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Drivel Mall
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It is one of the modern and integrated shopping destinations located in the heart of the new Capital, as it combines a luxurious shopping experience with various entertainment facilities. In addition, it is one of the guaranteed investment opportunities due to the increased demand for this project by many customers.

Starting from the strategic location, which is located within the most prestigious locations in the capital, near the main axes, making it easily accessible from all parts of the city. It also features a modern and attractive architectural design that combines elegance and luxury.

Darville Mall also includes a variety of stores that include the most famous international and local brands, and a variety of spacious spaces for commercial and administrative units. Through the following lines, we will clarify all the details related to this project.

Darville Mall location:-

Darville Mall is one of the most prominent hubs of the New Capital, as it is located in the heart of Downtown. It is a distinctive strategic location that customers can access from all surrounding neighborhoods. It provides easy access for visitors through the main hub, making it an ideal destination for shopping and entertainment.


The developing company succeeded in implementing a variety of units within Darville Mall, and this contributed to satisfying the general taste of customers and investors, as it developed commercial and administrative units of different sizes.

Types and spaces of Darville Mall

Darville Mall includes commercial and administrative units of different sizes, as follows:

  • Commercial units: with areas starting from 26 square metres.
  • Administrative units: Available in sizes starting from 26 square metres.

Darville mall prices

The prices of Darville Mall units are characterized by diversity and flexibility to meet the needs of investors, which provides opportunities for companies and shops to invest in this vital place. Thanks to this diverse selection of prices, investors can choose the unit that suits their financial needs and investment goals.

Such competitive prices also reflect the attractiveness of the project and make it an ideal destination for companies and investors seeking to achieve success in the business market. Unit prices are as follows:

  • Commercial units: Prices start from 3,039,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Administrative units: prices start from 788,800 Egyptian pounds.

Darville Mall payment plan

Darville Mall offers many flexible payment plan to meet the needs of investors. These systems are as follows:

  • Installments over 5 years without down payment.
  • Installments over 6 years and 10% down payment.
  • Installments over 7 years and 15% down payment.
  • Installments over 8 years and 20% down payment.
  • Installments over 9 years and 25% down payment.
  • Installment over 10 years and 30% down payment.
  • Knowing that the units will be received within 3 years from the date of contracting.

The developer of Darville Mall

Darville Mall is one of the commercial projects affiliated with White Eagle Real Estate Development Company, which is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development, as the company has a strong reputation and distinguished experience in providing real estate projects of high quality and innovative designs.

White Eagle includes a team of experts, engineers and designers with extensive experience in the field of real estate development, where the highest standards of quality and innovation are applied in all of its projects, ensuring the provision of high-quality and unique real estate products.

White Eagle Real Estate also relies on innovative and modern architectural designs. The focus is on achieving the perfect balance between design elements and customer needs, which results in projects with unique designs.

White Eagle Real Estate Development Company puts quality first in all its projects because it uses the latest technologies and high-quality materials. Through the following lines, we will explain some of the projects it has worked on implementing inside Egypt.

White Eagle Real Estate Company projects
Blue Bird Compound, New Capital.

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Project Location


he Green River


The Iconic Tower


The Ministries District


The Government District


The Mohammed bin Zayed Corridor


The Misr Mosque


The Menorial Station

Project features



Security guard

Security camera



Kids Aria

Cafe area

Electric stairs



Garbage system

Central air conditioning

Meeting rooms

Intelligent systems for operating electricity

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