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Cayo Mall , New Capital

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Cayo Mall , New Capital
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10% down payment- installments over 9 years
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Cayo New Capital is the latest and most important investment project offered by Contact Real Estate Development and Investment Company. The company has announced the launch of its third project in the heart of the new Capital City, after witnessing the great and huge success of two of its projects, namely Mercury Business Complex. In the Downtown area and the Quan Iconic Tower project in the Central Business District (CBD) to be a landmark in the field of real estate, while the Kayo Mall new Capital is distinguished by its strategic location in the Downtown area, as it is located in the last piece of land in the promenade and shopping area. Our project is to provide many of the services that the project provides to all our customers, as the Cayo Administrative Capital project is characterized by offering only commercial units with multiple spaces suitable for all purposes and competitive prices suitable for everyone. Here are all the details and information about Cayo Mall New Capital.

Location cayo Mall ,New Capital

Cayo New Capital is located in the most strategic and very distinctive location in the Down Town area, specifically in the last piece of land in the shopping and hiking area. Contact Investment and Real Estate Development also chose a distinguished location in the heart of the new Capital to create its largest commercial edifice. While the Kayo Mall project is distinguished by the fact that it is located just steps away from the government district, the Al Masa Hotel, the central monorail station, and the electric train, as this area is considered one of the most attractive areas for investors and businessmen. The Kayo Mall, new Capital, also features two double faces with a width of 110 meters. In addition to a front facade on a main axis with a width of 70 meters, and a direct back facade on a street with a width of 70 meters on the central park (tourist walkway), its total area is about 40,000 meters, while our project has a distinctive view of the most important and famous landmarks in the new Capital.

cayo Mall, new Capital, is distinguished by its proximity to insurance companies, the regional ring road, and the Almasa Hotel.
The project is also about 5 minutes away from the government district and about 5 minutes away from the Green River.
While Cayo New Capital is located near the exhibition grounds, the opera house, the iconic tower, and close to the monorail station.
cayo newCapital is located near the Gold Souq, Misr Mosque and has a view on the Downtown axis.

It is worth noting that we describe this location as the first competitor because it guarantees all project units a distinct view in addition to traffic, a very high traffic density, and proximity to urban neighborhoods such as the Government District. Take your opportunity now by booking in cayo Mall, the first integrated project, and enjoy all the features that it has. Cayo New Capital Tower.

cayo, New Capital, take advantage of the opportunity and own one of the distinguished projects in the capital, as it is considered the most distinguished place in Downtown, which is considered to add a new world to the capital. It also gives a great opportunity of choice due to the presence of many price packages and various spaces, and enjoy a new residence.
Area of the Cayo mall New Capital 

The Kayo Mall new Capital project is being built on a huge area in order to create an integrated investment project that includes the largest number of units, while the project is being built on an area estimated at approximately 7,100 square meters, equivalent to 1.7544 acres, which is a huge area for implementing a commercial building that provides a variety of spaces. Units, where this space is divided between buildings and constructions, and a large area is allocated to green spaces and landscapes that all units in the project enjoy, in addition to allocating space for services, facilities, and recreational activities. You will find many of the features enjoyed by cayo, New Capital. Cayo New Capital.

The Cayo Mall new Capital also consists of ground + 4 recurring floors, all of which are commercial units only, as each floor has its own spaces and prices. The project will also be designed in a U shape with the latest international and high-end engineering and architectural designs that suit all tastes, as it is divided The mall's roles are as follows:

Ground floor area 2100 square meters + outdoor, plaza and landscape 5000 square meters.
The area of the first floor is 2100 square meters.
The area of the second floor is 2100 meters.
The area of the third floor is 3200 square meters.
As for the area of the fourth floor, it is 3,200 square meters, and it has the largest food court in Downtown, with a circular service corridor in the back of the stores.
Design of the Cayo New Capital 

CAYO is a Spanish name meaning “Rejoice”, the name represents the establishment of the brand in more ways CAYO aims to create a human-centered commercial and entertainment center with unique architectural designs, a place where customers find happiness in both identifying an accessible source for all their material needs. And discover a place they can't wait to visit again and again.

The Cayo New Capital will also be designed in a U-shape and will be completely designed with the latest and finest international designs of very high quality. Contact Real Estate has also contracted with the most famous and largest consultants and companies specialized in architecture, project operation and management. They :

Engineering consultant, DMA company, Dar Al-Mimar.
Executive Consultant SAMCO EGYPT.
Operating company (surprise).

Services of the Cayo New Capital 

The Kayo Administrative Capital project also offers a wide range of basic services and facilities and provides many recreational activities and green spaces that work to provide all the requirements of our customers, as these services are not only for the customer, but we also provide them to all visitors and arrivals to the distinguished investment mall Kayo Administrative Capital. Here are some of the services available within the project as follows:

The Kayo Administrative Capital project provides many green spaces and artificial lakes.
There are also 4 electronic elevators in Cairo Mall with a pleasant panoramic view.
There are also 2 electric escalators for easy transportation and shopping inside Cayo Mall.
There are also modern electronic gates and central air conditioning.
High-speed internet is also available
It is also available inside Kayo, the largest food court that includes a group of international restaurants and cafes.
3 floors of basement (garage), 2 ground parking spaces and a storage platform.
The latest surveillance camera devices distributed throughout the mall.
There is also an underground garage.
The company also provided a 24-hour security and guarding system to secure the entire project.
There is also a smart parking system, Security System - CCTV system.
An integrated commercial area that includes many shops offering the most famous brands.
Prices and areas of units in cayo New Capital

The company implementing and owning the Cayo New Capital project offers the largest variety of units with multiple and different sizes suitable for all purposes, in addition to its competitive prices suitable for all different groups of society in a strategic location. We also mentioned that each floor in the building With different spaces and different prices from the rest of the floors, which are as follows:

cayo Mall's areas start from 56 square meters and the price starts from 10,360,000 Egyptian pounds.
Payment plan in cayo Mall, new capital

While Contact Real Estate Company provided simple and different payment plan and different ways to pay the value of the reserved unit in cash or installments to facilitate the customer.

Down payment starting from 10% and installments up to 9 years
Contact Real Estate Development Company

Contact Development Company is an Egyptian joint stock company and one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate investment over the course of 15 years since its inception, while Contact Development Company was founded entirely with Egyptian capital and was founded on a solid foundation of professional experience extending over years of successes in the fields of construction and development. At the level of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the comprehensive vision allowed the company to create a competitive position for itself in the real estate market.

The company was also able to deliver 100 projects in New Cairo since its inception, while Contact Company took care of many commercial construction projects and residential compounds in multiple areas such as the Fifth Settlement / New Capital.

Contact Real Estate Company also includes a distinguished group of the most qualified engineers with very high experience in the real estate market, making the company one of the largest and strongest companies in real estate investment. The founders of this company are: –

Engineer/ Ahmed Fekry
Engineer / Khaled Al-Syoufi

They are among the most important cadres in the real estate market. They also own Contact Real Estate, a company with extensive experience in the field of construction and real estate development exceeding fifteen years. It has also built separate buildings and villas in all areas of the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, South Academy (Andalus - Narges). -Violet.

 Contact Company projects
The company has worked on delivering 100 projects in New Cairo.
Cowan Tower, new capital.
Mercury Business Complex (New Capital).
Delivery of more than 5,000 units.
Finally, cayo, new capital.

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