continue your work amidst a huge crowd of unparalleled tools and means. It also includes many units of different sizes, in addition to the prices and payment plans announced before. El-Shenawy Group so that you can easily own a unit and start your working life in the most anticipated new investment cities.

Location of Finsquare  Mall, new Capital

El-Shenawy Real Estate Development Company was keen to bring about a qualitative shift in investment projects within the New Capital, so it established the Finsquare  Mall in the Financial District in front of the Central Bank, specifically in plot CS-11. It is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods within the region and the most popular throughout the year. Many people visit it daily due to its availability. It has governmental and complementary services and is close to all agencies such as hospitals and universities. It is the most vibrant and active area near many residential projects, which increases the chance of your project’s success.

From now on, you will find comfort in Finsquare  , the new capital, and you will no longer bear any burdens, because the mall is located near the most important new projects that make it easy for you to move to and from the mall, which is the new monorail train station, in addition to its proximity to the new main roads that help you reach your work without any abuse, such as The new regional ring road and the Cairo-Suez Desert Road, and the most important additional features of the location are the following

Finsquare New Capital is located near Bin Zayed Axis, and 10 minutes from Al Amal Axis.
The Finsquare  Mall project is only 5 minutes away from the Cairo Opera House.
It is a short distance away from the famous Al Masa Hotel and the Presidential Palace.
Finsquare  Mall is close to the most important and famous landmark of the New Capital, which is the iconic tower.
It is also steps away from Green River Park, with its bright green color, for more relaxation.
Among the most important and prestigious projects near Finsquare  are Three Square Tower, 5 Business Hub Mall, Grand Square Mall.
El-Shenawy Mall can be reached within minutes from the Ministries District, the Diplomatic District, and the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
Fensquare is 5 minutes from the new Capital Airport.
Space and design of the Finsquare  New Capital project

A wonderful architectural masterpiece that occupies an area of about 6,000 square meters of land in the New Administrative Capital, crowned with green spaces and landscapes, in addition to fountains and artificial lakes. Finsquare was built on an area of 3,600 square meters of the total area of Finsquare Mall, new Capital, and in a very distinctive style, the mall was designed in the shape of a letter. L, which makes all units of the Finsquare  project overlook the stunning views mentioned above, in addition to the wonderful view from everywhere in the mall on the most important landmark of the New Capital, which is the iconic tower.

Finsquare  Mall consists of two basement floors and a ground floor, in addition to seven upper floors. The project includes 158 administrative units and offices distributed over various floors. Archrete, an engineering consulting company with a unique history of work, VIM 33, and LaB 59, was used to launch the Finsquare  New Capital project. Finsquare  Mall, new Capital, was designed and finished to the highest international quality standards in the latest Western style with modern touches using the finest tools and methods, with wide panoramic facades that prevent the entry of heat and allow light to enter only the curtain wall and the use of Cladding Stone to connect the facades together, in addition to the luxurious entrances and corridors of granite and inlaid marble. With the bright golden color that attracts the eye and the high ceilings decorated with the most beautiful, dazzling graphics, this is an integrated design and finish that suits people with good taste and those looking for excellence.

The Finsquare  Mall in the New Capital was planned and implemented in an amazingly smooth way to be in line with the roads and projects surrounding it, while preserving the aesthetic appearance of the mall, especially since all the units on the first floor are double-height.

Spaces of Finsquare  Mall, new Capital
Administrative units start from 43 square meters
Unit prices in Finsquare  Mall New Capital

The real estate developer cares about his customers in Funsquare with all the possibilities available to satisfy them and avoid the hassle of thinking about management, and also to contribute a large percentage to the success of what they aspire to, so he announced the prices of all administrative units and offices within the average purchasing power of all investors with the presence of this amount of services and features. This is an opportunity that will only happen once, so make a reservation and seize the opportunity.

Administrative units start from 6,020,000 Egyptian pounds.

payment plans Finsquare  mall

El-Shenawy Company puts its customers first and works to make it as easy as possible for them, which was clearly evident in the reservation and installment plans at Finsquare  Mall.

  • 18% down payment and installments over 4 years

El shenawy Groub Developments

El-Shenawy Group for Real Estate Development is the implementing and owner company of Finsquare  Mall, New Capital. It was established in 1992 by businessman Sayed Farag El-Shenawy. The group includes 3 diverse companies operating in more than one field as follows:

Contracting and tourism company St.
Another building materials and concrete company, SR, specializes in floating concrete.
A company to manage, develop and market real estate projects, SD, was established to launch its first project, Fin Square.

El-Shenawy Group has also recently undertaken many huge residential projects, and other large contracting projects that took place in all areas, such as bridges, dams, pipelines, road networks, ports, gates, and railways.

Due to what was established by the company, it gained accreditation from government agencies and institutions, and more than one huge project was assigned to it, until the name of El-Shenawy Group became crowned at the top among all other companies. The company also includes many engineers and consultants who have superior experience in In more than one field, the company enjoys great credibility among all Egyptian and Western investors.

Among her most important previous works:

Infrastructure work for Galala City.
The fast train.
New Upper Egypt Road.
Constructing residential projects in 6th of October City.
Housing the New Capital.
Government building projects supported by the state.

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