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Cairo Business Plaza Mall

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Cairo Business Plaza Mall
Payment Method
10% Down payment and up to 5 years installments
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Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Mall. The company that owns it, Better Home Real Estate Investment Company, was keen to implement one of the best and largest commercial malls in the New Capital City.

The developing company chose a plot of land in a distinctive location with a high population density to establish the Cairo Business Plaza Mall in the New  Capital. It is enough to know that the Cairo Business Plaza project is being constructed by one of the most important real estate development companies, which is Better Home Company.

Which was keen to provide a group of the best architects and interior designers to implement the complete designs for this mall in a modern and creative manner, while distributing its space in a distinctive way to meet all customers needs.

Location of Cairo Business Plaza Mall:

The  R7 was chosen to establish the Cairo Business Plaza Mall in it, and it is known that this area will witness a high population density due to the spread of residential and architectural clusters in this area specifically in the New  Capital.

In addition to the large number of residential units surrounding the Cairo Business Plaza project, there are also many government facilities next to the mall, and this means its distinguished location. Among the best neighborhoods located next to the mall are the following:

Cairo Business Plaza Mall is located in the New Capital, close to Cairo International Road.
It is also close to Mohammed bin Zayed South Road, which is one of the most important main roads near the New  Capital.
The mall is located close to the government district and is therefore a privileged location in the commercial and investment district.
Also, Cairo Airport is not far from the Cairo Business Plaza New Capital project.
Cairo Business Plaza Mall is very close to the commercial and industrial area.

Design of Cairo Business Plaza:

Cairo Business Plaza Mall was designed with exceptional ingenuity, as it embodies modernity and sophistication in the world of architecture and design. The mall was built with the latest engineering and architectural styles available, giving it a unique and modern appearance par excellence.

The creative information reflects a clear truth about the engineers who were brought in to implement this wonderful project. Engineers with exceptional experience and skills were chosen, and they worked hard to transform Cairo Business Plaza Mall into a unique and distinctive destination like no other.

Modern designs and European style have been relied upon in every part of the mall's details, whether internal or external. The interior spaces also feature modern and elegant designs, with the use of high-quality materials and luxurious finishes that enhance beauty and comfort for customers.

The design of Cairo Business Plaza Mall reflects innovation and modernity at its highest levels. Talented architects use modern and European designs to create sophisticated interior and exterior spaces.

Cairo Business Plaza New Capital project area:

The mall was built on an area of 5 acres. Cairo Business Plaza was divided into several different floors and spaces to suit all the needs of customers wishing to own stores in the Cairo Business Plaza Mall in the New Capital. The spaces were as follows:
For those looking for administrative offices, the upper floors in the mall have been designated as a business and administration area.
A huge garage area has been attached, ready to receive a large number of cars and available for parking for long periods.

starts from 77 square meters.

Unit prices in Cairo Business Plaza Mall:

The company executing the Cairo Business Plaza Mall project in the New Capital was keen at the start of the mall’s construction to offer the lowest price per square meter in the mall’s units compared to the prices of similar units in other areas.

Price starting from 10,000,000.

Cairo Business Plaza Mall payment plan:

Two methods of paying for units have been provided in Cairo Business Plaza Mall to facilitate customers.

10% down payment and installments up to 5 years

It should be noted that prices may have changed, to get price updates and to ask about the project contact us.

The company that owns the Cairo Business Plaza project:

Despite the recent era in which Better Home Developments began its activity in the field of urban development and real estate investment, it was able to prove its worth and put its name among the names of many huge real estate companies in the Egyptian market.

All the projects implemented by Better Home Company have been characterized by being distinctive and modern, and their designs are different from the usual system of building designs in the Middle East, and this is due to dealing with the best engineers specialized in the field of architectural and construction designs.

Better Home Company also pays great attention to the fine details that help provide distinguished work in the field of construction, as the latest equipment in the construction field is used, as well as the use of the latest materials for decoration work, and it is natural that the output provided by Better Home Company is a building characterized by all services. High luxury and elegance in design.

Previous work of Better Home Company:

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