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Entrada Compound New Capital
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10% down payment- installments over 6 years
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Entrada Compound New Capital is one of the prominent investment projects proposed by Sorouh Real Estate Development Company in the recent period, and it has achieved great demand from a large group of customers within a short period.

It is worth noting that the Entrada Compound, the New Capital, is one of the giant residential complexes that have been established, and what enabled it to attract a large number to it is the enormous advantages that the developing company has added to it, as it chose its strategic location that is close to several vital places.

In addition, it provided all the services that investors in the residential complex might need, and added touches of beautiful, modern designs to the project’s units, in addition to providing them with diverse spaces and very competitive prices. We will discuss more details about the project below.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in the New Capital, the Entrada Compound project will be your ideal choice

Location of Entrada Compound, New Capital

Entrada New Capital Compound is one of the distinctive projects developed by Sorouh Real Estate Development Company, which was built according to a distinctive engineering plan, and a distinctive location has been proposed for it.

As the Interadt Compound in the New Capital is located in the 7th District, R7, very close to the British University BUE, which makes it close to several vital places nearby, in addition to other distinguished educational or administrative institutions.

It is worth noting that this was one of the factors that attracted the developing company to customers, as it learned that the strategic location is the first factor that attracts a large group of investors and customers due to the proximity to those places and the ability to exit and enter the compound with ease, and the areas close to the project are as follows:

Entrada Compound, New Capital, is a very short distance from the Mohammed bin Zayed Axis and the regional road.
Entrada New  Capital Compound is only 15 minutes away from the New Capital Airport.
Entrada Compound, the New Capital, is a few minutes away from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque or the Cathedral Church.
Entrada New Capital is about 5 minutes away from the British University.
The compound directly faces the Green River as well as stunning landscapes.
The compound is about a few minutes away from the Presidential Palace.

Space and design Entrada New Capital

Sorouh Real Estate Development Company has been able to a large extent to meet the needs of customers in its residential units, due to its use of design experts and engineers with very long experience in the field of real estate.

It was able to design the residential units in the Entrada New Capital Compound, as well as the external facades, with a very high level of accuracy and mastery, in addition to the fact that the internal spaces of the project were perfectly divided.

The project as a whole covered an area of 72 acres, which is very large, equivalent to about 302,400 square meters. It was able to fully exploit that area and work to leave large green spaces in the compound, in order to provide the healthy environment required by a large category of customers.

The construction area in Entrada Compound, New Capital, was only about 18%, while the remaining area was distributed among the green areas, services, and facilities present in the compound, which ensured comfort and access to a high-end environment and distinctive residential units in the compound.

Areas of Entrada Compound, new Capital

Sorouh Real Estate Development Company has been distinguished by its ability to divide the total areas of projects proportionately, in order to give each of the residential units comfort and privacy, overlooking the picturesque landscapes and wide green spaces.

In addition, it provides all the services that customers may need, and accordingly, the construction rate in the Entrada New Capital compound was only about 18%, and it has offered a large and diverse number of residential units within the project, in order to suit all tastes and find every customer. What is needed according to capabilities and materials.

This is even among the attractions that the developer company is working to provide within the Entrada Compound, New Capital, and it was able to a large extent to implement it well, so the list of available spaces in the compound is as follows:

Apartments 91 sqm
Duplex 176 metres

Prices of Entrada Compound, New Capital

Among the factors that Sorouh Real Estate Development Company was able to implement and implement perfectly are the competitive prices per square meter in the units of the Entrada Compound, the New Capital, as they were suitable for all categories, which actually attracted several classes.

The Entrada Compound, New Capital, includes several residential buildings, each of which consists of a ground floor next to 6 recurring upper floors, which include various apartments between duplexes, penthouses, and regular units, and the price list for these units varies depending on the area as follows:

Apartments 4,035,000
Duplex 8,566,000

payment plans Entrada New Capital 

What distinguishes Sorouh Real Estate Development Company most is that it has learned well what the Egyptian real estate market needs. It has designed the ideal European-style décor, in addition to choosing the required strategic and lively location, and in addition to providing competitive prices.

10% down payment and installments over 6 years

It should be noted that the prices of apartments for sale in New Capital in Entrada Compound may have changed, and to obtain price updates, contact us.

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