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East Tower ,new Capital 

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East Tower ,new Capital 
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10% down payment- installments over 6years
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Project Description

East Tower New Capital is the third project of the real estate company UC Developments in the heart of the capital, directly in front of the Green River, while it was keen to implement it in the most lively and attractive location for visitors and investors. The project also features the best international designs and various creative finishes. It also provides a mall East Tower has many different units that will be (commercial - administrative - medical - hotel), with different sizes and the best price per meter in the central business district (CBD), which enjoys a distinctive and backward view of the iconic tower with East Tower New Capital. Capital will achieve all your investment dreams according to international standards

Location of the East Tower new Capital 

The owner company, UC Developments, was also keen to choose a very strategic and distinctive location to implement its project, East Tower Mall, in the heart of the central business district (CBD), and East Tower New Capital also has a distinctive view of the iconic tower LFHAVM and the Green River directly, which is the largest central park. It is also distinguished by its location on the northern Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and the project is located on 4 corners and main streets with a minimum street width of 50 meters.

While the East Tower New Capital project is distinguished by its close proximity to all vital areas and most of the services available in the Administrative Capital City, the mall is also located near most of the famous residential neighborhoods such as White 14 Downtown, Pavo Tower, and Cowan Tower Mall, and it is also located near From many government constructions and landmarks of the capital, including:

It is located near Al Masa Hotel and the Green River.
Great Mosque of Egypt.
Cathedral Church.
Monorail station and Central Park.
Minutes from the fairgrounds and the gold market.
Ministries District and Government District.
The city of culture and arts and the iconic tower.

Your place and investment with us in the East Tower New Capital is a real opportunity offered to you by UC Developments, a real estate development and investment company, for your unit with the lowest down payment and the best installment system in the New Capital.

Area of East Tower Mall, new Capital

East Tower New Capital is built on a very large area estimated at approximately 12,000 square metres, equivalent to approximately 3 acres, and that area will be divided into construction, green spaces, entertainment places, service area, landscape, and artificial lakes.

While East Tower Mall consists of a ground floor + 40 recurring floors + a garage, and these floors are divided as follows:
The ground, first and second floors are shops.
From the third floor to the 30th floor are administrative offices.
While the last 10 floors of the mall will be hotel apartments.

The project also features the latest engineering and architectural designs, which will be carried out under the supervision of the largest and most famous consulting engineers. The company also emphasizes the implementation of the East Tower project with the latest modern and advanced international standards and technologies. Everything you wish for will be found only in the East Tower New Capital.

Services and facilities available in East Tower Mall

While the company that owns the East Tower New Capital project, UC, was keen to provide all the basic and entertainment services and facilities that work to meet all your needs and requirements. All the services in the mall are not only for the owner but also for the visitors, as they are as follows:

Green spaces on a large and huge area surrounding the entire project.
In addition to artificial lakes and landscapes.
There is also an automatic fire extinguishing system available in the East Tower New Capital.
There are also escalators and elevators with a panoramic view and easy transportation.
The Food Court area has many restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food and drinks.
East Tower Mall also contains a central air conditioning system that distributes air to all units.
A private garage for customers and visitors.
The mall also contains a central audio system.
The company also provided 14 central showers for all units.
While the internal and external facade of the project is made of double glazing, which allows only light to enter the mall and prevents sound and noise, in order to ensure the comfort of our customers.
The East Tower New Capital project also operates with a solar energy system.
The mall also contains a backup system to save energy.
The mall was also equipped with a surveillance camera system distributed throughout the entire mall.
The company provided a professional security system from the largest and best 24-hour security and guarding company.
Unit spaces in East Tower, the capital

While the company developing the UC Developments project offers different and diverse models for sale, including commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel apartments of varying sizes, all of which share the view that was provided in a sophisticated and attractive manner, while the prices circulating in the mall are reasonable and convenient. For all different segments of customers, the company also offers a range of various payment plans to help you reserve your place in the East Tower New Capital.

Commercial units start from 31 meters
Administrative units start from 32 square meters
Hotel units start from 63 meters

Areas and prices East Tower Mall

Commercial units start from 12,528,340
Administrative units start from 6,589,440

Hotel units start from 12,820,500

Payment plans in East Tower New Capital

The real estate company also provided a set of multiple, easy and simple payment plans . UC Development also offers huge offers and discounts in its East Tower Mall project, East Tower New Capital. Take advantage of this opportunity and hurry to reserve your unit using the system that suits you and benefit from the benefits. Discounts up to 15%, as these systems are as follows:

10% down payment and installments up to 8 years
UC development company

The company that owns the mall is considered one of the well-known companies in the real estate arena, which is UC Development, while this company has made many different and distinguished achievements. As for the East Tower New Capital Mall project, it is the third success story owned by the company in the capital city. The new administration owns two projects next to this distinguished edifice.

It is also considered one of the oldest companies in the real estate field, with its experience extending for 20 years, and the volume of its investments exceeding 5 billion pounds. During its professional career, it has presented the most distinguished and brilliant projects, through many of the company’s well-known names, including M. / Sameh Awad Al-Laithi, who is the CEO of the company.

UC Real Estate Development Company also launched 70 real estate projects in Egypt, various areas such as New Cairo, Shorouk, and Heliopolis. As for the Administrative Capital, it established the Uni Tower Mall project, which was the company’s first launch in new Capital City.

Through the East Tower project, its third project in the New Capital, the real estate company offers a glimpse of sophistication and luxury in a 40-story skyscraper on the largest main street in the central area, distinctive designs, complete finishes, and endless services only in the East Tower Mall, the New Capital, East Tower. east tower new capital.

Previous work of Yossi Real Estate Company
Soli Golf Residence, the administrative capital.
East Tower, New Administrative Capital.
Uni Tower 1 New Capital Uni Tower 1 New Capital.
Uni Tower 2 New Capital Uni Tower 2 New Capital.
A group of projects are also being implemented in 6th of October, New Cairo, and Fifth Settlement.

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