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Eval Tower ,new capital

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Eval Tower ,new capital
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10% down payment- installments over 8 years
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Contact Company is preparing to launch its fourth project, “Eval towers contact developments,” one of Contact Company’s latest projects, and one of the most luxurious projects with a direct view of the iconic tower and Bin Zayed, due to its distinctive views that are unparalleled in other commercial projects.

The most prominent feature of Eval Tower, New Capital, is the strategic location that was chosen for it, and the presence of many other characteristics for which it is famous. We will explain them to you in full through our articles to help you know the aspects that can push you towards purchasing a unit from among what is offered for sale in it.

If you are looking for a distinctive commercial or hotel unit in New Capital, “eval Tower New Capital” will be your ideal choice.

Location of eval Tower, new capital

The real estate developer for the eval Tower project in  New Capital chose a very special location, as it is located on the southern Ali bin Zayed and in front of the iconic tower, which is  one of the most prominent and important areas in New  Capital.

Eval Towers, new capital, is located specifically in the central business district, and directly overlooks the iconic tower, which is the largest tower in Africa, and its views are distinctive and dazzling to everyone who looks at it.
Eval Tower New Capital overlooks many important places around it, which some of its investors may resort to, and below we will explain all the places near it:
The eval Tower in New Capital is located near many other important and famous malls surrounding it, such as Piadega Tower Mall and The Mark.
eval Iconic Tower overlooks the southern Bin Zayed Axis, which is one of the most important axes in the New Administrative Capital.
Eval Tower New Capital is located with a distinctive view of the Green River and is approximately 5 minutes away from it.
The eval Tower, New Capital, is located just a 5-minute drive away from Al Masa Hotel.
It is located on a distinctive view of the iconic tower, which can be reached in only about 3 minutes.
eval Tower is located 3 minutes away from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.

Space and design of Eval Tower, new capital

The eval Tower project was built on a large area, which allowed customers to feel reassured that all the units and services they might need within the project were available.

This was taken into consideration by the real estate developer of the project, as it was built on an area of ​​up to 9,100 square meters, which is a large area that allows anyone who wants to own a unit with an area, whether large or small, to find it available in the project.

This space also allows for the availability of many activities, whether recreational or service, depending on what you need. Its design has allocated about 30% of it to buildings.

The remaining percentage of the total area in the eval Tower Mall in new Capital was allocated to green spaces and picturesque landscapes, and these spaces were also divided in varying proportions between one activity and another according to the requirements of each one of them.

The eval Tower Mall project in new Capital was designed with a modern and unique design that attracted all those looking at it, and the floors were divided in an organized manner for each type of unit separately.

The commercial units include the floors from the ground to the second floor, while the hotel units occupy the entire floors from the third to the last.

spaces eval Tower ,new capital

The spaces in the eval Tower Mall in the new Capital varied, based on the vast area on which the project was designed, and the spaces differed between the types of units, as they were provided according to what is appropriate for each type, and below we will show the space for each type separately:

  • Starting from 49 metres

In each type of unit, you will find many diverse spaces that you can choose from, and all you have to do is choose what suits your needs and the nature of the activity that you will conduct in the unit.

Prices of Eval Tower New Capital

The prices available in the eval Tower, New Capital, are competitive and commensurate with the services provided in exchange for them. By comparing this mall and other malls that include less than the services available in it, you will find the prices very appropriate, and below we will explain them to you according to each unit.

  • Starting from 15,040,000

payment plan eval  Tower  , New Capital

There are many payment plan that the company has made available to its customers, which are characterized by facilitating the purchasing process as much as possible for customers so that they do not feel the financial pressure that makes them unable to pay the value of the unit offered in medical units for sale in eval Tower, the Administrative Capital, affiliated with the Cash Mall, and below we will explain them to you. Completely, and you must choose from these plans according to what suits you:

  • Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 8 years

These plans change from time to time according to the system followed by the real estate developer of continuous development and change from time to time according to what is more convenient for investors and customers.

It should be noted that the prices of the eval Tower in New  Capital may have changed. To obtain price updates, contact us.

services eval Tower ,new capital

There are a huge number of countless services available, which will impress you in the eval Tower, New Capital, and based on these services, you can make the decision to purchase a unit from those offered for sale in the tower, and below we will explain them to you in full:

eval Tower, New Capital, is fully equipped with high-resolution cameras that make its presence there a high degree of security, which includes all aspects of the mall, making it easy to manage everything that goes on in it.
There are a group of cafés and restaurants available in eval Tower, New Capital, that allow you to enjoy the entertainment times you desire with family and friends, and provide food at the highest level of service.
eval Tower, New  Capital, has vast green spaces that allow anyone who wants to spend times of fun and relaxation to do so due to its stunning natural scenery.
The Internet available in eval Tower, New Capital, is characterized by high speed, which provides investors and visitors with a distinguished Internet service that provides them with the comfort they are looking for.
The security and guards inside the eval Tower in New Capital are trained to the highest level of experience and efficiency, and provide protection and security to workers and visitors to a high degree.
eval Tower,  New Capital, has regular maintenance to prevent any malfunction in the entire mall, and it operates throughout the day as soon as any problem is identified.
There are a group of garages available in eval  Tower, New Capital, supported by many cameras that make you more reassured about your property.
Food Court Sky Roof was designed on a very large area within the eval Tower in New Capital, which reaches 800 meters.
In the eval Tower, New Capital, there are many elevators that facilitate movement inside the tower and in the podium.
There are halls in which conferences necessary for work are held, and they are fully equipped as they should be to meet everyone's needs.
Electrical generators are available in eval Tower, New Capital, to generate backup power when needed.
eval Tower, New Capital, is fully equipped with central air conditioning that serves all the units in it.
The project was built based on solar energy, which made it a healthy project suitable for everyone.
There are electronic gates that make the level of security inside the mall greater.

Contact Development Company for Real Estate Investment

Contact Company is one of the shining companies in the real estate development sky, due to the long history it has built for itself to gain the trust of customers through countless previous works.

This company owns a group of the most skilled architects who have sufficient experience to provide all the needs and requirements needed for construction work. It also owns devices with modern technologies that have helped it showcase its work in its best light.

The experience it has gained in this field has helped it provide all the services that customers need according to what they desire, and looking at its previous work is what will help you know whether Contact is one of the real estate companies that provides its work with the highest efficiency or not.

Your choice to purchase a unit offered for sale in shops for sale in new Capital and other clinics and administrative units in the mall affiliated with the Connecticut Company confirms that this choice is the right choice, as you will find in it all the desired services you are looking for.

Contact Development projects

The primary goal of presenting the previous work of Contact Company is to get to know it completely and the services it included, as well as customers’ opinions about it, to ascertain whether its work was successful or not, before heading to Cowan Tower, New Capital, to purchase a unit of its available ones, which are:

Project 120, Third District, Beit Al Watan, Fifth Settlement.
Project 93, Fourth District, Beit Al Watan, Fifth Settlement.
Project 301, New Lotus District, Fifth Settlement.
Project 101, Narges Extension, Fifth Settlement.
Project 281 Al-Andalus 2, Fifth Settlement.
Project 89, Lotus District, Fifth Settlement.
A number of Banafseg villas, Fifth Settlement.

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